Weekly during pregnancy, week tenth week

Ten weeks of pregnancy

The fetus is about 4cm in length and weighs about 13g.All parts of the body have begun to take shape, and each organs have formed.The fetal head accounts for about half of the length of the body.The baby’s eyelids began to stick together until 27 weeks could not be fully opened.

The prototype of the placenta is formed.The B -ultrasound shows that the fetal sac will begin to disappear, the moon bud placenta is visible, and the fetus is active in amniotic fluid.In the next three weeks, the length of the fetus will double, close to 10cm.

The basic cell structure of the fetus has been formed, and all the part of the body has begun to take shape. His or her wrist has taken shape, his ankle has begun to develop, his fingers and toes are clearly visible, the arms are longer, and the elbow has become more curved.Now, the shaping of the baby’s ears has been completed and the ankle development has been completed, and it is clearly visible.

However, these organs are still in the stage of development, and they are not fully developed.

Because the skin of the fetus is transparent, you can clearly see the liver, ribs and subcutaneous blood vessels that are formed through the skin, and the heart, liver, and gastrointestinal are more developed.

During the change of expectant mothers

At 10 weeks of pregnancy, your emotions fluctuate a lot. Just on your face, you are still clear, and you may become dark clouds in a while.Some pregnant women may be disturbed by this unpredictable emotion, but this is normal, which is the result of estrogen during pregnancy.

Starting this week, your body may start to deformation slowly, and the weight will increase rapidly. This week, you increase about 0.5kg this week.Your waist will become thicker, the chest will increase, the color of the areola becomes black, and the small pimples grow. These particles contain white lubricants, which are prepared for breast milk early.Clear venous blood vessels, especially under breast, are all normal performance during pregnancy. You need to change the larger underwear; the original jeans and other tights are no longer close.

When taking a bath, pay attention to avoid rubbing hard, especially the breasts, you can’t rub this way.After pregnancy, the breast tissue is rapidly hyperplasia. It should be treated gently to the breast. Do not clean the nipples hard, let alone scrubbing the nipple opening, so as to avoid leakage during lactation.

Precautions this week:

1. Pay attention to supplementing iodine: During this period, iodine and thyroid hormones play a decisive role in the development and proliferation of brain cells. It is the most effective period of iodine supplementation in life.Iodine work.

2. Family genetic history screening: If you are more than 35 years old and your family has a history of genetic medical history, you now need to do a perception test to have a specific diagnosis of the fetal’s congenital and genetic diseases.-12 weeks to do such a prenatal examination will discover the congenital defects of some fetuses.

3. Drink plenty of water: Drink plenty of water every two hours, which can "wash" the body, can soften the stool and promote food peristaltic in the digestive tract, which is beneficial to pregnancy.Open water, fruits and vegetable juice, you can drink in moderation.At this stage, it is necessary to say "goodbye" with carbonated drinks such as cola and Sprite, because it is really small on your side effects on you and the baby!

4 Be alert to ectopic pregnancy: Pay attention to ectopic pregnancy! Early manifestations of ectopic pregnancy are in the early abdomen on the lower abdomen. There is a sense of pain or sourness on the side of the lower abdomen. During gynecological examinations, you will find that the increase in uterine is not in line with the month of pregnancy, and irregular vaginal bleeding occurs in the early pregnancy.When the fallopian tube is ruptured, there will be severe lower abdomen pain, which will soon cause shock due to major bleeding in the abdominal cavity.If there is irregular vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain, you must go to the hospital to check immediately.

5 Vaginitis during pregnancy: As hormones increase, estrogen also increases sharply. At this time, vaginal acidity increases, and it is easy to infect Candida. If you have various symptoms such as pussy, gynecological inflammation, etc.Under the guidance, you must not buy it without authorization, so as not to buy fake and shoddy products and affect the health of the fetus.

6 Pregnancy spots: At this time, you may find that your birthmarks, freckles, new scars, and dark fetal moles will follow the deepening of the vagina, cervix and pussy color.Due to the changes in endocrine, acne, butterfly spots, etc. on your face are more embarrassed than before pregnancy.Don’t worry, these phenomena are very obvious and temporary.

7 Stay away from Nicotine: Smoking is extremely harmful to the fetus. If you live in a smoke -filled environment, not only inhale a large amount of carbon dioxide in the respiratory tract, but the nicotine in cigarettes can also enter your body through the skin, gastrointestinal tract, and the fetus will cause the fetusEssence

8 The first prenatal examination: In order to protect the health of you and the fetus, it is convenient for doctors to understand your comprehensive situation and discover potential factors that are not good for pregnancy and delivery.The hospital for the first prenatal examination.Remember to be empty before checking.

9 Calcium and vitamin D: Pregnant mothers with severe early pregnancy reactions should pay special attention to strengthening the supplements of calcium and vitamin D. The amount of calcium daily calcium should be about 800 mg.Drink plenty of milk because it is rich in calcium, which can increase the sodium row of the urine, reduce the blood capacity to eliminate edema, can also prevent pregnancy and hypertension, and benefit the development of fetal bones.

10 Be wary of bleeding: Pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy are mainly manifested in the vagina, with a small amount of blood -based secretions, similar to the amount of bleeding in the early or last period of menstruation.The color of bleeding may be pink, red or brown.

In addition to the symptoms of vaginal hemorrhage, some pregnant women also have back pain and lower abdomen pain like menstruation.If the vaginal bleeding caused by ectopic pregnancy, pregnant women will also have severe abdominal pain, pale complexion, accelerated heartbeat, and abdominal bleeding.If you feel uncomfortable, you must consult a doctor.

11 Reduce the use of electronic products: Corruption is not good for fetal health. During pregnancy, especially in the first three months, pregnant mummy is best to "leave" the computer.That is, or operation, the body must keep a distance of 1 meter from the display; try not to use a microwave oven, at least add a dedicated cover to the microwave oven to reduce the unnecessary electromagnetic radiation of the body.Try to avoid answering the phone in the car.According to determination, the electromagnetic wave radiation intensity generated by the mobile phone in the car is much more than that of other places.

Ten weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is not stable. Pregnant women should pay attention to their bodies and not be prematurely in the same room.It will be 3 months immediately. The first checkup is required. Pregnant women should go on time and do not escape.During the checkup, actively cooperate with the doctor’s examination.The mood of pregnant women is very important. Keep your mood happy.

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