What are the common discomforts in the late pregnancy?How many do you know?

Pregnant women are special groups. After pregnancy, women’s bodies have changed wonderful changes, because the level of hormone in the body changes. Generally, there will be a variety of discomfort in the late pregnancy, such as back pain or constipation. Do not panic and take countermeasures.

1. Back pain

As the fetus increases in the late pregnancy, the uterus will be expanded, and the body’s center of gravity moves forward. At this time, the body will rely on the lower back of the back to maintain the body balance.In addition, standing, sitting, wearing high heels, and lifts for a long time can also cause back pain.Usually maintain a good posture, do not stand and sit for a long time, and need to put a cushion on the waist when sitting.Try not to lie down flat at the later pregnancy, not only will increase the back pain, but also become difficult to breathe. It is recommended to lie on the left side and put a cushion on the waist and feet.If you have severe back pain, apply the local cold for 20 minutes, and then apply heat.If the pain or pain is severe, it may be urinary tract stones, sciatica or kidney edema, and you need to go to the hospital for treatment.

2. frequent urination

Generally, frequent urination occurs in the early and late pregnancy, because the uterus in the early pregnancy is in the pelvic cavity. After the fetus increases, the uterus will gradually increase, compress the bladder, and cause frequent urination.The fetal head in the late pregnancy drops to the pelvic cavity, and it also compresses the bladder to cause frequent urination. This is normal. Do not have too much psychological pressure. Do not drink less water because of frequent urination, which can cause urinary tract infections.In addition to frequent urination, accompanied by hot urination, pain, or hematuria, you need to go to the hospital for examination, which may occur in infection.

3, leakage

As the uterus increases in the late pregnancy, the bladder can be compressed. Pregnant women are prone to stress urinary incontinence. When sneezing or coughing, it will increase abdominal pressure and increase the pressure in the bladder, which causes urinary leakage.Pregnant women are actively preventing constipation, not urinating, let alone heavy objects and squatting for a long time.The weight of the entire pregnancy period must be controlled, and the weight gain should not exceed 24 pounds, otherwise the fetus will be overweight.

4. Constipation

The uterus gradually becomes larger in the late pregnancy, which can compress the rectum. Coupled with the reduction of exercise, it is easy to cause constipation.Drink plenty of water and develop a good habit of regular stool. As long as you have a good intention, you need to discharge immediately. You can take 30 minutes after meals. You can also do pregnant women yoga to promote gastrointestinal motility.Eat more vegetables containing dietary fiber and coarse grains, and you can also drink yogurt containing beneficial bacteria.

5. Swelling

After seven months of pregnancy, edema is prone to occur. This is caused by the aggregation of subcutaneous water. It usually occurs below the calf, especially the ankle.Pay more attention to rest during the period, you can’t wear high heels, and you can’t stand for a long time.Try to raise your legs as much as possible at night to relieve edema.If pregnant women suffer from hypertension, in addition to edema, they are also accompanied by headache, proteinuria, and blurred things.

Kind tips:

Women need comprehensive care in the later stages of pregnancy, and choose loose and comfortable shoes.Try to take the left side position as much as possible when you sleep at night, choose a slightly harder mattress, and put a pillow between your legs when you sleep on the side, which can reduce the burden on the knee and hip joint.In addition, you must exercise appropriately. You cannot lie down or sit for a long time, and you cannot buy painkillers to relieve back pain.

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