Upper ring contraception, you need to understand these

In the past, the vigorous "family planning movement", many women left the lower abdomen with such a small mouth of one or two centimeters. At first glance, it was the brand of that era.

If you are lucky, you may have a chance to choose:

Women at that time responded to the national call "consciously and voluntarily". The current women in this era, while paying attention to human rights, mistakenly exaggerate the side effects of contraceptive measures.Method of contraception.

Our articles are really diverse in ancient and modern Chinese and foreign contraceptive methods. It tells the advantages and disadvantages of various contraceptive methods. Today we talk about the use of more universal in -palace biocomputers (IUD) in Chinese women, commonly known as "ring".

Eternogical hormones in the palace internal babies, such as Zuo Nuo Peridone IUD (Man Yuele), also have the effect of inhibiting ovulation.

The inert palace internal birthpool (first generation IUD): The earliest "ring" used is made of metal, plastic or nylon, and most of them are currently eliminated.

Active Palace In -the -Africer (second -generation IUD): contains active substances such as metal, hormones, drugs, and magnetism.

Bronze IUD

Pharmaceutical Slow -release IUD

The Manyue Ring is a T -shaped ring of progesterone, as well as a ring containing zinc, magnetic, prostaglandin synthetase inhibitors (吲哚 Meixin) and anti -fibrous soluble drugs.

1. Consult the doctor in advance

1. Exclude the taboo of the upper ring

If you have the following situations, you can’t go to the ring:

Pregnancy or suspicious pregnancy;

Bar reproductive organ inflammation (such as vaginitis, acute chronic pelvic inflammation, cervical acute inflammation, severe erosion of cervical, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.);

Frequent menstruation, many menstrual passage (except for Manuele), or menstrual disorders and irregular vaginal bleeding in the past 3 months;

There are many abortion bleeding, suspected to be residual or infected with pregnancy tissue;

After delivery of labor, childbirth or cesarean section of the mid -term pregnancy, possibilities may be bleeding or potential infection;

Reproductive organs are deformities such as uterine mediastinum, twin uterus, etc.;

Cervical mouth is too loose (except for fixed IUD), severe narrowing, severe old cervical pest mobby or uterine prolapse (more than Ⅱ degree);

Severe systemic diseases, such as heart failure, heart valve disease, medium to severe anemia, blood disease and acute period of various diseases;

The uterine cavity <5.5cm or> 9.0cm (except for the full monthly delivery, after the output of labor or the copper -containing bracket IUD);

There is a history of copper allergies.

If you have the following situations, choose cautiously:

Those with a history of ectopic pregnancy or hydatidal syndrome;

Those with severe dysmenorrhea;

Moderate anemia, HGB <90g/L (except Man Yuele and 吲哚 吲哚 IUD);

Reproductive organ tumors, such as uterine fibroids, ovarian tumors, etc.

Note: If you have not had a gynecological examination in the past, you should improve relevant examinations such as cervical scraping.

2. Choose the in -palace for youth birthday that is suitable for you

If you have endometriosis, you can choose the Man Yuele Ring;

If you have a lot of menstrual flow, you can choose to include Miyin IUD;

If your cervix is relaxed or there is a history of circulating in the past, you can choose a fixed IUD (Gini);

If you are normal, you can choose any type of ring.

3. Choose the right time

The general ring is placed in the clean menstruation for 3-7 days, and there should be no sexual life after menstruation;

IUD with progesterone -containing hormones is placed on the 3rd day of menstruation;

It can be placed immediately after abortion;

After 42 days of natural delivery, the dew was clean, the perineal wound healed well, and the uterus could be placed when the uterus returned to normal;

Putting half a year after the cesarean section;

Natural abortion has been placed after normal menstruation;

Placement of drug abortion after two normal menstruation;

Put as an emergency contraception within 5 days after sexual intercourse.

2. Improve various inspections

Need to complete within 1 week before the ring

Through the routine blood test, there are anemia or infection. If there are severe anemia, or in the period of acute infection, it is not suitable for the ring;

The first five examinations are determined to determine whether there is infectious diseases. If you have infectious diseases, you need to go to the specialist hospital.

Gynecological examination is to clarify whether there are genital inflammation, such as vaginitis, acute pelvic inflammatory disease, etc., you need to be placed after treatment.

Note: If you are on the ordinary ring, it is best to come to the hospital immediately after menstruation. If the secretion is abnormal, after 2-3 days, you will not delay your upper ring this month.If you go to the Moon Moon Ring, the secretion examination should be performed before menstruation.

Some women still need:

3. Signing surgery A consent of Knowledge

None of the above examinations are not abnormal. After excluding the taboos of surgery, the signed consent was signed.

You need to understand the common side effects of the upper ring: irregular vaginal bleeding (the amount of menstruation is increased, the menstrual period is prolonged or a small amount of bleeding). Generally, it can return to normal in 3-6 months.

It is also necessary to understand the complications of the upper ring: ectopic, incarcerated or broken, down or falling off, and pregnancy.

4. Appointment surgery date

On the day of the operation, you need:

The body temperature is ≥37.5 ° C, and surgery needs to be suspended.

Precautions after surgery:

During the review, you need:

Inform the doctor whether there is abdominal pain, low back pain and menstruation (cycle, menstrual period, menstruation and irregular bleeding), etc.;

See the length of the tail wire (if you are on the ring with a tail), the uterus and bilateral fallopian tube ovaries are abnormal;

Routine blood tests to eliminate anemia;

For the first review, you need to do a B -ultrasound or X -ray check to determine whether the ring position is normal and whether it is in the pelvic cavity.

After the Sheung Wan, if you have the following situations, you should consult it at any time:

Menstruation prolonged;

Mentalities (possibilities for pregnancy);

Continuously bleeding or abnormal menstrual abnormalities;

Acute abdominal pain or symptoms of pelvic infection;

IUD out of the IUD (within the first three months after you were in the ring, you must pay attention to whether the ring has fallen off after menstruation or stool)

Increased leucorrhea and odor.

It is enough to understand the knowledge of IUD (ring). If you don’t know if you can choose the upper ring contraceptive, you choose what kind of ring combined, please consult a professional doctor!

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