Vulvar itching repeatedly?Share the summary of vaginitis tongue and Chinese medicine reference medication to improve itching

If you say that the vulva itching is repeated, then you can see it here. Today, Dr. Li tells you what type of vulva itching is and the real reason for repeated attacks.

Hello everyone, I am Dr. Li. I think everyone has also seen many doctors. Many doctors have made some popular sciences.In fact, it may not just be a problem of hygiene and diet. You will find that many people are not very obvious even if they pay attention to hygiene and pay attention to diet. Why is this?

Vaginitis is a relatively common female disease. The current incidence is relatively high, which has a serious impact on women’s body and mental health.What are the causes of itching and vaginal secretions below and increased vaginitis. What are the causes of these symptoms?Is it because there is heat in the body?Or is it because of weak organs?That must be not just for sanitation.Next, Dr. Li told everyone through the tongue image of patients with vaginitis, the real cause of vaginitis, and how to refer to Chinese medicines in the treatment and prevention, how to refer to smoked and washing Chinese medicines, and learn not to take detours.

Or do you feel itching, but the secretion is significantly increased?So what is the reason for different situations?First of all, Dr. Li tells you the real cause of the recurrence of vaginitis is due to the pathological bias of the patient’s liver meridian, weak spleen and stomach, kidney deficiency and kidney deficiency, and lack of qi and blood.

If you have itching vulva, sometimes more and more itchy, leucorrhea increases, the color is also yellowish, there may be odor, there is also a hot, even swollen and painful feeling, and sometimes there will be urination burning, like it is like it, like it likes the hotness, like it is like a burning.In this case, let’s take a look at the tongue of our background fans. This kind of tongue image is characterized by red, a little stabbing on both sides of the tongue, yellow tongue coating. What does this mean?It shows that the liver meridian is damp and humid, and "wet" is a heavy turbid matter. With "heat", it is bet on the uterine cavity. What should I do at this time?We can refer to a Longan Xiegan Pill, which has a good clearing liver fire, dampness and heat.In addition, you can use the two pots to boil a small pot with "copto cypress and bitter ginseng". It is used to smoke, so the effect will be better.

If there is a large amount of leucorrhea, yellow and white colors, thick texture, or accompanied by smelly, there will be a hot feeling below, and always feels irritable, bitter in the mouth, and the appetite is not good.There will be a situation where the stool is not shaped. In this case, we look at the second photo of the tongue. This tongue image is white and greasy tongue coats and the characteristics of clamps. This may be because women are usually emotionally low and love.Small anger and feel depressed, at this time it will cause liver qi depression, so it may also stagnate, and the liver and the spleen and stomach are connected.If there is a problem with the operation, then you will go down and you will come out with a large amount of leucorrhea and thick quality. At this time, we can use Dan Zhen Xiaoyao to scatter it, and it will have a good relieving liver and relieving depression and clearing heat.The role of stop band.

If you don’t feel the vulva itching, but there are so many leucorrhea, and it is clearly like water, and there is no odor, and it feels bad appetite. It is very tired and dizzy.Pain, like this, let’s take a look at the third tongue. What is the characteristic of this tongue?Do you feel that the tongue is fat and white, and it looks a bit bloody?This situation shows that kidney deficiency is the problem of kidney deficiency. What is kidney qi? It has the effect of solidification, promotion, and defense. Once you lose the solid camera of kidney qi, the water fluid is damp down, and the above situation will occur. What should I do at this time?We can refer to a Jintui Shenqi Pill to play the role of warm -up kidney yang and the morale water stop belt.

So do you understand the cause of vaginitis?It is necessary to pay special attention to the absolutely prohibited life of husband and wife during treatment, while not eating spicy and cold foods.

Okay, today’s sharing is here. What do you want to say about Chinese medicine you want to know? You can comment on me. I will answer them one by one. If you like it, please like it for three seconds. Pay attention to the forwarding collection. I amChinese medicine Li Mengyang

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