Want to know the process of conceiving in October?Nine pictures show you the appearance of the fetus in the uterus

Because my lover is working in obstetrics and gynecology, she is reading the book "Pregnancy" recently. I look good. I have selected some pictures for everyone to send it to everyone.The process of breeding life

Each new life has been bred in the female uterus for 9 months. This growth process is a great project that is really amazing in biology.The creation of life is incredible. Every pregnancy is unique.

During the early pregnancy, the fertilized eggs of single -cell cells were bed inside the uterus, and the embryo that was small but could recognize the human shape was developed. At this time, the main organs had developed.

Early eyes can be seen on the 8 -week fetus.Black abdomen is a developed liver

By 12 weeks, a small outer ear can be seen on the side of the fetal head, and the separated fingers and toes have also been formed.

At the end of the early pregnancy period, the fetus has a human form, and the main organs have formed

Middle pregnancy is the period of continuous growth and development of fetus.At this time, all the system system has been formed, but the fetus has no ability to survive independently.

This three -dimensional ultrasonic image shows a 13 -week fetus being touched with his hands with his hands.At this time, the joints of the fetus have been formed, which can be used for a series of movements.

This picture shows a 5 -month -old facial development characteristics of fetus, and the eyelids of the fetus are bonded together until the third trimester.

At the end of the pregnancy period, the proportion of the fetus changed, and the head torso and both lower limbs accounted for 1/3 of their length.

The late pregnancy is a period of maturity and rapid growth. By 40 weeks of fetal organs, the organs of the fetus have matured and can live independently.

The 33 weeks of fetal pregnancy in this two -dimensional ultrasound image is becoming increasingly narrow, and he can see his nose pressing the placenta.

This three -dimensional color Doppler image shows that a full -moon fetus is rubbing his eyes. Now his eyes have been opened and sensitive to light, although he cannot focus.

At 40 weeks of pregnancy, the organs have matured, eyelashes, eyebrows, and nails are both. Now the fetus can live outside the palace.

Tips: Why is pregnancy called "October"?Starting from ovulation, the average pregnancy time is 266 days, that is, 38 weeks.For the sake of simplicity, it is usually 2 weeks earlier, so the average time is 280 days, that is, 40 weeks. It is used to "October".

Both this article and pictures are taken from the book "Pregnancy" of Shanghai Science and Technology Publishing House

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