What are the birth checks that pregnant mothers need to do?

Recently, some friends asked me what maternity inspections I did.I was a production inspection at the local maternal and child health hospital. This is a comprehensive inspection project for specialist hospitals, and the cost will be more expensive than other hospitals. I took a look at the inspection list from the beginning to the present to list my inspection.

1. I tested it with test strips in 5 weeks of pregnancy.I went to check the next day.The first check is just checking early pregnancy, HGC and progesterone (the first check of the first check is that if the HGC value is low, do not worry about it, just check it, mainly to see double)

2. B -ultrasound to check fetal heart and fetal buds at 7 weeks of pregnancy: Check the child with fetal heart, and the fetal buds are very happy

3. Check two hormones (HGC and progesterone), five concrete, and three armor (these require an empty stomach) 11 weeks before pregnancy

4. 12 weeks of pregnancy: File files, NT This is the first production inspection in the strict sense. NT is actually quite important because you can see the development of the fetus for the first time.The focus is that there will be a free birth check -in medical examination after the archives of the archives. This must be done, mainly for blood drawing and urine testing (including blood routine, liver function, urine routine, and blood types.

5. 16 weeks of pregnancy: Tang Si: It is mainly to check whether the baby is the risk of Tang’s.Blood with an empty stomach.Some hospitals suggest that amniotic fluid puncture, but in fact my suggestion is that there are no special circumstances, but you don’t need to do it.I was normal at the age of 31, and the doctor did not let me do it.

6. Twenty weeks of pregnancy are small rows: In fact, the B -ultrasound checks whether the child has malformations for the first time. This inspection many people are not approved once. You can talk to your child before, walk around

7. Two weeks of pregnancy and heart color ultrasound and sugar resistance: (In fact, the four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound and sugar resistance.The resistance of resistance requires 12 hours on an empty stomach and it is more painful to drink sugar within 5 minutes)

The following inspections have not done it yet. At present, I can share with you some later. I think what I do is relatively comprehensive. Do you think what you think can be done for the inspection?

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