What are the benefits of skipping rope during pregnancy?How to jump?

Rope skipping is a sport. The right amount of rope skipping can promote the body’s metabolism, consume excess fat in the body, and enhance the body’s resistance to the body. Therefore, everyone can skip rope during pregnancy.So what are the precautions?

What are the benefits of skipping rope during pregnancy

1. Preparing for pregnancy skipping has the benefits of enhancing resistance

1. Preparation of pregnancy can exercise through rope skipping, which can achieve the effect of enhancing resistance.Preparation of pregnancy skipping can effectively promote the development and excretion of follicles. Perseverance can also help female patients’ endocrine levels gradually stabilize, thereby improving the ability of women to conceive.

2. It is conducive to the growth of the tissue of the smooth muscles and secreting cells of the reproductive organs

Because rope skipping is a systemic exercise, and it will effectively massage the heart and lungs in the tremor, promoting endocrine can also help build a more complete exercise system and reduce ectopic pregnancy.And also beating up and down during ovulation, which can promote the eggs to enter the fallopian tube more smoothly and accurately, so skipping rope during pregnancy is a good movement.

2. Precautions for different periods of jumping rope for pregnancy

During ovulation: It is recommended to jump 50 times a day to jump in sections.

(If you plan to have a room with your husband that day, jump in front of the same room. Do not jump within 20 hours after the same room, so as not to affect the combination of sperm and eggs.)

During menstruation: You can jump 100 to 200 times according to your physical condition.

(If your body is really uncomfortable, you can take a few days.)

Other times: It is recommended to jump about 300 to 500 times a day, which can be segmented.

Precautions for skipping rope during pregnancy

You cannot skip the rope during menstruation. After the menstruation is completely over, you can continue to exercise. Stop the rope skipping at the beginning of the 5th day before menstruation. Two days before and after ovulation and the 4th day after ovulation, stop the rope skipping to avoid hindering the eggs and the eggs and the eggs and the eggs and the ovulation.The combination of sperm.The fertilized eggs take about 4 days from the fallopian tube to the uterus. This time period is a dangerous period. At this time, the fertilized eggs are not protected.It will greatly reduce the chance of conception.Do not choose skipping rope after eating, do not skip the rope before going to bed. Try to choose the rope at about 8 o’clock in the morning or at about 8 o’clock in the evening.

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