Unveil the fetal growth week, and the prospective mothers want to know here!15 weeks

Update to the 14th week yesterday, continued today.Seeing the enthusiastic forwarding and collection of many mothers in the background is also the motivation I insist on writing.Only original and non -confused. If you like it, you can click on the upper right corner to follow me.

In the previous article, the birth of a new life is very difficult.The process of mother’s pregnancy is long and sweet. Even if you have not met, you can perceive the growth of your baby and harvest each mother’s joy.

15 weeks of pregnancy: Apple

You may be a little pregnant this week.Well, now the baby is almost as big as the apple, about 10 cm long, and the growth momentum of TA is getting stronger and stronger!The limbs and joints begin to move, and the baby may snoring.The weight is about 70 grams.

16 weeks of pregnancy: pear

Your little baby is growing. If the size of the fruit is compared, TA is as large as the pear, with a length of 11.6 cm.About 100 grams of weight.The thin bones, hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, and taste buds in the ears are formed.

17 weeks of pregnancy: ginger

Ginger, yes!This is the size of the 17th week, about 13 cm in length and weighing about 140 grams.TA’s skeletal system has become stronger, the umbilical cord is thicker and stronger, and fat begins to accumulate.

18 weeks of pregnancy: Pepper

Do you feel the fetal movement?Maybe the stomach will be a bit floating, it may be that the baby swims around in his stomach.At this time, the TA was 14.2 cm in length, a bit like a big pepper, you can truly feel that TA is in your uterus!The baby will do, snoring, sucking, swallowing, twisting, hitting, kicking, and winding.The baby looks longer, but it is still in the shape of the body.

19 weeks of pregnancy: tomato

This is the best time for pregnancy. With the disappearance of pregnancy, you can easily live. This week, the baby is about 15.3 cm long and weighs 240 grams, like tomato size.TA’s muscle and skeletal structure grows, formation of fetal fat, and five senses are developing.

20 weeks of pregnancy: banana

It is an important week. This week, the baby is about 16.4 cm long, like a banana.The baby’s weight is about 300 grams, and the taste buds begin to work.

21 weeks of pregnancy: carrot

At this time, the baby’s body was about 26.7 cm in length, which was similar to carrots, and he weighed about 360 grams.

22 weeks of pregnancy: cucumber

At this time you will find that TA is active at some time during the day, and TA is sleeping at other times.So how big is your sleeping beauty (handsome guy)?As big as cucumber!The baby is 27.8 cm in length and weighs about 430 grams.TA’s eyes and lips formed.

23 weeks of pregnancy: Mango

Now, the baby is 28.9 cm in length, like a big mango.At this time, TA can hear your heartbeat and sound, so from this time, expectant mothers must pay attention to their words.By the end of 23 weeks, the baby weighed about 500 grams.

24 weeks of pregnancy: corn

The short period of harmony is almost over again. At this time, the baby is about 30 cm in length, as large as the corn, and now it looks almost human.By the end of 24 weeks, the weight was about 600 grams.If it is a premature infant, you can also survive carefully outside the mother.

25 weeks of pregnancy: cabbage

Now, the baby has begun to play.At this time, the size of the TA was 34.6 cm, such as Swedish cabbage.The baby weighs 660 grams, and the fat and hair are constantly growing.

Is it amazing?I will update the baby’s growth cycle from 26 to 40 weeks of pregnancy tomorrow. I like it to pay attention, haha!I hope that all mothers are happy, and the babies thrive.

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