Vaginitis still affects the rate of surrogacy?It’s true!

Pregnancy is a happy thing for every family, but it is not so easy to get pregnant, especially in this era of stress, pregnancy is becoming more and more difficult. Some have taken contraceptives.After that, I can still get pregnant, and some, for a long time, I can’t conceive!As a result, the threshold for infertility clinics was almost broken by people!

The woman contributed an egg, and the man gave a sperm. As long as they successfully combined into a fertilized egg in the fallopian tubes, and then took the tubal "Shunfeng" to enter the museum bed, they completed the process of conception.This seemingly simple process is difficult to complete, because in this process, as long as there is a link from being disturbed by such factors that may directly cause conception to fail.Common interference factors are sperm quality, ovarian function, fallopian tube, endometrial quality, gynecological diseases, and so on.What we want to say today is the effect of vaginitis in gynecological inflammation on pregnancy.

People will have a cold because of weak resistance. When some germs invade the human body, they can’t resist, and they will suffer from a cold.The same is true of vagina. When it is infected with germs, it will be inflamed, called "vaginitis"!Sperm will pass a level before combining with eggs, that is, the vagina.And the vagina is also the only way to enter women’s body!If the sperm enters the vagina, it happens that women suffer from vaginitis, then sperm will damage soldiers before encountering eggs, which will make the chance of pregnancy lower and lower!

Under normal circumstances, the vaginal environment is acidic. In such an environment, microorganisms in the vagina can survive and jointly maintain the balance of the vagina environment.The semen itself is weak and alkaline, just as the acidity of neutralizing the vagina, so the sperm can pass through the vagina smoothly.

If vaginitis is suffered from infection, the environment in the vagina will change, from the original acidity to alkaline, and the acid or alkali environment is easy to kill sperm.Therefore, after the selection of the "vaginal" level, there are not many sperm left, even if it is lost, the hope of pregnancy is even more slim!

The main cause of vaginitis is that after the invasion of the germs, the infection was inflamed!Therefore, we must pay attention to hygiene in daily life. You must clean it before and after sex; do not share toiletries with others, even couples.Change underwear, don’t wear tight pants, don’t sit for a long time.

In addition, many women will go to the pharmacy to buy some anti -inflammatory drugs when they find itching and discomfort.In fact, this approach is unsafe.In the case of not being clear about the cause of vaginal itching, abuse of some anti -inflammatory drugs, antibiotics are likely to change the pH of the vagina, destroy the inner environment of the vagina, cause vaginitis or other more serious diseases!

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