Western media said that smoking during pregnancy will increase the risk of sudden baby death: one will not work

Western media said that research by the Children’s Institute of Seattle in the United States pointed out that smoking during pregnancy will increase the chance of sudden death during the first year of birth.

According to the Spanish "A Beyin" website reported on March 12, smoking before and during pregnancy increases the risk of babies’ sudden death during the first year of birth.This is a conclusion given by the results of a study published in the Pediatric Monthly Monthly Research Institute of Seattle Children in the United States.According to data analysis, the researchers pointed out that no matter how much smoking during pregnancy, even if only one smoke is sucking a cigarette every day, the risk of sudden death of newborns will double.For women who suck 1 to 20 cigarettes per day, each cigarette is sucking, the chance of a sudden death of newborns will increase by 0.07 percentage points.

"With such data, doctors have a more conclusive scientific basis for suggesting pregnant women to quit smoking." Said Tatiana Anderson, the first author of the research report."We hope to provide women with advice on this risk, thereby reducing sudden death of newborns," she pointed out.

According to the estimates of researchers, if you can quit smoking during pregnancy, then 800 cases can be reduced in the case of sudden death of 3,700 newborn in the United States.

It is reported that in order to better understand how smoking leads to the risk of sudden death of newborns, researchers used information technology to analyze the smoking habits of all living infant mothers in the United States from 2007 to 2011.

The report also stated that more than 19 million babies were killed by more than 19,000 babies.In addition to accidental suffocation, this syndrome that causes the sudden death of infants and young children often cannot find obvious causes of death.

The report pointed out that the researchers observed the impact of smoking before pregnancy and the impact of reducing smoking or completely quitting of smoking during pregnancy.

The report also pointed out that compared with the half smoking pregnant women who did not reduce smoking during pregnancy, the risk of sudden death of newborns who reduced smoking in the later pregnancy decreased by 12%, and the number of smoking quitting pregnant women reached 23%.

Analysis also shows that, compared to those who do not smoke, the risk of sudden death of newborns who are still smoking before pregnancy and abstain from smoking in early pregnancy are still high.

Anderson said the data of the study provides support for public health propaganda to encourage women to quit smoking before pregnancy."The most important thing is that women can understand the risk of abrupt baby deaths to a large extent through this data to clearly reduce the risk of sudden baby death. For pregnant women who cannot completely quit smoking, they can at least understand that even if there is less smoke, they canIt can reduce the possibility of sudden death after birth, "she emphasized.(Compilation/Han Chao)

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