Vomiting during pregnancy is really "suffering," pregnant mothers do not nervous, these small tricks can easily alleviate

Why do people often say that they are arduous in October?The nausea and vomiting in the early pregnancy made the expectant mothers suffer.Not only can the scent of the meals be smelled, but the foods are spit out until the gastrointestinal and intestines are coming out.

Fortunately, the expectant mothers may vomit once or twice a day, and the appetite will be much better in the middle and late pregnancy.However, many expectant mothers are not so lucky. Not only will they vomit after three meals a day, sometimes it may cause discomfort, and such a day may continue during pregnancy.Some even rely on nutrients to maintain their bodies because of pregnancy.

Some people will say, "A pregnancy, how exaggerated is it."Perhaps only the expectant mothers who have experienced have understood the bitterness in it.

Xiaoqin is a girl who likes fitness. She often runs on weekdays and is very strong.I became pregnant shortly after marriage.Girlfriends sitting together and instructed Xiaoqin to prepare psychological preparations for nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.Xiaoqin believes that the pregnancy reaction is a girl with a weak body.

Until more than a month of pregnancy, Xiaoqin began to have a pregnancy reaction, and he started to smell the aroma of the meal. Later, he spit three meals a day, and stopped from the food in the stomach.

In such days, not only can we not insist on daily exercise, but also normal work and life have been affected. Xiaoqin has to ask for leave at home to recuperate.

I thought it would be better in the first three months.Why did you think that Xiaoqin’s pregnancy did not end until the baby was born.In such a pregnancy experience, Xiaoqin still had a lot of heart in retrospect.

A few months before pregnancy, pregnant mothers have a pregnancy reaction. This is normal, mainly due to the impact of progesterone levels.Due to the disorders of estrogen in the body after pregnancy, there will be some reactions such as nausea, vomiting, and sleepy.

These are normal pregnancy reactions. Generally, these symptoms will disappear or significantly reduce after three months.However, because of everyone’s physical condition, some people have the same time during pregnancy and have no symptoms of discomfort.

① Eat less and eat hard

In the usual dietary habits, pregnant mothers should not eat until they are hungry, or they feel that they eat well.If you are hungry and eat, it will cause the blood sugar content in the human body to fluctuate and fluctuate more, making the disgusting response more obvious.

In this way, it is recommended that pregnant mothers eat less and eat diligently, that is, we usually eat less and eat, and eat seven or eight full at a time, and do not let the stomach be hungry.You can eat it every two hours, and always have some soda biscuits, bread or your favorite snacks.

② After meals, take tonic

Most pregnant mothers, in order to be nutritious during pregnancy and the health of the baby, they will take some nutritional supplements, such as calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and other vitamins.

pay attention:

After taking the iron -containing supplement, gastrointestinal discomfort, nausea, and vomiting will occur.

Therefore, don’t take it on an empty stomach. It is recommended to take iron -containing supplements half an hour after a meal.

If the pregnancy reaction is very serious, a supplement to a section of iron can be suspended appropriately.

③ Eat more foods rich in vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is clinically used to treat drug vomiting drugs, but if you need to take vitamin B6 alone, you must follow the doctor’s advice.For pregnant mothers with mild pregnancy vomiting, you can eat more foods containing vitamin B6 to relieve.

Such as chicken, fish, animal offal, oats, wheat bran, malt, peas, soybeans, peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, bananas, cantaloupe, longan, melon, loquat, etc.

④ Avoid foods that are too acidic, spicy, and heavy smell

After pregnancy, the estrogen in the body will rise, which will make the taste more sensitive.Therefore, the sour, spicy, and heavy foods will make it difficult for pregnant mothers to "picky" taste buds, and it is difficult to digest these foods.Therefore, in order to alleviate pregnancy, it is recommended that the pregnant mother’s diet must be light and nutritious.

⑤ Smell lemon

The fresh fragrance of lemon and sour flavor can reduce the pregnancy of many pregnant mothers.You can usually drink some lemonade, or often smell the fragrance of lemon.

⑥ Dynamic attention, exercise appropriately

Pregnant mothers can often go out to go shopping with their sisters, watch movies, etc. As long as they like things, don’t be lazy, so that you can divert your attention and reduce anxiety about pregnancy.Exercise properly is not only good for your health, but also makes your mood happy.

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No matter how serious the pregnancy reaction is, we must maintain a happy mood and go out to make friends, because our purpose is to give birth to a healthy baby.Therefore, every pregnant mother is great!

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