Warm heart!Pregnant women heat stroke, policemen joined forces to rescue

Source: Upstream News-Chongqing Morning Post

On July 18th, in the Chongqing West Railway Station Bus Station, a pregnant woman suddenly had weak limbs and blurred her mind when she got out of the car, and almost fainted.Fortunately, the police and bus station staff of the West Station Police Station helped to help in time to rescue the on -site rescue, so that the pregnant woman turned in danger.

In the afternoon of the same day, the police at the Passenger Station of the Chongqing West Railway Station received a passenger alarm, saying that a pregnant woman had a sudden illness in a public bus station in Chongqing West Railway Station and collapsed on the seat.Police Officer Lu and the team members quickly arrived at the scene and found that the woman’s face was pale, and the large forehead was large.Police Officer Lu tried to communicate with the woman, but the other party closed her eyes tightly at this time, weak, and weak, and the answer was blurred. One hand kept protecting the bulging belly.

Police Officer Lu judged that the woman was pregnant and her body was weak. At this time, it should be heat stroke.The situation is very urgent and must be rescued immediately.Police Officer Lu held the woman who held the woman and asked the special service team to cool her fan.Two minutes later, the woman opened her eyes, and Police Officer Lu handed her mineral water to her.After drinking a few sips, the woman gradually recovered normal.

According to the woman, her surname is Luo, 32 years old, Sichuan, and has been pregnant for five months.On the same day, she took a bus to Chongqing West Railway Station to return to her hometown in Sichuan. On the bus, due to traffic jams, the vehicle time was long, the air in the car was very stuffy, and I was pregnant.symptom.

Ms. Luo said that with the help of the police, she was completely awake, and her body was not hindered. She was going to continue to go to West Railway Station to return to her hometown in Sichuan.Police Officer Lu was worried that Ms. Luo’s physical condition made a special trip to borrow a wheelchair for her to sit down and pushed her all the way to the train.Subsequently, Police Officer Lu told the train captain and let him continue to pay attention to the pregnant woman.

After sitting on the train, Ms. Luo thanked Police Officer Lu and others.

Upstream journalist Fu Disi intern Li Anni

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