Unmarried girls have made 17 times in 6 years, and the uterus is as thin as a layer of paper!

In today’s society, people’s thoughts are becoming more and more open. In the face of unmarried first pregnancy and abortion, we have already seen it.

And the current medical technology is very developed. We can always see some advertisements, saying that the pain of people’s flowing is not as much as it feels at all.But in any case, the harm of the flow of people to women is still very great.

Zi Qing is 27 years old this year. She and her boyfriend have been together since the age of 21. Since they are younger at that time, they have tasted "forbidden fruit" after a long time, and they have not taken any measures.Essence

It didn’t take long for Zi Qing to find that she was pregnant, but at the time, both of them were students, and Zi Qing couldn’t give birth to the child, so if there was no way, Zi Qing finally chose to perform abortion surgery.

As usual, Zi Qing should learn lessons after this time, but Zi Qing did not.During the 6 years of dating with her boyfriend, Zi Qing had undergone 17 abortion surgery up and down, and became the "frequent visitor" of the hospital. The doctors in the hospital were very familiar with Zi Qing.

Out of good intentions, doctors advise Zi Qing not to continue like this, because often people are doing people, and now Zi Qing’s endometrium is as thin as paper. It can be said that the entire uterus is scarred.Difficulty.But Zi Qing seemed to be unable to hear anything, and looked at the wall blankly, and only wanted to kill the child.

This phenomenon is really quite a lot in today’s society, and the reason why this phenomenon occurs is directly related to parents’ education.


Postoperative infection

In some unconventional clinics, disinfection is not strict, the equipment is incomplete, the personnel are unprofessional, and various factors are particularly easy to cause mother infection, resulting in postoperative complications, or even infertility.


Endometrial injury

Each improper abortion surgery may cause damage to the endometrium. The more damage, the more severe the damage, and even the uterine perforation.Fortunately, it is also prone to the occurrence of placental implantation, adhesion, and dystocia and postpartum bleeding.



Is the flow of abortion caused dysmenorrhea?Yes, repeatedly expanding the cervical canal can easily cause the cervical tube damage and adhesion, leading to menstrual blood retention, causing endometriosis, leading to dysmenorrhea.


Pelvic disease

Improper abortion increases the chance of uterine cavity infection, and the incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease will also increase. If pelvic inflammatory causes will cause chronic abdominal pain, in severe cases, there will also be the phenomenon of uterine cavity adhesion and menstrual disorders.


Ectopic pregnancy

Infection is accompanied by infection after improper abortion, thereby infection with endometrial and fallopian tube inflammation, and these two are important causes of atomic pregnancy.

Unexpected pregnancy is inevitable for women’s physical and mental and spiritual oppression. If you encounter improper flow of people, it will increase physical and mental harm, so you must prepare before the flow of people.


Use the condom throughout the process

The condom is mainly for men’s contraception. The correct and high contraceptive rate is used, and at the same time, it has the effect of preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.


Oral short -acting contraceptive pill

Small side effects can inhibit ovulation, change cervical mucus properties, and change the normal peristalsis of fallopian tubes, etc., prevent the encounter of eggs and sperm, correctly take contraceptives to 99%, and have additional effects such as menstrual and acne.


Place the in -palace

Commonly known as "Shang Ring", it is the main contraceptive measures for women of women in my country.There are many types of ring, and individual women have increased menstruation, extension of menstruation, and menstrual abdominal pain, which can generally return to normal after taking the ring.There are some drug rings that can also treat more menstruation and uterine adenomy disease.It should be noted that the upper ring and the ring need to be evaluated by doctors to eliminate taboos.Suitable for the raw women who want to have children for the time being.


Moisturizing or resection surgery

Women who have no fertility plan can consider rising or resection in cesarean section or gynecological surgery.Men can consider ligments of vasters, and the damage is smaller.

I am reading this article


No matter how old you are now

Whether you are married or not

Must learn to love yourself

Establish the correct view of love

Scientific contraceptive

Learn to refuse

Rejection is not puzzling style

It’s not selfish

to a certain degree

It is not only self -protection

Also protect the other party


Should be responsible

Don’t just care about your own feelings

Care for your girl

Take the right contraceptive measures

Don’t be lucky for a while

The result of irreparable

Like may be presumptuous

But love must be restrained

Let love stay away from "accident"

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