Welcome to the daily life of 30 weeks of pregnancy#One body and two heartbeat

Welcome to live in the daily life of 30 weeks +2 small pregnant women.

Welcome to 30 weeks.Today is another day of sunny, and it is not until noon to get up. First, see if the weight increases.Recently, we have maintained a good weight. It has not risen or declined. I hope to keep it all the time.The weather is too hot, and the hair is uncomfortable.I saw a long -haired beauty a few days ago. I was really fascinated. I also had to stay in my hair. After giving birth, I started a counterattack.If you don’t dress yourself, my youth will be wasted in vain.

During pregnancy, I have tried my best to maintain my image.I used to be a girl who loves to dress up, and now I can only pass it.Do you insist on what you do during pregnancy?But I found that the skin really became better after pregnancy.

I used to grow acne. Now I may only have acne in a month, and the acne marks are not obvious. I am very satisfied.It may be because of the effects of hormones in the body, the skin has become better.I heard that my nose will grow after pregnancy, so I dare not pick my nose anymore recently.It depends on the personal situation, but I think it is necessary to pay attention.Except that the underarms darkened, I did not have stretch marks.I hope not to grow stretch marks, pray and pray.

Start preparing the first meal of a pregnant woman.What’s in the refrigerator?This mangosteen looks bad, hurry up and solve it.Today, I eat bean horns and whole wheat bread, and then pump into a glass of pear cream.Recently, the nose is very dry and often bleed.I want to drink plenty of water.Although it is troublesome to go to the toilet, I think I can accept the number of times, because I have only one night at night, so it will not be too uncomfortable.There are many toilets during the day, which is also a way to exercise.

Is the number of times you go to the toilet during pregnancy?My mother -in -law came back to the size of the window and was ready to settle the window screen.My mother -in -law came back to cook for me, but when I was hungry, I would eat it, otherwise I would be hungry.In fact, whoever cooks is the same, as long as I can make me full, it is enough.

During pregnancy and dragon fruit is the best partner. Do you take care of themselves, do you take care of themselves?

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