What about hemorrhoids and blood in the stool?Using the right treatment method, it turned out to be so simple

There is a disease in the world,

Many people are tortured …

"It" has a very high incidence,

It will make people want to give birth;

"It" is easy to cause a variety of diseases,

For example, anemia can even cover the symptoms of colorectal cancer;

"It" is a kind of difficulty,

So many people, especially women, rather be patient,

I don’t want to go to the hospital for treatment.

Who is that?



It’s annoying

If you drop blood or spray blood during the stool, bright red, attach to the surface of the stool, or sometimes you can touch a soft lump after the stool, and then you can shrink back."Internal hemorrhoids" and bleeding or discharge.

If you can touch the soft skin in front of the anus, sometimes itchy, hot, humid, and pain, which worsen from time to time, which is generally "external hemorrhoids".

If both are available, it is called "mixed hemorrhoids".

1. Change the habit of bad life, although it is old -fashioned, but it is actually important!Eat more fruits and fruits, exercise in moderation, and keep the stool unobstructed.Focus on defecation.Play mobile phones or reading when you are not squatting.The longer the bowel time, the greater the pressure of the anus, which is easy to induce or aggravate hemorrhoids.Avoid excessive consumption of spicy and irritating and greasy foods; wine and smoke also need to be properly controlled.Avoid sedentary or standing for a long time.You can take a bath in warm water for 5 ~ 10 minutes during bathing to promote blood circulation of perianal.

2. Drug treatment (please use under the guidance of a doctor)

It is mainly to improve local circulation and swelling.Such as: the spiritual tablets of Mai, the flowers and trees, the flowing liquid slices (eliminating -M), the earth Austrian film, and the hemorrhoids.

If the conservative treatment above is tried, there is still hemorrhoid bleeding and escape from hemorrhoids, then what are you waiting for?Hurry up at the hospital for a colonoscopy (check the bowel polyps and bowel cancer), and simultaneously solve the hemorrhoid problem!


Not all hemorrhoids need to be treated!

Asymptomatic hemorrhoids do not need to be treated

For the internal hemorrhoids of Ⅰ-Ⅲ degrees, the injection and tie of the hardening agent have become the preferred therapy for European and American countries (recommendation level: strong, evidence quality: 1A).

With the development and application of digestive endoscopic surgery, the treatment of many diseases in the digestive system has gradually replaced some surgical surgery, and internal hemorrhoids are treated as a revolutionary new therapy through endoscope, which completely subvertsTraditional surgical treatment realizes painless treatment of internal hemorrhoids.

Intestinal colonoscopy can not only check the entire large intestine, but also check the cause of blood in the stool, such as enteritis, bowel polyps, bowel cancer, etc. If small polyps can be bite together, at the same time, it can also intuitively evaluate the internal hemorrhoids, such as adapting to indications.Treatment together.

There are two main types: hardening agent injection therapy and rubber rings tie therapy.

01 Ⅰ-Ⅱ internal hemorrhoids with "bleeding" as the main symptoms, the first choice of hardening agent injection treatment.This method is safe, painless, and effective. After the treatment is done, you can go home without taking a rest. You do not need to be hospitalized.Moreover, patients with anti -coordinate drugs such as aspirin, clopidogre, Liavarke, and Huahalin have long -term use of antiplatelet anticolates.

02 Ⅱ-Ⅲ degree internal hemorrhoids with the main symptoms of "getting out" with "break-out" or "bleeding". You can choose a hardening agent injection combined with rubber ring.This method can be tied with hemorrhoids through the rubber circle, and at the same time, the relaxed rectal mucosa can be lifted to solve the symptoms of internal hemorrhoids and bleeding.

Studies have shown that the effective rate of 2 years after the treatment of hardening agent injection therapy is 95%after treatment of internal hemorrhoids, and the recurrence rate is only 8.3%;It is 11%.

● The focus is here ●

Under the leadership of Vice President Nie Yuqiang and Director Zhou Yongjian, the Internal Hemorrhoids Treatment Team of the First People’s Hospital of Guangzhou, and the internal hemorrhoidal treatment team has carried out the treatment of endoscopic internal hemorrhachizers since 2012. After years of clinical practice, we have accumulated rich experience. In recent years, in recent years,It also took the lead in carrying out the internal hemorrhoids of the tie of the rubber circle and combined with foam sclerosis agent. Part of the mixed hemorrhoids. The one -type rectal prolapse (rectal mucosa prolapse) was exactly effective and the patient’s satisfaction was high.In order to better serve the patient, the Department of Gastroenterology opened internal hemorrhoids in 2019. The patient completed the colonoscopy and internal hemorrhoidal treatment on the same day. He was discharged on the same day and was well received by patients.

Patients with hemorrhoids with internal hemorrhoids Ⅰ-Ⅲ degree and poor drug conservative treatment effect can be considered in endoscopic treatment.The treatment team of digestive internal hemorrhoids provides you with precise and standardized diagnosis and treatment, and concentrates on treating "hemorrhoids".

Everyone with hemorrhoids has a bitter tears.

Sit restless and sleep well,

Even the toilet is trembling,

I’m afraid of blood collapse and afraid of getting out,

It was slightly embarrassing to even mention it to outsiders.

In fact, this is really nothing. As long as you develop good habits and seek medical treatment in time, choose the treatment plan that suits you best, you can protect our little chrysanthemum and stay away from hemorrhoids.

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