What are the benefits and disadvantages of eating fruits during pregnancy?Although the fruit is good, it should be eaten like this after pregnancy

When it comes to eating fruits during pregnancy, I believe that pregnant mothers are no stranger. After all, fruits contain more vitamins, dietary fiber and other nutrients.And throughout pregnancy, doctors generally explain that they eat some fruits appropriately, which is good for fetuses and pregnant mothers.

First, it can relieve constipation

Many pregnant mothers will have constipation during pregnancy, because the enlarged uterus will compress the rectum, and the changes in hormone levels after pregnancy will reduce the gastrointestinal function of the pregnant mother, resulting in difficulty in defecation.

There is also rich dietary fiber in fruits, which can promote the gastrointestinal motility of pregnant mothers, prevent and relieve constipation.

This point is rainy for pregnant mothers who are easy to stubborn, and help pregnant mothers solve a big problem.

The second point is to supplement nutrition

Fruits are rich in vitamins and are also an important source of inorganic salts.

Such as kiwi, oranges, tomatoes, etc. are rich in vitamin C, and many fruits also contain substances required by other human body such as calcium and iron.

Eating some fruits appropriately can supplement vitamin and other nutrients.

The third point can promote digestion

Fruits also contain a lot of pectin, organic acid, etc., which can stimulate the secretion of digestive glands, promote digestion, and increase appetite.

For example, pregnant mothers eat fruits with sour flavor, such as lemons, apples, etc., and they will feel appetizing a lot.

The fourth point can be hungry

First of all, this is even greater for pregnant mothers who are pregnant.

Only pregnant mothers who are pregnant are awesome, when they are hungry and hungry, but when they ca n’t eat anything, they suddenly see a kind of food that they can eat.

That feeling seemed to find a life -saving straw.

Moreover, because I ca n’t eat meals, I am always worried that I am hungry and hungry to the baby. At this time, if there are some fruits of different flavors, it can be regarded as the role of charcoal in the snow.

The lazy mother has this feeling very much, because the pregnancy vomiting is too powerful during pregnancy. It has reached the point where the smell of the oil smoke can’t smell it. Passing on the street, if there is a cooked food shop on the street, it will be uncomfortable for a long time.Don’t say that you have a normal diet, it is good to be hungry.

Fortunately, the lazy mother lives in the south, and there are many varieties of fruits. No matter what season, the fruit has also become the savior of the lazy mother.Otherwise, from the beginning of pregnancy to the end of pregnancy, hungry is almost hungry.

Is it a bit contradictory?

In fact, it is not contradictory at all!

There are two sides of everything, and fruit is good, but eating too much is also harmful:

★ If you eat too much fruits, you may also cause malnutrition of pregnant women and affect fetal development

Eating some fruits can indeed stimulate the appetite of pregnant mothers, but if the fruit eats too much, it occupies most of the stomach space of pregnant women.

Then there is not much space for the stomach to place other foods. In the case of insufficient nutrients, the malnutrition of the pregnant mother also directly leads to the lack of nutrition of the fetus and even grow slowly.

★ If you eat more fruits, pregnant women are easy to gain weight

The sugar content of fruits is relatively high, and many pregnant women have become smaller after pregnancy, and it is easier for pregnant mothers to gain weight too much after pregnancy.

As long as the body is fat, stretch marks are easier to find the door, and it is more difficult to restore the original weight after delivery.

★ Fruit eating too much is easy to raise sugar

In addition, if pregnant mothers often eat a lot of fruits, because the sugar content is relatively high, the blood sugar of the pregnant mother is also easy to rise, which can easily lead to gamb sugar-urine.

Then the whole pregnancy is not good.

★ If you eat too much about the fetus, it is easy to gain weight

Eat too much fruit, the sugar content is too high, and the fetus is easy to gain weight.

If the fetus is too fat, the pregnant mother’s third trimester will be harder, and when childbirth, it will also increase the difficulty of childbirth due to the large fetus.

It can control the weight of the fetus within 5-8 pounds, and it is better if it is between 6 and 7 pounds.

So it is really too much when eating fruit.besides,

"Mother’s Suggestion" is almost the same for eating fruits every day at 200 ~ 300g.Try not to eat fruits before meals. You can put the time to eat fruit in the middle of two meals and eat them as small snacks.Pregnant mothers with high blood sugar and pregnant mothers who are afraid of more sugar can be replaced by other fruits, such as cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, etc.Try to eat fresh fruits in the season. Such fruits are fresher and more in line with seasonal needs.To eat according to your own physique, the pregnant mother who is easy to get angry should not eat the fruits of the fire. The pregnant mothers with cold hands and feet should eat less cold fruits.Do not eat fruits that can promote the shrinkage of the uterus, such as hawthorn, and do not eat the more sensitive fruits.

Like a friend of a lazy mother, you can eat any fruits during pregnancy, but you ca n’t eat bananas.

Another friend will have nightmares at night as long as he eats durian.

Just pick it up like this.

You can usually eat some apples, grapes, bananas, strawberries, kiwi, etc., anyway, you can eat a lot.

Look, the fruits can not be eaten randomly. What should be eaten, what should not be eaten, you have to do it in your heart.

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