We are Dink couples, an unexpected pregnancy, let us find out what we have lost

I am Xiaoyi. I am 40 years old. My husband and I are a couple of Dink. Since we get married, we have lived only each other, calm and sweet. This day is 15 years., Make our lives changing tremendous …

15 years ago, I was transferred to Shenzhen because of work.At that time, I just graduated, and I was curious and looking forward to this strange city.I want to create my own career here, and I also want to find my own love.

When I first arrived in Shenzhen, I knew nothing about this city. I went to get off work every day and lived in the company’s dormitory. There was no fun.I feel like a robot, only working, without feelings.

But, slowly, I found a surprise.I actually met my old classmate here, or the boy who had made me heart.

His name is Lin Jie, the school grass in high school.He is tall and handsome, has excellent grades, and plays basketball.He is the white horse prince in the minds of many girls, including me.

Unfortunately, he never noticed me.He only regarded me as an ordinary classmate, and we lost contact after we graduated.It wasn’t until the company’s conference that I heard his name that he remembered that he was that person.

He is now a senior white -collar worker, with a personality and extraordinary temperament.Seeing what he looked, I had a little throbbing in my heart.

Later, we had more contact. I knew he had never got married and had no girlfriend.I think this is the opportunity to me from heaven.So at a private party, I drank a few glasses of wine, drumped courage, and confessed to him.

Unexpectedly, this confession did not make me compensate.It made me see a different world.It was also this confession that I understood why he was single.

After hearing my confession, he was silent for a long time, and then looked at me and said, "Oh … I’m sorry … Actually … actually I like you … but … but we can’t be together …

Why? Why can’t you be together? Are you unable to say anything? Do you have any problems? You don’t have to worry! As long as you are willing to be with me! You can solve everything!

No … is not like this … Actually … Actually … Actually … Actually I am Dintaist …

At that time, I felt it was difficult to understand. How could life be like this? Although he did not refuse me because I didn’t love me, I was still a bit difficult to accept, because in my concept, marriage and childbirth were a complete life.

We didn’t mention this again. In the next period of time, I thought a lot.Although I love him, I can give up my child before I love him.Even if I can give up my child, do my parents agree? Can they endure the discussion of others even if my parents agree?

He hesitated, and in a blink of an eye to the end of the year.When I went home for the Chinese New Year during the Chinese New Year, I found that the atmosphere at home was heavy.It turned out that a tragedy happened the day before yesterday. My cousin’s sister died of complications when there was a child.

My mother told me a lot of risks and difficulties about having children.She is not easy to be a woman, but also worried about my future. After all, I have to face such things.

"Mom, can you accept it if I don’t want children after I get married?" I don’t know why, this sentence suddenly said from my mouth.

Mom just stunned, maybe due to the influence of that matter, she did not oppose it. She just said gently: Xiaoyi, in fact, the mother does not force you to ask for a child. As long as you can find someone who really loves you, you can find someone who really loves you.Living with him happily, his mother was satisfied.

At that moment, I felt hope. After returning to Shenzhen, I found Lin Jie and told him my decision.

Yes, I accepted his conditions and married him, not children.In this way, we started the life of Dink.

In the past 15 years, we respect each other and have no quarrel.We have enough time and money to do what we like. We have been to travel in many places. We bought our favorite houses and cars. We also have our own career and hobbies. Our life looks perfect.Pity.

Recently, I always feel nauseous to vomit. After being reminded by colleagues, I found that I had signs of pregnancy.

After going to the hospital for examination, I confirmed that I was pregnant.

At this moment, I am a little happy, but more at a loss, what should I do?

I originally wanted to find a suitable time to tell him about this. I didn’t expect him to find out …

The reason is that the friends who came every month did not come.

The result surprised me, he actually agreed to give birth to a child.

He also told me that in fact, in these years, he also had the idea of wanting children, but just saw that I had a happy life and did not say it, and didn’t want to break this calm.

Now this unexpected child lets us know each other’s minds and give us new expectations.

We told our parents about this that they were very happy and gave us full blessings.

At this moment, I suddenly realized that when we didn’t want children, how much harm did we bring to our parents, they not only had to endure the gossip of others, but also worried that our life was old.

I suddenly felt very regretful. Fortunately, there was this little life, so that we had the opportunity to make up for the past mistakes.

Now, the two of us are waiting for the arrival of the little baby with peace of mind.I don’t know what will happen in the future, but at this moment, we are very happy, that’s enough!

Oral: Xiaoyi

Writing: Xiaotang with your heart

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