Unblocked the fallopian tubes welcome "good pregnancy"

Xiao Ai has been actively preparing for her pregnancy for two years.As time passed, there was still no good news, and the couple came to the hospital for the hospital.After a series of gynecological examinations, the doctor informed Xiao Ai that he could not get pregnant because of the obstruction of the fallopian tube. It was treated with great fertility.After a period of positive treatment, the two finally looked forward to their baby.There are many factors that cause infertility. The most common is fallopian tube problems, accounting for 40%to 60%of women’s infertility.So, which type of fallopian tube problem can be conceived naturally like Xiao Ai after treatment?Let’s first understand several categories that cause tubal infertility.

Three cases lead to fallopian tube infertility


Wallopian tubes are not smooth

This situation is not serious.It is just that the fallopian tubes of some patients are too slim, or the fallopian tubes are adhesive to the wall of the pot and the neighboring organs, and the activity of the fallopian tube will cause the fallopian tube to be unsatisfactory.Most of the fallopian tubes in this case can be born through treatment.Xiao Ai mentioned earlier is such a problem.


Far -end fallopian tube

This situation is mainly caused by the end of the fallopian tube umbrella, which causes the fallopian tube to accumulate water and causes infertility.In this case, the treatment of the tubal umbrella can be treated to finally achieve the purpose of natural conception.


Near -end fallopian tubes are not connected

This situation is also part of the situation of fallopian tube infertility.Some patients can conceive through surgical treatment, and if they are unsuccessful, they must consider other ways to conceive.

Multiple flow can cause the fallopian tube to block


Chronic fallopian tubeitis is common causes of young women in many occurrences of chronic fallopian tubeitis.The pathogenic bacteria are often bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, etc. The most common is bacterial infection.Therefore, when there is no maternity plan, we must strictly take contraceptive measures.

Menstrual life

During the period of love, through blood flow, bacteria in the vagina spread upward through the endometrium, which first caused changes in fallopian tube mucosal inflammation, degenerative changes in fallopian tube epithelium, resulting in tubal mucosal adhesion, which caused tubal blockage, and severe cases caused acute pelvic inflammatory disease.In addition, unclean and frequent history of sexual life can also cause bacterial invasion infections and cause inflammation.

Poor menstrual hygiene

The menstrual period is the time when women’s resistance is the weakest, and at this time, it is vulnerable to external infections.Therefore, the menstrual period should be changed to sanitary napkins, wash underwear, and keep it clean and dry.At the same time, menstrual swimming, soaking hot spring, and sexual life should be avoided.

Pelvic organs infection

If the inflammation of some organs in the pelvic cavity spreads, such as endometritis and appendicitis may cause pelvic cavity infection, which is also one of the causes of fallopian tube blockage.

other factors

Such as congenital dysplasia and endometriosis in the fallopian tubes, and the past or pelvic tuberculosis will also unknowingly affect the fallopian tube, which can cause incubation or adhesion.

Donistor clogging therapy varies from person to person

If infertility caused by fallopian tube factors is considered, the fallopian tubes need to be determined.The degree of blockage is light, and the fluid can be used to dredge the fallopian tube. The blockage is more serious.If the fallopian tube is severely blocked or the tubal stagnation is combined with water, the fallopian tube plastic surgery can be performed by laparoscopic surgery.If the bilateral tubal is still incompatible with treatment, you can only choose to auxiliary reproductive technology to help conceive.

Text: Ma Xiaoxin, Chief Physician of Gynecology, Shengjing Hospital affiliated to China Medical University

Edit: Guan Zhongyao

Review: Cao Zheng

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