Vomiting during pregnancy makes expectant mothers suffer, and fifteen methods can help pregnant mothers effectively alleviate pregnancy vomiting

Bringing life is something happy to make every woman feel happy, but it is difficult during pregnancy.Vomiting during pregnancy is one of the small troubles.

So, does pregnancy vomiting affect pregnant mothers and fetuses?What should we do to reduce pregnancy?Today, let’s take a look.

First of all, let’s learn about some knowledge about pregnancy.

Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy is a common phenomenon. Epidemiological surveys show that the prevalence of nausea is 50-80%, and nausea and vomiting are 50%.The recurrence rate of nausea and vomiting after pregnancy ranges from 15 to 81%.

Not all pregnant women have symptoms of nausea and vomiting.It is not that the same woman is pregnant or has no pregnancy every time.

In fact, pregnancy vomiting has little effect on the health of mothers and fetuses.Even if it is very severe vomiting during pregnancy, the vomiting of pregnancy, or there are a few serious cases of hydrolyzed disorders, there are cases of death due to vomiting.For the fetus, the vomiting of pregnancy drama has nothing to do with the mortality of siege and neonatal.At the same time, there are even studies that the abortion rate of pregnant women with nausea and vomiting during pregnancy is lower than that of ordinary pregnant women.

Having said that, everyone’s mother -in -law will relax, don’t worry too much, as long as it is not during pregnancy, it is basically no dangerous.In fact, the most impact of pregnancy vomiting on mothers is that it will increase the risk of depression and anxiety during pregnancy, and anxiety and stress will in turn to aggravate pregnancy.So don’t be anxious.

After understanding the pregnancy, what should I do if I vomit?

1. Start with prevention first

Prevention should start with prevention.

Studies have shown that taking vitamins, especially during pregnancy, can reduce the incidence and severity of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

If you do not prevent it in advance, taking vitamin B12 during pregnancy or combined with Dopsicain to treat nausea and vomiting during pregnancy is also safe and effective.

2. What are the specific methods of alleviating pregnancy?

Changeing diet has a great role. It is often recommended that you eat a small amount every 1-2 hours to avoid often satiety.Other possible dietary adjustments include avoid spicy or high -fat foods; if there is morning spitting, it is also helpful to eat light or dry foods before.

A study shows that protein diet is more likely to reduce nausea and vomiting during pregnancy than carbohydrates or fat meals.

You can also reach a certain role by changing your own living environment and psychological state.For example, reducing your own psychological pressure, studies have shown that psychological pressure and pregnancy are correlated during pregnancy.At the same time, avoid excessive sensory stimulation, such as noise, heat, humidity, and so on.Appropriate exercise can not only regulate gastrointestinal function, but also relax.

Studies have shown that ginger has certain benefits to reducing symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, which can be said to be a good non -drug choice.

