Wang Sicong’s girlfriend Xiaolong is suspected of getting pregnant!Shopping with photographers followed the whole process, the woman’s identity was picked up

Wang Sicong is a famous player. He has money and background. The speed of changing his girlfriend is faster than that of ordinary boys to change clothes!From sweet hatred, to Shen Jie, to Yao Xinyi, it didn’t take long for it, and there were some knowledge to eat and play with Wang Sicong.

Don’t look at him so much, there are few real official announcements, as if in his mind, there is no word "marriage" at all, and falling in love is just for pastime time.

Just recently, Mei Mei met Wang Sicong in Shanghai. He was not alone, but with a new girlfriend.What surprised them was that when they saw this girlfriend for the first time, their lower abdomen was bulged, and she was suspected of being pregnant for four or five months.

The woman wore black and white stitching clothes, had long straight hair, and a black mask, and the whole person looked very pure.When she concentrated on choosing things, Wang Sicong silently played his mobile phone behind him.

Before Wang Sicong took the girl out, he either hugged left or right, or the beauty followed him tightly. The girl who talked about this time was not so sticky and had a strong ability to take care of themselves.

Wang Sicong, who had enough play, slowly followed the speed of his girlfriend. The young couple took hands to come to another pile of cosmetics. At this time, everyone found that his girlfriend’s lower abdomen was slightly raised.It will make the belly so big, only one possibility is that the girl is suspected to be pregnant.

She picked up a piece of product and glanced at the frame, and was ridiculed by everyone.In addition to Wang Sicong’s small couple in the video, everyone also found that they brought a photographer and followed by the two of them.

The two came to this shop, just a simple shopping, not to make movies, TV series, variety shows. As for the photographer to follow the whole process?

Everyone has to doubt when I see here, this is a promotional method for Wang Sicong!No wonder he would have clear photos to the Internet no matter who he took out and eat, and it turned out that everyone liked the photographer. Everyone still liked the way of breaking the news.

Netizens knew that Wang Sicong took his girlfriend to go shopping, and went to see Shen Jie’s dynamics as soon as possible, and found that her IP was in Zhejiang, not Shanghai, which means that the woman in the video was not Shen Jie, but a new girlfriend who changed her.So who is this person?The secret identity was finally picked up by everyone.

A person familiar with the matter revealed that Wang Sicong’s new girlfriend’s identity was junior high school. He came out at the age of 15 to mix the society. He was so good -looking by cosmetic changes. Now he has succeeded in a large model and is suspected to be pregnant.Essence

If you think about it, most of the old girlfriends Wang Sicong talked about it. Most of them are online celebrities. In his eyes, the woman only needs to have a high face value and a good figure.of.

I just hope that the silly Wang Sicong will never be deceived by others, or check the children a DNA early, don’t become unjust.

Seeing this, everyone can finally sigh. Wang Sicong finally wanted to open it, and also contributed to the family heach of the family.After talking about so many, no one was pregnant. I really hope that this girlfriend will really be Wang Sicong’s child, so that the Wang family has nothing to worry about. Sicong can also be regarded as an explanation of his parents.

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