What are the conditions for conception?Knowing ovulation is the key, 5 methods can accurately judge ovulation

What a common and common thing for pregnancy and child, some people can’t ask, but some women may even get pregnant, when can I get pregnant, I don’t know when I don’t want to get pregnant. I don’t know how to avoid it.Knowing that the first seven and eight are the safety period, the result is that no matter what you want or not, you still conceive.Let’s talk about pregnancy.

The prerequisite for pregnancy is that you must conceive first, and there must be two conditions for you to conceive.

The first is to have healthy sperm and eggs. If sperm and eggs are not healthy enough, maybe disappear without a trace on the road, and even if the conception is successful, it may not be able to stick to pregnancy to the fetus.

The second is that sperm and eggs must meet, and they must be combined into fertilized eggs. When the fertilized eggs pass through the bumps of 3–6 days, they successfully return to the uterus and bed can be considered conceived.

If there are sperm and eggs separately, but they do not meet or combine, there is no way to conceive.

And after the successful conception, the pregnant woman’s body will secrete progestable and estrogen, and changes in hormone levels will cause pregnant women to have a series of early pregnancy reactions, including menopause, frequent urination, nausea, drowsiness, and so on.


Why mention ovulation day, this is because women’s eggs are relatively special. Although there are 2 million eggs at birth, only about 400 to 500 eggs mature in the end.Exactly enough.

However, the emissions of the eggs are very regular. It is not mature together, and then a pile of eggs are waiting for sperm visits, but will be discharged in the basic fixed time every month.

Generally, only one egg is excreted at a time, and very few will be excreted, and there are two ovaries on women. When ovulation, two ovaries take turns to "distribute" eggs every month.

The day when the egg was discharged was ovulation day. The first 5 days and 4 days after the ovulation day was ovulation. With the day of ovulation, there were 10 days. The day of ovulation was relatively easy to conceive. This is undoubted.

However, it is not only the ovulation day to conceive, as long as it is possible to get pregnant during ovulation.

Because the ovulation day is fixed, sometimes ovulation will also be affected by women’s emotions, and it takes more than ten to 2 hours after the eggs are discharged to reach the destination to wait for the sperm, and then stay there 1–3 days.

The sperm can survive in the body for about 3 days. Even if one day or a little delay, you can conceive as long as you arrive at your destination within the time when the eggs are waiting.

Of course, the chance of conception on ovulation day is the largest. Generally, the chance of conception will become small after 24 hours, so you have to hurry up if you want to get pregnant.

If you want to find the time suitable for conception more accurately, it is best to find your own ovulation day, calculate the ovulation period, and then you can show his fists during the ovulation period.There are a few ways to know your ovulation:

The first one is to see the changes in the secretion

It is to estimate the ovulation date by observing the changes in your secretions.After the monthly goes, we can start observing our secretions. At the beginning, the number of began was more, but it was not very sticky.

Slowly these secretions will thicken, have a sense of drawing, and are transparent and non -odor. You can refer to the state of the egg white.When this happens, ovulation is usually ovulated in about 12 to 24 hours.

The second method is to use ovulation test strips

Using this method is economical, simple and effective.The principle is to learn ovulation in advance by detecting the peak of luteum in female urine.

When two red bars appear on the test strip, it means that they usually ovulate the next day. At this time, Mr. Sperm can also wait for the cute egg in advance.

The use of ovulation test strips is generally detected on the 10th day of the menstrual cycle, once a day, but every 4 hours when strong yang appears.

Moreover, it is best not to use morning urine in the sample of urine, or you should choose urine from 10 am to 8 o’clock in the evening to fix the daily sampling and testing time, which will be more accurate.

Third, check with B -ultrasound

This method is the most scientific and most reliable method.About 8–10 days in the menstrual cycle, we can go to the hospital to observe the growth of follicles through B-ultrasound. Check it every 2 days in the early stage. When the follicles slowly grow up, it is changed to check once a day when the diameter reaches 16mm.When the diameter reaches 18 ~ 25cm, it means that it is mature. Generally, ovulation will be ovulated within one to two days. You can arrange the time according to the doctor’s suggestion.

Fourth, calculate according to the date

This method is more suitable for women with regular menstrual cycles, because this method needs to know the time of menstruation next time.The method of calculation according to the date is relatively simple. Normally, 12–14 days before the next menstrual period is ovulation day, as long as this date is calculated.

Fifth, calculate according to changes in body temperature

On the day of ovulation is the lowest body temperature during the menstrual cycle, which is about 0.3 degrees lower than the base temperature, and the normal body temperature before ovulation. The second day after ovulation starts, the body temperature will return to normal, and it will rise in the original basal body temperature.0.3 ~ 0.5 degrees, which is about 37 degrees.

If you use the changes in body temperature to calculate, it is recommended to measure the body temperature for more than three months, so that the change of the temperature can be better, and it is necessary to rest for five hours before measuring the body temperature. It feels more troublesome.

In the end, when you learn your ovulation day, you can arrange the same room. It is recommended to once every two days during ovulation to ensure that the eggs have no way to escape and increase the chance of conception.

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