Wake up: The junior high school daughter is pregnant. The culprit is actually an uncle dating, a painful lesson, whoever lives

Today is the Goddess Day. I wish the goddess in the world here and a happy holiday.Everyone knows that the United Nations has made the important contributions and great achievements of women in the fields of economy, politics and society, and has set up March 8th each year into the "International Women’s Day" on March 8.The term "women" is adult women in our cognition, but Chinese criminal law has special regulations for women, that is, women who are 14 years old are "women" and women under the age of 14They are "young girls".Today’s topic is to start around the "young girl", and the case I shared with you today is also a case I have hosted in person. I hope to give a warning role as a parent.

Caring for girls, make up for children’s anti -sexual assault education lessons


In October 2019, the Mr. Wang’s family was sunny.Daughter Xiaomein, who was studying in the second grade, often vomited recently, and brief fainting appeared, which attracted the attention of the school teacher.After the teacher informed Mr. Wang after Xiaomei’s physical discomfort, Mr. Wang took Xiaomei to check.After inspection, Xiaomei was pregnant.Under her parents’ question, Xiaomei told the man’s name and phone call, and Mr. Wang reported the police for the first time.After the public security filed, the location of the suspect quickly locked and arrested the suspects.

Before the public security filed the case, he asked Xiaomei.At the same time, in accordance with the law, the public security organs need to be present when they ask minors.When the police officer asked Xiaomei for the first time whether he was voluntary with the suspect, Xiaomei claimed that he was forced by the suspect.When the case -handling staff asked Xiaomei for the second time, Xiaomei changed his mouth, which was the relationship between voluntary and suspects. The first time was because he was afraid that his parents would not blame the strangeness.

With the progress of the case, the incidents controlled by the case personnel gradually became clear:

Mr. Wang and his lover are migrant workers in rural areas in other provinces. The two gave birth to a daughter, namely Xiaomei (pseudonym). At the time of the incident, Xiaomei was 14 years old and 13 years old.In order to receive better education for Xiaomei, Mr. Wang also took Xiaomei to Tianjin when Xiaomei went to junior high school and completed the enrollment procedures of a junior high school in Xiqing District.But under the pressure of life, Mr. Wang and his lover often worked from morning to night, so Xiaomei often came alone, and even often at home.In 2019, Xiaomei, who loves to play games, met Zhao, who was in his thirties through a live broadcast platform. Zhao was also a migrant worker to work in the community near Xiaomei’s house.Shortly after the two met through the Internet, they met each other.After meeting, Zhao did not hesitate to buy snacks, game equipment, etc. for Xiaomei. Xiaomei, who was not in the world, quickly agreed to Zhao’s request, and the two sides developed into a "love" relationship.In May 2019, when Zhao learned that Xiaomei’s parents usually arrived home late, they proposed to see Xiaomei’s house.At first, Xiaomei was afraid that her parents did not agree that she did not agree to Zhao’s request, but with Zhao’s repeated persistence, Xiaomei finally took Zhao home.It was this "visit" that became the beginning of sin: the two had a relationship that day and did not take any protective measures.In this way, from May 2019 to July 2019, Zhao Mou and Xiaomei had a total of six relationships, and no protective measures were taken each time.Later, Zhao was afraid that the matter was revealed, so he broke his contact with Xiaomei.Zhao thought that things had passed, but never expected that Xiaomei would be pregnant.As the saying goes, the French Open is restored without leaking. Because of the criminal law, Zhao did not escape legal sanctions!

Court judgment: Strong J crime is established!

After Zhao returned to the case, the police officer handled Zhao repeatedly questioned Zhao, and Zhao honestly explained the details of the case.When the police officer asked whether Xiaomei knew the age of Xiaomei, Zhao clearly answered Xiaomei’s actual age of 13, but Zhao thought that Xiaomei had a voluntary relationship every time, so he did not think that his behavior had constituted a crime.After the investigation of the public security organs, the case was transferred to the procuratorate. After the procuratorate for review, a public prosecution was filed to the Xiqing District People’s Court. In the end, the court ruled that Zhao had committed strong J and sentenced to five years and six months in prison.

by law

Article 236 of the Criminal Law of my country stipulates that the young girl who is less than 14 years old will be punished by strong J and the theory of strong J.According to this regulation, women under the age of 14 are young girls. As long as they have a relationship with young girls, whether young girls are voluntary, they constitute a strong crime.Obviously, Zhao’s behavior has constituted a strong crime of J, and it is the plot of heavy punishment.The judgment made by the People’s Court of Xiqing District is in line with the law.

Teaching painful, who is going on!

The problems exposed in this incident are worthy of consideration!

Causes the bad consequences of Xiaomei pregnancy, which may bring Xiaomei’s childhood shadow.

Xiao Mei’s parents-Xiaomei’s parents neglected and let go of the discipline of Xiaomei. At the same time, she loved Xiaomei Guan less on weekdays. I believe that Xiaomei’s parents have an unprepared responsibility for the incident.Zhao was eventually sanctioned by the criminal law, but it was no longer possible to recover.In today’s society, there are still many people in Xiaomei’s parents. This requires all aspects of the whole society such as schools, parents, to prevent such cases.

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