What are the aids for giving medicine?

Folic acid

Before preparing for conception, in addition to basic quitting and drinking, expectant mothers must also maintain a pleasant mood. Women who prepare for pregnancy should start taking 400 μg of folic acid every day before pregnancy.American researchers investigations found that if women start to supplement folic acid in the early stages of pregnancy, they can reduce the chance of babies in the future.In addition, the expectant mothers during pregnancy are important to correct vitamin. It is important to compound him (rich in vitamins A, B6, B12, C, folic acid) and comprehensive minerals (to contain 1000mg of calcium, 500mg magnesium)It is also important to prevent the baby’s brain and nerve defects.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E can promote reproduction.It can promote sex hormone secretion, increase men’s sperm vitality and number; increase the concentration of female estrogen, increase fertility, and prevent abortion.When vitamin E is deficient, testicular atrophy and epithelial cell degeneration will occur, and abnormal breeding will occur.Vitamin E is commonly used to treat threatened abortion and habitual abortion in clinical practice.It also helps to prevent male infertility.


Cromifen generally refers to chloribalinine capsules.

Starting from the 5th day of menstruation, oral Cromifen 50-150mg/day, for 5 days in a row, may be ovulation 5 to 11 days after the drug was discontinued.If the estrogen level is low, you can first use small doses of estrogen, hexylophenol 0.125 to 0.25 mg/day, and take 20 days in a row, apply 1 to 3 cycles to increase the sensitivity of the lower part of the hypothalamus — the ovarian system, and then thenPromoting ovulation with Cromen can improve the efficacy.If the amount of cervical mucus is small and viscous, after taking Cromifen, add 0.125 to 0.25mg/day with hexylophenol, and take 7 days in a row.

Artificial cycle of estrogen hormones

For general menstrual disorders and a certain level of estrogen levels, the artificial cycle of estrogen hormone can be used for artificial cycle treatment in March, and ovulation may occur after stopping the drug.

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG)

HCG has the effect of promoting luteal hormone, and it can promote ovulation when the follicle development is cooked.Vulcanic gonad hormone is a kind of glycoprotein hormone secreted by the placental nourishing layer cells, which has an immune cross -reaction.Use the doctor’s advice.

Maginal formation to release hormones (LH-RH)

Suitable for the lack of ovulation -free in the mill brain.Apply a micro pump pulse intravenous injection, the pulse interval is 90 to 120 minutes, the small dose is 1 to 5 μg/pulse, the large dose is 10 to 20 μg/pulse, the medication is 17 to 20 days, or the daily muscle injection starts from the 5th day of the menstrual cycle.50 μg, 7 to 10 consecutive days.


Suitable for ovulation -free accompanying hyperculfinemia.Female infertility: Start 2.5 mg/time daily, increase to 2.5 mg within 1 week, 2 to 3 times a day.Cardiac Cymbinoma has a variety of effects, which can be used for amenorrhea or overflow, inhibit physiological lactation, female infertility, treating Parkinson’s disease, and so on.The dosage of different symptoms is also different. It is recommended to follow the doctor or pharmacy staff to ask for consumption.

Meridity to promote gestational pills

Regulate the gestational pills, the name of Chinese medicine.In order to replenish the beneficiary, it has the effect of nourishing the kidney and strengthening the spleen, and nourishing the menstruation.Indications of menstrual blood caused by spleen and kidney yang deficiency, inaccurate menstruation, less menstruation, and inaccurate for a long time; secondary amenorrhea, poor luteal function, and infertility are spleen and kidney deficiency syndrome.

oral.5G (50 pills) at a time, twice a day.From the fifth day of the menstrual cycle for 20 days; those who have no cycles have been served for 20 days a month, serving for three months or obeying your doctor’s advice.

Kun Ling Wan

Kun Ling Wan, regulate menstruation to nourish blood, and develop new stasis.Used for irregular menstruation, more or less, through abdominal pain, cold uterus, inaccessible for a long time, habitual abortion, red leucorrhea, leakage of collapse, qi deficiency for a long time, and lumbar pain.

Oral, 15 pills at a time, twice a day.It weighs 1.25g per 10 pill, which is equivalent to 2.6 g at the original medicinal material.


Chlorophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophenophen Veribogy effect and weak estrogen activity.Low doses can promote the secretion of gonadotropin in the anterior pituitary gland, thereby inducing ovulation; high doses significantly inhibit the release of pituitary gonad hormone, which has the effect of promoting sperm production for men, which is effective for minor sperm.Those with menstruation start 50mg once a day on the 5th, even for 5 days.

The side effects of ovation -promoting medicine

Ovulation is a very good medicine for many infertile patients. Promoting ovulation can help them want to be mothers’ wishes, but it also has certain side effects.

Because adult women generally arrange an egg in one month, using the use of drugs to make ovarian ovulation by ovulation, it may cause ovarian cysts, ovarian rupture, embolism, electrolyte disorders, ovarian excessive stimulation syndrome, etc., bringing liver and kidney function to pregnant womenConsequences such as failure and thoracic ascites can even lead to amputation and shock.

If the patient itself is below the disease, it cannot be promoted: asthma, heart disease, epilepsy, migraine, renal damage, pituitary hypertrophy or tumor.Ovarian incompleteness, polycystic ovarian, intracranial lesions, thyroid and adrenal cortex dysfunction.


Ovulation -promoting drugs are blindly used by hormone drugs to cause excessive ovarian stimulation and not blindly use. The female ovulation period of regular menstrual cycles is to choose to have a high chance of conceiving in the same room during the female ovulation during the female ovulation.Increase the chance of conception in the same room.You can take a bath in the same room in the same room.Can help pregnancy.

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