Unveiled: How does contraceptives prevent women from getting pregnant?


Time of passion



A troubles are in front of the front:

What to do if pregnant?

In order to avoid the tragedy of life

At this moment you can only have the hope of saving

Strive on emergency contraceptives


A variety of progesterone contraceptives widespread in China

So you will become your savior

Although its effective use time is within 72 hours

But the longer the time is dragging

The higher the probability of failed contraception

So, 2 hours later

You immediately swallowed the pill just now

Under the stir of the stomach and the stomach wall

Just 10 minutes later

This one has been digested by you 50%

After about 1 hour

Its ingredients reached the peak in your blood

Subsequently, under the effort of the heart

These ingredients through blood vessels, in a very short time

The place where it is most needed:

Hill brain and pituitary

Hulkin brain is the endocrine regulation center of the human body

Hentacle is the main endocrine glands of human beings

They jointly dominate human body

Growth, development, metabolism and reproduction

But the progesterone in contraceptives

Can simulate the role of luteumorine

December brain and pituitary

As a result, they are mistaken for the human body

State of pregnancy or upcoming pregnancy

So I started to inhibit the secretion of estrogen

As a result of the eggs in the word boudoir

I can’t get a signal of marriage

Can only continue to stay in the follicles

So if there is no egg, there is no egg

Then sperm is naturally lonely

But this time you are more unlucky

Moglobin has not yet come and spread false news

The ovary has discharged the eggs in advance

Move on the side of the fallopian tube

Waiting for the appearance of sperm

Hundreds of millions of sperm in the vagina

After a round of massacre in an acidic environment

After only a small part left

I came to the cervical mouth

As a result, I found that there was a dead road ahead

It turns out, at the cervical mouth

Originally responsible for receiving sperm mucus

Under the action of progesterone

It becomes very sticky at this time

A few lucky sperm who rushed here

Almost all of them have fallen into the quagmire

But this change in the cervix

Can’t absolutely isolated sperm

Occasionally there are individual sperm

You can also get over difficult and dangerous

The successful combination of the fallopian tube and the egg

Go to this step

Basically announce the failure of this contraceptive

Although there is still a rejuvenation

Can act on the endometrium to make it thinner

Foundation directly affecting embryonic development

As a result, the fertilized egg has nowhere to settle down

But this impact is very effective

In fact

The contraceptive rate is only 57%to 93%

The earliest success, the higher the rate

Once more than 36 hours

The success rate is very low

If the fertilized egg is bed, once I bed

Then it is basically a lack of technique back to heaven

So it takes no more than 72 hours to take the time

As a hormone drug

There are many Zuo Nuo Nuogu ketone

Other side effects have positive ones:

Can alleviate dysmenorrhea, headache physical discomfort during menstruation

Reduce menstrual and menstrual duration

The negative effects are:

Causes nausea and vomiting, menstrual disorders, breast tenderness

It can even affect emotions and cause depression!

At the same time, heart disease, hypertension,

Hyperthyroidism, diabetes, liver and kidney function insufficient women

If you use contraceptives

There will be different degrees of danger

So women over 40 years old

It is generally not recommended or forbidden to use contraceptives

The most important thing is

Contraceptives cannot avoid the spread of infectious diseases

In recent years

As the social atmosphere is getting more open

AIDS, syphilis, condyloma acuminatum, etc.

Infected people are becoming more common

If you really love

You should use a safer condom

Instead of unnecessary pleasure

And overdrawn partners good health

One minute of Ph.D., the posture continues to rise

-The end of this issue-

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