What are the differences between pregnant women "upper" and "Xiahuai"?

After pregnancy, almost every expectant mother’s belly is not the same, and some look at the upper point, called the upper heart; some look at some, that is, the lower heart.Of course, in addition to the different positions, there are many other differences in pregnant women "upper" and "Xiahuai".

1. Different amount of meals is because the pregnancy belly is relatively upper. As the uterus increases, it is easy to squeeze to the stomach of the pregnant woman, which leads to a decrease in the stomach capacity.I feel hungry again, I have to eat several meals a day.The expectant mother who is pregnant is relatively pregnant, and it is not easy to press to the stomach, so the amount of rice may be slightly larger.Of course, whether it is "upper" or "down", it is recommended that pregnant women should eat less meals.2. The differences between the two differences between the stomach of the placenta position? The two differences in the two different types of "upper" and "lower Huai" are actually related to the position of the placenta. Generally, if you are "upper", the placenta is closer to the stomach, which can easily affect the prospective mothers.In the digestion of food, if you "below", the placenta is closer to the small abdomen, and it is easy to make the mothers have constipation.Of course, whether it is "upper" or "Xiahuai", as long as the expectant mother’s placenta is not close to the cervix, don’t worry too much.

3. The degree of compression of the bladder is different. Usually, the frequent urination of pregnant women who are "pregnant" are not obvious. Unless it is in the third trimester, the baby has already entered the pot.The pregnant woman who is "below" is easily compressed to the bladder because the uterus is relatively down, so the phenomenon of frequent urination of expectant mothers will be more serious.If the expectant mother feels that she has been urinating frequently from the second trimester, it is mostly "lower".The prospective mothers who are "below" should not be paid to urinating. If you have urine, you must discharge it in time to avoid causing urinary tract infections.4. There are many factors that affect the size of the pregnant woman’s belly. Generally, the prospective mothers who are "upper" are more likely to show their arms, and the pregnant woman who "below" may be close to the bottom of the uterus because the placenta bed may not be close to the bottom of the uterus.It will look so big.In addition, the prospective mothers of "upper" may seem thicker, and the pelvic pressure on the "lower" mothers may be relatively large.

It should be noted that the pregnant woman’s "upper" and "Xiahuai" are not much different in some aspects. The expectant mothers need to pay attention to: "Shang Huai" pregnant women must pay attention to eat less meals: eat less per meal per mealSome, eat a few more a day, can reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, which is conducive to digestion and absorption.Pregnant women who "below" must pay attention to more exercise, add more vegetables and fruits: This is because "Xiahuai" leaning down can easily lead to constipation. Persistence and more vegetables and fruits can promote gastrointestinal motility and prevent constipation.Regardless of whether it is "upper" or "down", pregnant women must be checked on time: pregnant women’s belly "upper" and "Xiahuai" will not have much impact on the growth and development of the baby’s baby. ThereforeWhether the belly of the belly is "upper" or "down", remember to check on time.

In short, there is indeed a certain difference between pregnant women’s "upper" and "lower centered", but the impact on the baby’s baby is not great. Therefore, it is recommended that expectant mothers must maintain a good mood, persist in exercise, and check on time.

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