Unbelievable: Police notify junior high school girls to give birth at school

On May 24th, it was learned by authoritative channels that in early May, a 16 -year -old girl in Zhaotong, Yunnan, gave birth to a 16 -year -old girl in the school dormitory. After the auntie found it, the school sent it to the hospital.At present, the local county public security bureau has accepted the alarm of family members, and the case is under investigation.(Article Source: Surging News on May 24)

The girl was sexually assaulted by her classmates from her classmates during her school. She did not know that she would get pregnant. It was not until her belly became big every day before she understood that she was pregnant, but she didn’t know what to do.Very helpless.

Seeing this news, I was both heartache and uncomfortable. I was a mother of a 2 -year -old child. I knew that it was not easy for the birth of a child in October.A person who silently bear the fear of the world. Her awareness of the world is not comprehensive. Before walking out of the campus, she has experienced these sufferings that she should not experience.Live in shadows and depression.

Minors are the future and hope of the motherland, and they are also vulnerable groups. They need the care of society and families, especially minors in rural areas. They have fewer channels for their knowledge. Many parents are working in foreign workers.Most of them are cultural knowledge in books, and their legal awareness and gender cognition are very lacking.After being sexually assaulted by these minors, they often dare not tell relatives because they are afraid, which makes them more likely to be the goal of being infringed.

If you want to protect minors to the greatest extent, you need to condense the power of multiple parties.The first is the government. While revising the Protection Law of the Minor, we must also increase the law of the law. It is necessary to carry out various forms of activities to strengthen the legal awareness of minors.Then there are schools, to establish and improve work mechanisms such as preventing sexual assault, campus bullying, etc., especially schools with more left -behind children such as rural and urban and rural areas to strengthen the education of rule of law.Finally, in the family, parents should pay attention to their children, often talk to their children, understand the dynamics of ideology, and make a timely sex science of sexual knowledge.

In fact, the family’s whole -hearted care is the most important. Parents are the closest people of their children. Children naturally believe in their parents. The children will subconsciously imitate their parents’ words and deeds. Parents pass on their body in daily life and give their children’s popular knowledge.For example, gender knowledge, legal knowledge, etc., the effect is very good.Correspondingly, the relationship between close parents and children, so that the children are also willing to talk to their parents after encountering things, especially hurting.

So, I hope that parents in the world will take responsibility, communicate more with their children, and care more about caring for their children. In fact, it is not difficult to do this.I also sincerely hope that minors can grow up healthy and strong, no disease and disaster!

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