Watermelon is so sweet, can people with diabetes be eaten?

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Many people think it is too sweet sugar, too much, too long, too long

Is this really the case?

01 Is the sweetest fruit, the higher the amount of sugar?

Fruit is not pure and sweet, but a mixture of sweet sour, salty and bitter taste; the final taste feel is not a simple superimposed by sweetness and sour taste, but the comprehensive results after the soluble sugar in the fruit and different organic acids in the fruitEssence

There is a difference in the influence of different sugar components on sweetness.In other words, although they are all sugar, the sweetness of glucose, fructose and sucrose is large.

Generally, the sweetness of sucrose is used as 1.0;

The sweetness of fructose is 1.75 ~ 1.8;

The sweetness of glucose is 0.7 ~ 0.75.

Therefore, when the ratio of the sugar group contained in a fruit is different (that is, the percentage of glucose, fructose, and sucrose is different), the sweetness value of this fruit will be different.

This is not the final ending of this fruit’s "sweet and not sweet, how sweet".Although the content and proportion of soluble sugar have the greatest impact on sweetness, it has been mentioned earlier that organic acids are also "shareholders" in "sweet manufacturing", have the right to speak and decision -making.

When the sugar acid is <20, the flavor is light or sour;

When the sugar acid ratio is between 20 and 60, the flavor is sweet and sweet;

When the ratio of sugar acid is> 60, the sweetness is enhanced.

In addition, the "ability" of different people’s tongue feels sweetness is different.

Some people have studied with sucrose solution and found that women’s sweetness and sensitivity interval is larger than men of the same age, that is, lower sensory thresholds and higher thresholds -women can feel the sweetness range widerEssence

Seeing this, many friends may suddenly realize: No wonder women prefer to eat sweets …

From the above knowledge points, it is not difficult to summarize 2 conclusions:

The higher the sweetness of the fruit, the higher the sugar content; the

Sweetness is a sense of taste. The same fruits may feel sweet, and others may not feel the same.

Then, return to our protagonist today, watermelon.The reason why it tastes beautiful and sweet is because of the soluble sugar contained in watermelon, the proportion of fructose is very high, and the organic acid content of watermelon is low.

In fact, the total sugar content of watermelon is low in the fruit army.In contrast to it, it is the dragon fruit. It is not too sweet to eat, but the sugar content and calories are not low.

02 What are the fruits that help you get fat?

Statement in advance: In the matter of "fat", fruits will definitely not carry a pot!The reason is that aside from all genetic and disease factors, the contribution of food alone to fat and thinness is that the final decisive factor is whether all our calorie intake and energy consumption are positive or negative:

The calories consumed by physical activity through dietary intake all day, and for a long time, the weight gain;

The heat consumed by the heat of physical activity through the dietary intake throughout the day, and for a long time, the weight is alleviated.

List a table for everyone to help you understand that it is also 100 grams of flesh. The sugar content of different fruits and the ability to help you grow meat.

Click to zoom in to see the big picture.Remarks: The sugar content in it is the amount that can be used after dietary fiber.

Still the sentence: For friends who have no blood sugar problem and just want to control weight, the sugar content is not a problem, and the amount of eating is the key.As long as the right amount, what to eat and what to eat -fruit is definitely not the last calories that overwhelm your weight!

03 Can patients with diabetes eat watermelon?

The answer is yes!Must be able to!Not only watermelons, they can be eaten by any fruits!

Friends with diabetes, on the question of fruit, the key knowledge that needs to be mastered is not whether you can eat it, but how to choose, and how much you eat.You need to pay attention to the fruit:

GI value, that is, the blood glucose generation index.Simple explanation is that after the same 100 grams of food enters the stomach, the level of blood sugar fluctuations in your blood sugar, the faster the speed of the blood sugar, the lower the blood glucose speed, the slower;

GL value, that is, blood sugar load.GL = Food’s GI × ingested food can use carbohydrate content.Some foods have a low GI value, but the sugar content is high (that is, the content of carbohydrates available); some food GI values and sugar content are very high or very low; while some foods are high, although the GI value is very high, and some foods are high, and some foods are high, and some foods are high, and some foods are high.But the sugar content is very low.After these foods enter the stomach, the influence of blood sugar, that is, the GL value is naturally different.Generally speaking, we call GL> 20 as high GL foods, which has a greater impact on blood sugar; the GL <10 is called low GL food, which has a relatively small effect on blood sugar; and GL is between 10 and 20 forThe impact of GL food in GL is in the middle of blood sugar.

Take watermelon and apples as an example:

The GI value of watermelon is very high, GI = 72, but its carbohydrate content is very low. Each 100 grams of watermelon contains 5.8 grams of carbohydrates, aside from 0.3 grams of dietary fiber.It is 5.5 grams.So the GL = 72%× 5.5 = 3.96 of the watermelon is a low -GL food.

Apple’s GI value is very low, GI = 36, but the content of carbohydrates can be used in every 100 grams of flesh.So Apple’s GL = 36%× 12.3 = 4.428 also belongs to low GL food.

Obviously, the GL value of watermelon and apple is very similar.Therefore, if you eat 100 grams of flesh, the influence of blood sugar is more similar.

This analysis, I believe that friends with diabetes immediately relieved: it is so hot in summer, and eating a small amount of watermelon in the two meals is completely possible.Just pay attention to the amount of feeding. If you control it at 150 grams, you don’t have to worry about the impact of blood sugar.

However, if you eat several times a day, or several 150 grams of watermelon (pulp), please lose the corresponding staple food to avoid significantly fluctuating blood sugar.

Edit: Zhang Tianyi

Data: Science Popularization China

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