Unwanted pregnancy how to do?Gynecological visual flow of people to solve your worries ~

accidental pregnancy

Make many young women who do not intend to ask for children off guard

at this time

More women choose abortion surgery to end "accidents"

With the advancement of medical technology

Visual painless people are favored

What is the painless flow of people?

What are you paying attention to before and after surgery?

Lets come look

What is the flow of people?

Under the B -ultrasound’s visual monitoring positioning and short -acting venous anesthesia for patients, doctors quickly and accurately remove the "gestational sac".

What are the advantages of the flow of people?


Patients have no pain and fear

Short operation time

Use short -acting varicose anesthesia

Patients enter the sleep state for surgery

Reduce fear

Safe, painlessness, less bleeding, physical recovery fast


Visual positioning accurate

Through superconducting visual technology

Observe the internal conditions of the uterine cavity on the display screen

Determine the orientation of the gestational sac, accurately determine the point to absorb


High success rate

Saberous surgery in visible state

Prevent uterine perforation, incomplete suction,

Leakage and other complications occur

Short operation time, high success rate


Smaller trauma and fast recovery after surgery

Smaller trauma and fast recovery after surgery

It does not affect the breeding again

Visual flow of people in the palace tissue is small

Avoid postoperative adhesions, infection and other issues

Visual flow surgery adapt to the crowd

Visual painless abortion is adapted to any pregnant woman.

Experts have suggested that women who have never been pregnant or have never had age, or are more sensitive to pain, and some women with poor physical fitness and weakness, once accidental pregnancy, in order to reduce the influence of physical and mentalPainless abortion.

What are the attention before the abortion surgery?


The right time for abortion surgery

The best time to flow is 40-50 days of pregnancy.At this time, the fetus and the placenta have not yet been formed, and it is easy to suck the tissue of the fetal block.

The operation time is short and less bleeding. You can go home for 1-2 hours after surgery, recover quickly, and have a small impact on the body.


What should be understood before surgery

Preoperative examination: The items for painless abortion were checked, blood examination, inflammatory examination, leucorrhea routine examination, ECG, liver examination, etc.

If inflammation is available before surgery, anti -inflammatory treatment should be performed to avoid infection.

The abortion needs to take a bath the night before, change the clean underwear;

The dressing is as loose as possible, which is convenient to wear and take off (self -proving sanitary napkin or toilet paper);

Avoid sexual life within one week before surgery;

Fasting before surgery, about six hours of water;

When the body temperature exceeds 37.5 ° C, it should be changed for surgery;

Patients must follow the doctor before surgery to cooperate with the doctor, but they are nervous.

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