Wallopian obstruction leads to infertility. After surgery, 32 -year -old women get their babies

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[Basic Information] Female, 32 years old

[Type of Diseases] Bioplasm tube obstruction

[Treatment Hospital] Qilu Hospital of Shandong University

[Treatment Plan] After admission, pelvic adhesion of pelvic adhesion+bilateral fallopian tubal tube field+hysteroscopic liquid treatment, as well as infusion of cephalosporin sodium combined metronidazole prevention, fluid, and symptomatic treatment.

[Treatment cycle] 8 days, review in January.

[Treatment effect] The patient’s condition has been improved, the patient recovers well, and the puncture port is not red and swollen.

A young woman, full of sadness, came to the clinic to see a doctor accompanied by her husband.Ask the patient for the cause of the consultation, young women lowered their heads. Her husband said: We have not taken contraceptive measures or pregnant in one year. There is no abnormal endocrine in the foreign hospital.At this time, the patient added that she had a regular menstrual rule, and the menstrual flow was normal. It was a bit dysmenorrhea. Occasionally, she felt a faint pain in her lower abdomen. They always wanted to have a child of their own.

After I basically understand the patient’s condition, I conduct a gynecological examination for the patient. There is mild tenderness on the left and right lower abdomen. The remaining obvious abnormalities are obvious. The cause of the patient infertility is caused by the fallopian tube lesions.

After the patient was admitted to the hospital, in order to solve the abnormal lesion of the uterus and accessories, I arranged a gynecological color ultrasound examination for the patient. As a result, the bilateral attachment area was detected and the strip -shaped low echo was located.In order to further clarify the nature of the lesion, understand the development of the fallopian tube and whether it is unobstructed, and conduct the fallopian tubal angiography. The results show that the left tubal umbrella end of the tubal umbrella is expanded. A small amount of contrast agent is scattered into the pelvic cavity and diagnosed with the fallopian tube accumulation.

Because the patient has water accumulation of fallopian tubes and has fertility requirements, it meets the indications of surgery and has no taboos. After admission, I have improved basic tests and examinations for the patients.

The consent of the patients and their families will actively prepare before surgery, and the pelvic adhesion of pelvic pelvic resolution+bilateral fallopian tubal system+hysteroscopic liquid in the pelvic laparoscopy in the whole body.The wall of the pot is widely tightly adhered, the end of the bilateral fallopian tube is closed, and the end of the left fallopian tube is enlarged and thickened.The entire surgery was smooth, returned to the ward, and infused with cephalosporin sodium combined with metronidazole to prevent infection after surgery.

In addition, during the operation, the multi -polypical meat -like tissue was seen in the uterine cavity, which was given the patient’s endometrial lesions. The rapid pathological examination was sent during the operation.

1. Pay attention to rest, reasonable nutrition, and avoid overwork.

2. It is forbidden to sex and take a bath for 1 month after surgery.

3. Keep the skin around the wound dry and prevent infection.

After the patient admitted to the hospital, the pelvic adhesion of the pelvic cavity of the laparoscopy+bilateral fallopian tubal tubes+hysteroscopic liquid therapy, and infusion of cephalosporin sodium combined with metronidazole infection, fluid replenishment, symptomatic treatment, and improved the condition.The patient recovered well, and the puncture port was not red and swollen.

The patient came to the clinic for review 1 month after surgery, everything was normal.After about 5 months of treatment, the patient called me and happily told me about her pregnancy. Listening to the happy tone of her phone, I was full of sense of accomplishment.

1. Due to long -term infertility, patients are prone to nervousness and anxiety. The family should actively enlighten the patient and keep her a good mentality.

2. Eat less spicy and irritating, cool food.

3. Moderate physical exercise to enhance physical fitness.

The blocked fallopian tube refers to the inflammation or other mechanical factors caused by inflammation or other mechanical factors. When the fallopian tube is blocked, it can affect the combination of sperm and eggs or the transportation of fertilized eggs in the fallopian tube.One of the common causes of symptoms.

There are many causes of fallopian tube blockage. It may cause fallopian tube adhesion caused by fallopian tube, congenital anatomical structures and functional abnormalities, and surgical damage. In particular, chronic fallopianitis is the main cause of fallopian tube blockage.Our patient can be seen during the surgery of large oments, attachments, and basin walls of the basin. Considering the chronic fallopian tubeitis and questioning the medical history, the patient does have a history of chronic fallopicitis.Essence

When the fallopian tube is blocked, the treatment of drug treatment and surgical treatment can be selected. Patients with fertility requirements can assist reproductive technologies.After diagnosis of tubal obstruction, targeted schemes are generally treated according to the different parts and degrees of fallopian tubes and degrees of fallopian tubes.If the chronic fallopian tubeitis is blocked mild and the infertility time is short, you can choose conservative treatment first. When the treatment is invalid, the treatment needs to be treated.We know that the patient’s medical history is relatively long and conservative treatment is invalid, so surgical treatment is used.

We should be inspired from this patient. When fallopian tubeitis, we should not delay the condition. We should actively perform diagnosis and treatment to avoid developing into chronic fallopianitis, leading to blocked fallopian tube, and then infertility.

Name: Zhang Lu

Unit: Qilu Hospital, Shandong University

Department: Obstetrics and Gynecology

Title: Indications

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