Week 20

Fetal weight: 320g

Fetal height: 25cm

Tips during pregnancy: The fetal limbs are developing well, the hair grows rapidly, and the top and navel of the pregnant mother’s uterus are almost parallel.

Fetal development Abstract: During the baby’s sensory development, immune antibodies can help the baby resist the disease through the transfer of the mother’s blood.

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Fetal development text:

At 20 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is about 25cm in length from head to toe, weighs about 320g, the average value of the double top diameter is 4.88 ± 0.58cm, the average of the abdominal circumference is 14.80 ± 1.89cm, and the femoral length is 3.35 ± 0.47cm.

The baby’s senses began to develop rapidly, and the taste, smell, hearing, vision and touch all entered a critical period of development.In order to protect the skin, lipids began to form, and slender eyebrows were growing.His eyes can move, although he can only be closed.

Now the fetus’s limbs have developed well, and their hair is growing rapidly.Immune antibodies can be transferred to the baby through the mother’s blood. In the first period of birth after birth, it can help the baby resist the disease.

Summary of mothers: The weight increase of 3.4kg, the top of the uterine is almost parallel to your belly button, and the palace height is about 16-20cm.

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Mom change the text:

From now on, it is expected that you will increase an average of about 0.45kg a week, but you cannot grow too fast, which will lead to metabolic diseases.But if you have a light weight before you are pregnant, you may need to add more.

This week, the top of your uterus is almost parallel to your belly button, and the palace height is about 16-20cm.At this time, there is no trouble of early pregnancy reactions, and the body is not bulky. This time is the best time for travel during pregnancy.

You can start planning to purchase some large infant supplies, such as cribs, strokes, etc.

Medical care Abstract: Pregnancy hypertension is a common disease -specific disease, which can cause different degrees of damage to mothers and fetuses.

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Medical and health care:

1. What is pregnancy hypertension

This is a complications during pregnancy, which is a severe high -risk pregnancy.Most of the pregnancy hypertension occurs after 20 weeks of pregnancy, and severely threatens the health of maternal and infants, which is one of the important causes of maternal and surrounding children’s preparation and death.The cause of hypertension during pregnancy has not yet been fully clarified.

Hypertension occurs after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Those who do not have protein in the urine test will be diagnosed as high pregnancy; if those who have hypertension are detected, but those who have protein in the urine test indicate that they need to find a professional doctor in the early stage of eclampsia.Consultation and formulation of the later clinic plan can continue pregnancy under the care of the doctor.

2. Recognize the symptoms of hypertension in pregnancy

Symptoms of pregnancy hypertension are manifested in high blood pressure, edema, and proteinuria after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Light may have no symptoms or mild dizziness, blood pressure and mild increase, accompanied by edema or mild proteinuria, and the patient has no obvious discomfort.This stage can last for several days to several weeks and can gradually develop or deteriorate rapidly.When developing to moderate stood hypertrophy, there will be mild and conscious symptoms such as dizziness.

In severe cases, headaches, dazzling, nausea, vomiting, persistent right upper abdominal pain, etc., the blood pressure increases obvious, proteinuria increases, edema is obvious, and even coma and convulsions. In severe cases, there will be ascites.Check related indicators.

3. How to deal with pregnancy hypertension

It is recommended to rest in bed in the left side, prohibit sound, light and other stimuli, and strengthen the monitoring of fetal hearts as well as fetal and fetal development; regularly monitor urine volume, blood pressure, pulse, urine protein; ensure sleep time and quality, so that the body can maximize the maximumA degree of relaxation and rest.

Try to eat low -sodium and low -salt in the diet. At the same time, food is rich in various trace elements, vitamins, and protein foods. Eat more fresh fruits and fruits.

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