Uterine fibroids are too small, do not care, wait for it to grow surgical resection?Traditional Chinese Medicine: It is recommended to condition as soon as possible

"I want to remove it while the fibroids are small. Why have it been surgery until it grows up? Isn’t it early and early treatment? Is it possible to deal with uterine fibroids?Suggestion! "

Many patients have such questions clinically. After checking the uterine fibroids, they want to treat them as soon as possible. The doctor glanced at less than 5 cm. It is recommended that patients do regular B ultrasonic examinations every six months.EssenceSo I do n’t understand why Western Medicine has to wait until the uterine fibroids grow up to perform surgery?

The reason is nothing more than two points. One is that the symptoms are not serious. Without affecting daily life, there is no need to perform surgery. It is only necessary to take a regular review.It is very difficult, because there are many lesions and different fibroids, and some large fibroids are easy to find and solve, but the particularly small ones may be missed and processed without thorough treatment. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to perform surgery for fibroids.

In fact, this treatment method has some shortcomings.

During the follow -up observation, if nothing is done, uterine fibroids are likely to gradually grow up;

Drug treatment is basically hormone therapy. For long -term drugs, drugs that take hormones can cause female endocrine disorders, thereby inducing other diseases;

Finally, surgery is treated. Although surgery can quickly relieve the pain, it has not eliminated the entire pathological environment. It will recur after a long time and continue to remove it.Some patients are weak in their bodies, and they may take half a year after surgery to return to normal physical fitness. People with poor constitution may take longer.

Uterine fibroids are more common in gynecological diseases. The prevalence of women with age -age period is as high as 25%. It is a benign tumor formed by the proliferation of uterine smooth muscle tissue. It is generally believed that estrogen is the main cause of stimulating fibroids.Symptoms are menstrual abnormalities, changes in leucorrhea, and swelling of the abdomen.The existence of fibroids will also cause some harm to the human body:

1. Cause adhesion or inflammation

Uterine fibroids squeezing the intestine can cause intestinal adhesion, inflammation of uterine fibroids infected with intestinal bacterial bacteria, and can cause pyogenic inflammation of the uterine attachment.

2. Infection and purulent

The long -term uterine fibroids will squeeze pelvic congestion, which will severely cause infection, causing uterine fibroid tissue to form a certain cyst.

3. Faber ionization

Severe seminal uterine fibroids can form a free state, causing uterine inflammation, deformation, and distortion.

For uterine fibroids, Chinese medicine is recommended to condition as soon as possible.The first is that the pathological environment of the body can be adjusted; the other is that it has certain advantages compared to Western medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that uterine fibroids belong to the category of symptoms, and blood stasis is the root cause of it.Due to the dysfunction of the liver, spleen, and kidney dirt, the cold evil enters the uterus by deficiency, which combines blood stasis and condenses with internal wetness, and finally forms fibroids in the uterus.TCM syndrome differentiation can take into account the menstrual cycle, which can achieve the dual effects of eliminating tumor elimination and menstruation. Even if the tumor is small, it can be adjusted by improving the pathological environment.

Starting from the overall traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, you can do syndrome differentiation and one person. It is generally not easy to relapse after fibroid root treatment. During the conditioning process, it does not affect the patient’s daily activities, and the side effects are relatively small. To a certain extent, surgery can be made up for surgery treatment.Insufficient.Although the cycle is longer, the results will get better and better.

It is found that the smaller uterine fibroids do not have to wait for it to grow up. You can find Chinese medicine to regulate in time to eliminate the living environment of the pathogenesis to eliminate fibroids.In addition, it is necessary to do daily protection, timely soothe stress, improve bad eating habits, rules of rest, pay attention to controlling weight, and pay attention to some abnormal signals from the body.

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