Want to prepare for pregnancy but have breast nodules, do you have to do surgery?

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First question


Hello doctor, I am 30 years old this year. In October 2019, I found that there were breast nodules. In recent years, B -ultrasound was reviewed every year. Below is a B -ultrasound checklist.

I want to consult the doctor these questions:

是 There was no blood flow signal around the nodule before, and the recent April report found that the morphology was irregular and there was a blood flow signal. Is this the change of the nodule?Do you need surgery in this case?

小 Can I ask children in this situation?Does it have a great impact on my health?I heard that the endocrine during pregnancy will make the nodules larger, and I am afraid that it will cause cancer.

要 If the impact is not great, you can have children, what do I need to pay attention to during pregnancy and pregnancy?

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Breast Surgery Xu Feng:

Hello, from the comparison of the color Doppler ultrasound, this nodule size has not changed.

But I think the color Doppler ultrasound results of the latest checklist are irregular, with a blood flow signal of 1.3 cm.Judging from this form, it is recommended to do surgical resection.

Because this form is irregular and blood flow signals, it may change further during pregnancy and breastfeeding.Therefore, if you are preparing to take a child, it is recommended to perform surgery before pregnancy. After surgery before pregnancy, it has no impact on your body, don’t worry.

After pregnancy, after surgery, it may affect your breastfeeding, which is feeding.It may be prone to milk blockage in this place, but the general problem is not a big problem, not a special impact.

Usually, pay attention to rest, maintain a good mood, be angry, stay up late, and eat less spicy and irritating, which is good for the prevention and treatment of breast hyperplasia.

In addition, this surgery can perform a minimally invasive surgery that can be hospitalized on the same day and was discharged on the same day.After the surgery, it is basically possible to change the medicine once every three days. There is nothing special about others. Thank you for your consultation.

Second question


Thank you doctor for your explanation. Excuse me, only the blood flow of the right side is removed or all the nodules are removed together?Will other nodules change during pregnancy?

Judging from your professional and experience, is there many patients who do not surgery?Is the proportion of evil changes high?Does breastfeeding have an effect?Sorry, more cautious about pregnancy and more problems.

Breast Surgery Xu Feng:

The nodules that are irregularly removed by surgery, other nodules do not need to do.After about a month, you can prepare for pregnancy for about a month, don’t worry.

There must be many people with nodules, but we have found that there are some nodules with high risk factors. For example, breast cancer is also particularly high now. During pregnancy and lactation, large hormone secretion may stimulate the growth of the nodules. Therefore, it is recommended to do it before pregnancy.Operation.

Your breast nodule is not high. From the perspective of this color Doppler ultrasound, the possibility of benign is too high, and it is not a problem with timely surgery.

I wish early recovery.

Regarding the breast nodules, do you have more questions?

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Xu Feng, attending physician of breast surgery

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