What are the changes in the body to make the body?

Before getting married, I always feel that pregnancy and baby is nothing more than fat. After unloading, I just lose weight, and I can turn around and become a shiny hot mom.Now I do n’t dare to say it, it really becomes a mother.As a person who comes, give a suggestion to the sisters who intend to want baby and the baby who do not plan to want a baby, hoping to help you know the matter of Shengwa more essentially.

1. Pregnancy response

When I was less than two months pregnant, I started my pregnancy reaction, that is, nausea and vomiting. I was so serious that I couldn’t stand the name of the hotel, let alone watching others eat, and smelling the smell.It was not until more than six months of pregnancy that this reaction began to improve.At this time, the baby has grown a lot and squeezes his stomach.Therefore, my entire pregnancy has almost no supplement to supplement. There are many medicines (blood supplement, calcium supplement, and vitamin).Do you think you won’t grow meat if you don’t eat it?It’s wrong!My weight is 142 pounds, which is nearly 40 pounds more than before pregnancy.Therefore, everyone should be pale on the problem of pregnancy reactions and weight gain, this depends on life [laugh and cry]

2. Change of appearance

They all said that "the girl becomes beautiful and the boy becomes ugly." Fortunately, I am the one that becomes ugly.The skin is rough and long, and there are small moles in many places in the body. I don’t know why.

The nose will really grow bigger ~, the big one is a bit outrageous.

There will be some smaller bumps in the armpits. At first, they thought it was tumor or the like. The doctor said that it was a pair of milk. It was disappeared for two years.

The whole body is somewhat swollen, and I think this cannot be avoided.

My baby grows fast in the later period, and there are more stretch marks on me. The belly, chest, and leather drum. I do n’t know why the neck seems to have it. Fortunately, the color of the stretch marks is very shallow.If you want to avoid this, exercise more before pregnancy to enhance your skin tension.

3. Teeth

I have four wisdom teeth, and I will easily plug their teeth in the early stages of pregnancy. Slowly, I feel that my teeth are not so strong.When I was pregnant for eight months, the wisdom teeth tilted, causing the teeth next to be squeezed, and the two good teeth were squeezed out of the nerve line. The pain really could not sleep all night and stabb the chest.

Because I started toothache at five o’clock in the afternoon, I thought the doctor of the hospital should be off work. I might tolerate it, and it would be okay for a while.As a result, after a night of pain, I naturally did not sleep all night, and I was rinsed with ice pepper water and salt water all night.I went to the provincial dental hospital early the next morning. As a result, when the doctors saw my towering big belly, they all euphemistically refused to take the consultation. The reason was that toothache would cause contractions.It’s difficult to deal with.Out of dental hospitals, six hospitals have been found one after another, and none of them are willing to take a consultation.In the end, it was forced to find a dentist of a tumor hospital before he had to deal with it.

I described very simple, but the process of toothache has experienced two days and one night, and the kind of pain is really terrible.Therefore, sisters, you must check your teeth in time when you are pregnant, do not happen the same situation as me.

4. Basin bottom muscle

If the sisters skip rope or exercise severe exercise before pregnancy, occasionally have leakage or yin blowing, pay attention to exercise the bottom muscles.First of all, I popularize a small knowledge point. It is not possible to affect the bottom muscle of the basin, and the cesarean section will still have an impact.

Exercise the bottom muscles before pregnancy. After the production of production in the later stages of pregnancy, there will be no embarrassing situations, or less.It is also good for gynecology.

Of course, even if your potting muscles are very good, more exercise is only beneficial and no harm.

Everyone’s pregnancy is a bit different. Early prevention is much better than early treatment. I hope my experience will help you![Smile]

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