Next, I will briefly talk about a few specific coping methods.Let every day a beautiful start.If you get up early in the morning, you will not be uncomfortable and do not take appropriate measures, it is likely uncomfortable all day.To make the stomach feel good when breakfast, you have to eat something before going to bed, so as not to wake up, the stomach is empty.After getting up in the morning, I would have a breakfast immediately.Record disgusting food.Reserve a copy of the food that makes your stomach uncomfortable, and you must also record the food you like to make you comfortable.Then put it at hand, and chew a few mouthfuls at any time when you are uncomfortable.Common suspicious elements that cause nausea: cauliflower, MSG food, fried food, greasy food, high -fat food, onion, spicy food.Eat more foods that make the stomach comfortable.① Eating foods with nutrition and digestion can quickly pass the stomach, such as soup water, fruits, yogurt, etc.② Eat foods with high nutritional density, such as avocado, kidney beans, cheese, fish, nuts, whole grain noodles, brown rice, etc.If the vitamins during pregnancy can cause nausea, try to eat it at noon, and it is best to eat foods with high moisture content after meals.You know, dehydration and constipation will aggravate nausea.Eating less meals is king.Hypoglycemia can cause nausea. The traditional diet of three meals a day is not suitable for pregnant women. The more easy -to -digest diet mode is to eat six meals, and the amount per meal is less. This is especially useful for expectant mothers who have no appetite.Taking less meals all day with nutritious snacks, which can satisfy your stomach and maintain stability of blood sugar.Choose how to sip.Taking mixed food all day will give you the beautiful feeling of "easy in and out". Mixed foods are easier to digest and ensure sufficient water. You must know that dehydration will aggravate the disgusting feeling.EssenceThis is a good time.Sucking will make saliva a lot. If the stomach that is retched can speak, they will definitely ask you to continue to supply saliva, because for gastrointestinal mucosa, saliva is like healthy juice, saliva can relieve gastric acid, and give the duodenal intestine.Put on the protection, try a variety of different lollipops, such as lemon sugar, choose those who are most suitable for you, carry some with you.Go outside for dinner.It is not necessary to eat in a hotel, but to eat in an open space outdoors. The key to overcoming nausea and other discomfort during pregnancy is not to think about them, go out, enjoy the sound and natural voice, and help your mind to overcome the intestine.Hear it first.If you know what fragrance can cause nausea, it is wise to avoid things that exude those fragrances. If the smell when cooking makes you uncomfortable, then make some foods freeze, or temporarily reduce the requirements. Buy more convenient foods.When you go out or go to work, you must bring what you can eat. When the hunger strikes, if there is no good food, the nausea will definitely arrive.relieve pressure.Some nerves of the brain are connected to the nerves of the stomach and intestines, so when you feel uneasy, your stomach cannot be settled, reminding yourself that no matter what before giving birth, your baby most needs a happy and energetic mother.Comfortable to wear.Do not continue to wear zipper, buttons, or clothes that are buckled. They will make you feel too tight, restrained, uncomfortable. Any clothes that compress your belly, waist or neck are annoying and will cause nausea.Sleep as much as possible.Fortunately, the increase in sleep needs is exactly the same as the morning vomiting stage. At least you can rely on sleep to bring some breathing time. It is best to read some relaxed books or make relaxation before going to bed, which can help fall asleep as soon as possible.Try acupoint and press.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that pressing 5 cm forearm above the wrist crease can reduce the nausea and vomiting experiments in pregnancy and other circumstances (such as seasickness), and it can also prove that the method of pressing this acupoint is safe and effective.Put your eyes on the reward.Let the people around you are good at encouraging and supporting others, describe your child when you are pregnant, try to emphasize the positive part. If one day you feel that everything is out of control.Remember, this will pass.Adjust a comfortable posture.It seems that nausea and vomiting are not enough. Many Ma Ma are also accompanied by the heartburn of the morning vomiting. For the heart -burning, the best stars of gravity, keep upright after a meal, or the left side of the left side keeps the entrance of the stomach higher than the entrance of the stomach is higher than thatThe location of the exit allows the gravity to help you reduce the return flow. You may also need to sleep on a 30 ° wedge -shaped pad to raise your head.Control to relieve disgusting sweets.Stress can cause nausea, and eating sweets can cause the brain to release the pressure relieving agent. Therefore, occasionally try to ignore the nutrition label, eat those sweets that can stop nausea, record those sweets that will not make the stomach uncomfortable and not too garbage, andDon’t eat too much.

3. Identify the vomiting during pregnancy and seek medical treatment in time

Ordinary vomiting during pregnancy is different from vomiting during pregnancy.Excessive severe pregnancy spitting requires treatment, but general vomiting during pregnancy can not be treated, or to improve your symptoms by adjusting life and diet.

If there are symptoms of vomiting and nausea, especially if you feel difficult to tolerate, it is recommended to seek help from a doctor.Although pregnancy vomiting can not be treated, the drama during pregnancy is dangerous, which will cause severe electrolyte disorders and even endanger life. Although there are few reports before, it is not equal to impossible.

The above is some knowledge about pregnancy. I hope it will be helpful to all pregnant mothers.

I am Huaishan, focusing on the health knowledge of maternal and infants. Welcome to praise and help children grow up healthy.

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