urgent!I found that I was pregnant after taking the medicine. Can children ask?

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Recently, Jian Shijun saw a few news one after another, and after reading it, it was really anxious and angry:

1. One and 27 -year -old maternal maternal dysentery, because she wanted her son, took the "rectification medicine" methamphetamine during pregnancy, which caused the original healthy daughter’s genitals to be masculine and became bisexual;

I did n’t come to the case of 2.40 days. I thought it was endocrine disorders. I wanted to treat acne and I took compound pearl acne tablets disabled by pregnant women. After abortion, the woman realized that she was pregnant;

3. A woman does not know she is pregnant. After a cold, she uses a variety of medicines including Libavirin injection. There is a risk of high teratogenic risk. It may be forced to induce labor …

Nursery women do not have common sense of medication, which is the root cause of these tragedies.Yes, the women who use childbearing age are not pregnant women. Generally, women will pay more attention to medication after pregnancy, but they do not know that they are pregnant for young women who are pregnant.Essence

Then, can the child must not ask for the child?

That’s not necessarily.There are indeed some medicines that cause infant malformations, but not all medicines cannot be taken. The most important thing is not to take medicine, but to take any medicine, and what period of the medicine.

When taking medicine during the period will directly affect the embryo.

After taking medicine within 2 weeks after fertilization, early abortion may be caused by mother poisoning, but it is not easy to cause teratogenic, which is often said to be "all" or "none".That is to say, if the cells can be taken 2 weeks before fertilization, the cells can repair the damage to the cell during this period, so as long as the child keeps it, it can continue to develop no abnormalities.

However, 3-8 weeks after fertilization (5-10 weeks of menopause) are the sensitive period of teratogenic, and baby organs are formed. At this stage, they need to be cautious with medication, including health foods, Chinese medicines, and nourishing medicines. Please consult before use. Please consult before use.doctor.If harmful drugs are used, excessive drugs may cause abortion, drugs are harmful but not reached death, and may cause malformations.

In addition, not all drugs affect children’s development, and it depends on what medicine is used.If you do n’t know, you can first read the drug manual. If the drug disabled and the pregnant women are used with caution in the high -sensitivity period, the child may be affected.

Even if you are not pregnant, you need to be cautious.

The Libaweilin (commonly known as "Virus") mentioned earlier, although in many cases, was used as a cold medicine, in fact, the Libavirin oral preparation is only used to combine hepatitis C in adults; the spray preparation is only applicableInfection of severe lower respiratory tract infection caused by hyparotomas (not ordinary upper respiratory tract infections).

In addition, according to Jilian Mei Pharmaceutical’s article, the FDA has a serious warning of the supervision of this medicine. It is required that the pharmaceutical factory is required to marked on the homepage of the pharmaceutical manual with a thick black type. The first of which is to cause teratogenicity to the fetus!Even the treatment dosage of as low as 1%can cause obvious possibility of fetal malformations.Coupled with this pharmaceutical metabolic period, it is particularly long. Therefore, the State Drug Administration recommends that women and sexual partners should avoid pregnancy within 6 months of using this medicine.Yes, my husband can’t eat it either!

There is no need to use this medicine for a cold, and it has extremely high reproductive toxicity, so men and women of childbearing age simply do not use it.

In addition, don’t be superstitious about "tire pills", there is no such medicine at all!

The methyl testoside used in the case is actuallyrogenic drugs, which can cause abnormal development of female fetal reproductive organs.Even if it becomes a male under the action of large -dose androgen, the sex chromosomes are still girls, and the result will become female pseudo -sex deformities.

The deformity caused by the medication will not be further intensified after birth, and some people can still have normal menstruation or even give birth, but many people will be accompanied by hairy diseases, menstrual blood cannot be discharged normally, and hematuria.Psychological pressure.If it is not successfully treated by surgery, it is a major event that affects children’s lifetime.

It is too late to protect yourself during pregnancy. Why take medicine?It ’s all modern society, so let’ s put down the traditional thoughts of men and women.

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