Want to eat garlic to sterilize, but it takes stomach cancer?The truth about anti -cancer food is it

Garlic has a special taste, but no matter whether it is south and north, it is still the heart of many people.

In addition to being a soul with a variety of foods, it is also a magical food in the eyes of many people: sterilization, anti -tumor, lowering blood pressure …

Uncle Li (pseudonym), 63 years old, has always had stomach pain. In recent years, the symptoms have become more and more obvious. The family advised him to quickly do a gastroscopy. As a result, he showed that he had atrophic gastritis and gastric ulcers after going to the hospital for examination.Pymiophylls.

The doctor suggested that Uncle Li will immediately carry out the root era treatment of Helicobacter pylori.

However, Uncle Li’s heartache money, so he was smart, thinking that garlic can sterilize. Isn’t this Helicobacter pylori also bacteria, so Uncle Li decided to eat garlic!

After returning from the hospital, Uncle Li basically had a few raw garlic, and he felt very good.

After eating it for more than 3 months, Uncle Li suddenly felt a strong stomach pain for a day, so he hurried to the hospital for a review. As a result, Li Shu was shocked. He had been diagnosed with early gastric cancer.

Isn’t it that garlic can sterilize and anti -tumor?Uncle Li was wondering, how did you eat garlic and did not work?


There are many benefits to eating garlic raw

Especially sterilization and anti -tumor?

The efficacy of garlic is so much, many people will take garlic as daily homework. Although the garlic is good, it cannot be too "myth."As a ingredient, the effect of garlic is very limited.

Zhu Qin, director of the Nutrition Department of Zhejiang Hospital, introduced that there are a variety of beneficial ingredients in garlic. Under the action of garlic, the garlic has produced garlic.

The sulfur -containing substance, including marsin, can effectively inhibit Gram -positive bacteria and negative bacteria, which can also inhibit Helicobacter pylori that can cause gastric cancer.

However, it should be noted that marsea is not equal to garlic, and the amount of garlic contained in garlic is very small.

In addition, scientific research has found that the number of Helicobacter pylori in the body has not changed.

However, for people with gastritis and ulcers, marsea can inhibit some gastric diseases related to fungi and help patients recover.


Garlic that has been processed

The effect of bacteriostatic effect will be lost

Some experiments found that the processed garlic of sugar garlic, Laba garlic, etc. During the processing process, the nutritional ingredients had degraded or lost, so these garlic basically had no bacteriostatic effect.

In 2006, a foreign study found that the frequency of consumption of garlic was high, and the risk of cancer such as oral cancer and esophageal cancer decreased.

A study by the American "Clinical Nutrition" magazine pointed out that garlic has the effects of protecting the stomach and colon.

A study organized by the Jiangsu Provincial Center for Diseases in China shows that eating garlic twice a week, the risk of lung cancer is reduced by 44%.

All research seems to be that garlic is helpful to fight cancer.

It should be emphasized that the above research is an epidemic survey and research. At present, there is no direct evidence that garlic has a clear relationship with cancer. Besides, cancer is a disease caused by multiple factors.Reliable.


Anti -cancer star food

Is it really effective?

In addition to garlic, there are many "anti -cancer stars", such as okra, onions, broccoli, etc., are resident guests in the "anti -cancer food list".

Most of these so -called "anti -cancer foods" contain beneficial substances. Indeed, some substances reflect their anti -cancer function, but these experiments are basically based on in vitro experiments, not "human experiments".

This means that no one can estimate its effectiveness in dosage issues.

For example, the marton in garlic, under high concentration, has a strong killing effect on cancer cells.But if you want to reach this amount, a person may need to eat a lot of garlic at one time.

Experts said that it is not realistic to expect a single "anti -cancer food" to achieve the purpose of anti -cancer.Healthy life can be the best way to prevent cancer cells from looking for.(Zhejiang Hospital)

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