US media: Studies have found that the length of pregnancy may affect the child DNA

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 3rd, New Media Specialized, said that researchers at the Caroline Medical College of Sweden and a international team jointly drafted the relationship between the length of pregnancy and DNA chemical changes of more than 6,000 newborn.Every week during pregnancy, dNA methylation changes involving thousands of genes involving thousands of genes are detected.The results of the research were published in the magazine of Genome Medicine.

According to the US daily scientific website reported on March 2, premature birth, that is, less than 37 weeks of pregnancy, is very common.5%to 10%of children in the world are premature.Most prenatal infants will develop and grow normally, but premature birth is also related to breathing and lung diseases, eye problems and neurological disorders.For very early premature babies, the situation is especially true.During the fetal period, the apparent genetic process, that is, the chemical modification of DNA, is very important for controlling development and growth.One of the apparent genetic factors is DNA methylation, which then affects the degree of gene activation and the degree of specific protein formation.

The first author of the research report, the doctoral student of the Department of Clinical and Education of Caroline Medical College Simon Kayber Meride, said: "Our new discovery shows that these DNA changes may affect the development of fetal organs."

It is reported that most of the DNA methylation observed at birth often does not last until childhood, but among 17%, the level of DNA methylation from birth to adolescence is completely stable.Therefore, the level of methylation of certain genes changes with age.

Professor Eric Merren at the Department of Clinical and Education of Caroline Medical College said: "At present, we need to study whether these DNA changes are related to the health of premature babies."

Objective genetics is a popular research topic that connects genes, environment and health.This study was conducted in the International Research Group (PACE) of International Pregnancy and Children, representing the results of 26 research.Professor Mei Lun’s research team also contributed the first PACE research report. The report showed that smoking during pregnancy will change the DNA of the newborn and bring two PACE research on air pollution.The results of the study show that it is related to diseases such as asthma, allergies and obesity, and even aging.

Meilun said: "We hope that our new discovery will help gain valuable knowledge about the development of the fetus, and in the long run, it will provide new opportunities for better care of premature babies to avoid complications and health.Negative Effects."

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