Two women appear to say: If you want to get married, you must do a marriage check. The cost of this risk is too heavy

Once, marriage inspection was necessary -the "Regulations on Marriage Registration Management" and the "Regulations on the Management of Marriage Registration" and the "Mother and Child Health Care Law" implemented on June 1, 1995 stipulated that when applying for marriage registration, a pre -marital health checkup must be submittedprove.

However, after the implementation of the "Mandatory Marriage Inspection" in the past, it has been canceled and withdrawn from the historical stage.

So if you do not do a marriage check, you have become a personal choice, but at the same time, choice may also face controversy:

The consent faction believes that "doing marriage inspections can better understand physical conditions and prevent birth defects";

The opposition is, "Do you don’t trust me!"

What would happen if you do n’t have a marriage inspection?

01. The man concealed AIDS before marriage and transmitted it to his wife after marriage

Ms. Song introduced Mr. Huang. When the two were shot, they went into the palace of marriage.Due to the anxiety of receiving the certificate, the two went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register without a marriage inspection.

I thought a happy marriage began. I did not expect that 8 months later, Ms. Song was found out of AIDS.

At this time, Ms. Song, who was covered in the drum, knew that when Mr. Huang was young, he came to Hu Lai and unfortunately diagnosed AIDS, but concealed herself.

Ms. Song did not fight in one place. Although Mr. Huang quibbled in all kinds of sophistry, her divorce was decided, and she also sued Mr. Huang’s corresponding responsibility.

02. Men concealed family medical history, and the son was unfortunately inherited

Ms. Yu in Jiangsu is a marriage inspection. Out of trust, she did not have a marriage inspection when she married her husband. It was not until then she knew that her husband concealed the history of the family’s medical history -hereditary mix dysfunction.

The husband began to get onset at the age of 33, and then he could not take care of himself completely, and completely lost his ability to work.Ms. Yu can only provoke the burden of life alone, and unfortunately, her son also inherited the disease.

After the death of her husband, the son was very angry and was admitted to college. However, it didn’t take long for the son to have the symptoms of the husband at the beginning, and the age of onset was more than ten years earlier than the husband.

Ms. Yu can only provoke the burden of taking care of her son, and when she remembered, she regretted it.If you can insist on marriage, you may not experience this tragic life.

Is it necessary before marriage?Some people think that the marriage check is a manifestation of the responsibility of both parties, and some people think that the marriage check is useless.In fact, marriage checks are necessary.The marriage test has a great effect on mastering better pregnancy and contraception.

First of all, marriage checks can be found in time that some diseases that affect sexual life after marriage in order to correct the treatment as soon as possible; marriage checks can be found in time in the two families of the two families, which is conducive to eugenics.In addition, the marriage examination can also find important diseases and infectious diseases of some organs on both sides to ensure the health of the fetus after pregnancy.

Moreover, if you do a pre -marital examination, maybe you can avoid the following risks:

1. Infectious disease risk

Infectious diseases such as AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis C, and hepatitis C can be spread through sexual life. If there is no marriage examination, it may be difficult to detect in time and leave a posterior trouble.

2. Newborn defects

Studies have shown that after the cancellation of mandatory marriage inspections in my country, my country’s marriage check rate has been reduced, but the detection rate of newborn birth defects has risen.In other words, marriage checks can find family genetic diseases on both sides, which is conducive to eugenics and eugenics.

3. Prevent high -risk factors

Marriage checks are different from ordinary medical examinations and can prevent high -risk factors.Therefore, if you do not do a marriage check, you may be in these risks: increasing the risk of infectious diseases, increasing the risk of defective children, and high -risk professional parents.

It should be noted that the marriage examination is not the same as the general medical examination. The wedding examination items include inquiring the medical history, physical examination, conventional auxiliary examination, and other special examinations.

So, what items do you need to check before marriage?History of the disease of both husband and wife

Including whether the husband and wife have a history of acute and chronic infectious diseases, whether there is a history of mental illness, whether the husband and wife have an important organs and urogenital diseases.Family history of both husband and wife

The first is to exclude both the husband and wife belonging to the direct blood relative or the three generations of blood relatives, and the other is to understand whether there are congenital deformities and other genetic diseases in the family of the husband and wife.

Women’s menstrual history

It is conducive to guiding women to detect ovulation for pregnancy.The history of the remarriage couple’s past pregnancy

Whether it is a man or a woman, if you have adverse pregnancy and history of birth, you should figure out the reason to avoid misfortune again.

Specifically, inspection items include physical examination, main organs, reproductive system inspections, and laboratory inspections.

For men, additional stems, penile hardships, urethral cracking, testicular dysplasia, varicocele, cryptos, and sheath effusion are needed.

If the following diseases are detected during the marriage check, you need to consider marriage carefully: mental illness, severe genetic diseases, AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, and other diseases related to marriage and childbearing.

Do you want money for marriage check?This is a question that many people care about.

At present, a total of 22 provinces in my country have opened free marriage inspections, including Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Sichuan, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Qinghai, etc.

The hospital for marriage is generally a hospital designated by the Civil Affairs Bureau, a local maternal and child health hospital or a people’s hospital or other hospitals that cooperate with the Civil Affairs Bureau. Most of them are public hospitals.

In addition, as long as both men and women meet the legal conditions of marriage registration of the Marriage Law of the People’s Republic of China, both men and women or one household registration can participate in the city and register in this city, and they can participate in a free marriage inspection.

It should be noted that there is a valid date for free marriage checkups. Generally, it is 3 months before the marriage certificate from the marriage certificate, for a total of 4 months.Different policies in different regions can consult relevant departments.

Finally, attach two wedding examinations Tips: Do not drink water and eat water on the day of the marriage examination, liver and kidney function and other blood tests require an empty stomach.Girls recommend that you go 1-2 days after menstruation to avoid affecting the results of the inspection.

In fact, the marriage check is not a manifestation of the person in charge of the other person.I hope that everyone can pay attention to marriage inspections and avoid some unnecessary problems in order to make the marriage life happier.

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