What are the differences between babies who have been born in the same room during pregnancy. Do you have any in these aspects?

Recently, Xiao Miao received a contribution of a fan background:

He married his wife for more than a year, and both liked their children.Two months ago, his wife finally became pregnant, which was good news for the two.After pregnancy, they all wanted to live a husband and wife, but they were worried that they would be unfavorable to the fetus.

Indeed, many expectant parents have many questions about the life of the couple during pregnancy, such as: "Can you continue to live a husband and wife if you are pregnant", "Will you hurt the fetus?"Do you need to wear an insurance cover? "… This time, Xiaomiao will tell you about the things about the life of couples during pregnancy.

In the early stages of pregnancy (the first 3 months) and the late period (the next 2 months), the same room is not recommended, otherwise it may be dangerous.Because in the early stages of pregnancy, the fetal bed was not very stable. If it was too intense or compressed to the abdomen of the pregnant woman in the same room, it would easily cause miscarriage. In the third trimester, the uterus would become very sensitive.It will cause uterine contraction and cause premature birth.

By the end of pregnancy, that is, in 4-7 months, you can have the same room.Because at this time, the level of hormone in pregnant women gradually returned to normal, and symptoms such as pregnancy and nausea gradually disappeared, and the needs of sexual desire.

At the same time, the fetus bed is relatively stable, and the fetus is began to be protected by placenta and amniotic fluid, which also provides necessary conditions for the same room.There are usually not much problems in the same room in the second trimester, but there are exceptions.

For example, once the semen enters the cervix, the prostate fluid will soften the cervix and may cause contractions.Therefore, it is recommended to wear a condom when the same room is in the same room.In addition, you must consult your doctor’s advice before the same room.

It should be noted that the following dangerous people are not suitable for the same room during pregnancy:

Pregnant women with a history of production or premature birth: Because of their bodies, they will be more fragile and sensitive than ordinary people, and they are more likely to have abortion.

Pregnant women have signs similar to miscarriage such as vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, etc., or have severe complications, such as diabetes, hypertension, and severe heart disease.

Pregnant women have obvious vaginal or cervical inflammation, and the germs may be transmitted to the fetus in the same room.

Husbands with sexually transmitted diseases: In the same room, the bacteria of sexually transmitted diseases may be transmitted to pregnant women and fetuses.

Dr. Jing Jinhua, a good pregnancy hospital in Chongqing, said that the same room during pregnancy has many benefits to children.

1. Build a good uterine environment

The fetus prefers "active" more than stable and comfortable.In the same room during pregnancy, it may bring some "shocks" to the fetus, but this will not only hurt the fetus, but also build a more comfortable living environment for the fetus.

2. Promote the growth and development of the fetus

In the same room, the uterus of a pregnant woman will shrink. In the process of contraction, the blood circulation of the uterus can be accelerated, helping the fetus to obtain more oxygen and nutrition, which helps the fetus growth and development.

3. Enhance the child’s perception ability

The fetus lives in amniotic fluid. The movement of the same room will cause a series of fluctuations in amniotic fluid, and then stimulate the fetal skin and nerves, which will help enhance the fetal perception ability and nerve development.

4. It helps the fetal delivery

In the same room during pregnancy, the effect of exercise can exercise the pelvic floor muscles and increase the lower abdomen relaxation, which is conducive to the cervical opening.These have great benefits to vaginal delivery, which can make the delivery process smoother.

Pay attention to hygiene

Because pregnant women’s immunity and disease resistance are poor, and various infections are prone to occur. Therefore, in the same room during pregnancy, couples must be cleaned well, and they must carefully clean the genitals and hands when bathing.

Wear a condom

Even after bathing, various bacteria and germs may remain on male genitals.Therefore, we should wear a condom in the same room so that the bacteria can be effectively blocked to enter the cervix of pregnant women and avoid being infected by pregnant women and fetuses.

In addition, semen contains a large number of prostaglandins, which is a hormone -like substance, which may cause uterine contraction and cause abdominal pain in pregnant women, or even miscarriage or premature birth, while wearing a condom can prevent semen from entering the cervix.

Avoid stimulating pregnant women’s breasts

In the same room during pregnancy, pay attention to avoid stimulating the breasts of pregnant women, including sucking, pinching or creeping.Because stimulating breasts will cause pregnant women’s body to release oxytocin, it will cause strong uterine contraction, which will lead to abortion or premature birth.

In addition, pay attention to the posture in the same room. Do not compress the abdomen of the pregnant woman. It is recommended to adopt a back -to -position, side lying position or female upper position.

Motor strength should be appropriate

If the movement is too hard or too deep, it may cause rupture of the fetal membrane and loss of amniotic fluid, which can easily lead to abortion or fetal abdomen.In addition, if any discomfort occurs in the same room, such as abdominal pain, accidental bleeding, dizziness, etc., you should stop immediately. If necessary, you should seek medical examination immediately.

During pregnancy, you can have the same room. Not only can you improve the relationship between husband and wife, but also good for the fetus.However, the same room should be used in the same time and the early pregnancy. At the same time, the husband and wife should also communicate and coordinate more. Pay attention to cleaning and wear a condom. Do not be too intense to avoid dangerous movements. Time should not be too long.”Zero plan””number weekly”

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