What are the causes of toothache for pregnant women?Can pregnant women’s toothache lead the harm?How to solve it?

1. Pathotin influence

During pregnancy, due to the increased estrogen and progesterone in the body, the endocrine system has changed a lot, causing the capillaries of the gums to expand, bend, and weaken the elasticity of the gums, which leads to the increase in blood stasis and the transparency of the vascular wall.Swelling, bad breath, causing gingivitis.

2. Change of diet habits and increased frequency of eating

During pregnancy, because of the increased demand for food, pregnant moms have become more and frequent, especially for acidic or sweet foods, such as: juice, candy, dessert, etc.Increased the opportunity to keep the sweet and sticky food and fruit acid stay in the mouth, which can easily cause cavities and dental sensitivity, and the accumulation of plaque in the oral cavity will also increase.

3. Pregnancy

Most expectant mothers in the early pregnancy will have a pregnancy reaction, and the acidic substances vomiting during pregnancy vomiting can easily cause dewarturonia. If they do not rinse their mouths in time, gastric acid can corrode the tooth surface and cause tooth decay, causing toothache.

The harm of toothache for pregnant women

1. Premature mother’s dental disease

Studies have confirmed that the oral problem of pregnant women may affect the fetus. The toxins produced by bacteria in oral diseases may enter the blood circulation system. Through the placenta, it affects the normal healthy development of the fetus, and even the risk of deformity or abortion.For example, the premature birth rate (below 32 weeks) of pregnant women with periodontitis is 5-7 times that of normal pregnant women, and the mortality rate of low weight or perioperation during the production is 15%-30%higher than those of normal people.

2. Tooth extraction during pregnancy is easy to cause abortion

Traumatic dental treatment, such as tooth extraction, can cause pain and other stimuli during the treatment process. Studies have found that these stimuli can easily induce miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy, and premature birth in the late pregnancy.Therefore, pregnant women, especially three months and last three months after pregnancy, should be cautious for the treatment of teeth. It is best to choose to treat dental disease before pregnancy.

What to do with toothache for pregnant women

1. MSG Yongwan: After the MSG is opened with a temperature of 1: 50, the mouth is spit out after opening the water.It continued several times in a row and persisted for a few days.

2. Take 100 grams of ordinary liquor into the tea tank and add 10 grams of salt; stir, wait for salt to dissolve and cook on the stove.With a sip of pain, be careful not to swallow, toothache can relieve it.

3. When toothache, you can cut a small piece of ginger and bite it in the pain. It can be reused when necessary. It is okay to contain it in your mouth when you sleep.

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