What are the causes of bleeding during pregnancy and abnormalities in bleeding during different periods of pregnancy

The condition of bleeding during pregnancy is mostly abnormal phenomenon, and bleeding during pregnancy is something that many pregnant mothers often encounter.Or show brown, or red, and some bleeding accompanied by abdominal pain and other situations.

First of all, I will tell you what circumstances can cause bleeding during pregnancy.

1. embryo bed

2. Extra pregnancy

3. Breakal abortion

4. Port

5. Pre -placent

6. Placenta early peeling

7. Premature birth and other reasons may cause bleeding.

So remind pregnant mothers that you can simply read it according to your bleeding time, situation, color, etc.

First of all, early pregnancy bleeding is not necessarily abortion, and there are some physiological bleeding, such as bed bleeding, but also pay attention to some abnormalities

1. Presence of progesterone bleeding

The luteal ketone of the pregnant mother is mainly provided by the mothers at 6-10 weeks before pregnancy. If there is insufficient progesterone, it may affect embryonic development and may cause bleeding.

2. Extraura pregnancy bleeding

The situation of bleeding caused by external pregnancy is roughly divided into two periods in time.

The first is about 5 to 7 weeks of pregnancy, accompanied by strong abdominal pain, which may be caused by the rupture of fallopian tubes.

It may also be about 12 weeks of pregnancy, the hysteremia pregnancy, and the bleeding caused by the rupture of the ovarian pregnancy.

Generally, ectopic pregnancy bleeding is accompanied by severe abdominal pain.At about 6 weeks of pregnancy, you can pass B -ultrasound to eliminate the situation of abnormal pregnancy

3. Breeding bleeding

The aura abortions may occur before 28 weeks of pregnancy, and the incidence of early pregnancy is higher.Generally manifested as a small amount of bleeding

Syndrome abortion is often accompanied by abdominal pain, or back pain.

4. Hydrophilic hemorrhage

1) Herbal hemorrhage is generally the first symptom of hydatidal.It is generally accompanied by more severe pregnancy reactions if it is a hydatidifier.Also accompanied by lower abdomen pain.

2) If it is part of the part of the hydatidum, it can be found for more than 50 days of pregnancy. The full color ultrasound is combined with a full 44 days of full pregnancy, and the HCG situation can be judged.

1. Placental bleeding

2) The prefix may occur with bleeding. Depending on the placenta front, the general bleeding situation is different, and the placenta is needed closely.

2. Placental peeling bleeding early

1) Generally, the premature peeling of the placenta is accompanied by bleeding, and different bleeding conditions are different according to the location of the exfoliating.Essence

2) Early peeling of placenta is easy to occur in the third trimester.However, it should be noted that the placental peeling is often caused by the impact of the pregnant mother’s belly, bumps, and falling.

Finally, I remind everyone that although most of the bleeding during pregnancy is caused by abnormalities, they do n’t have to worry too much. Slowly find the cause of clearing bleeding and formulate reasonable measures. Bleeding is not terrible.

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