Two types of people should not eat honey!Honey should be used like this: with 3 objects, the health effect doubles

Woohoo … the newborn baby is constipated, but now it is uncomfortable!

Bao Ma said: "The book talks about honey water to cure constipation, or drink some honey water for the baby."

Bao Da said, "No, the baby is too small to eat honey!"

Why can’t infants and young children eat honey?Do you only use boiled water to rinse honey?Eating healthy with honey!It’s better to talk about professors ~

■ Infants under 1 year old should not eat honey

In the process of collecting pollen, bees are very likely to contaminate bacteria, such as extremely toxic botulinum bacteria, which causes honey to pollute.

Baby and young children are weak and difficult to resist bacteria, so they should not eat honey.In particular, the source of raw honey is complicated, which can easily lead to allergies or other adverse reactions.

■ Diabetic patients should not eat honey

Honey has a high sugar content, and it is easy to cause blood sugar after consumption. Therefore, friends who have diabetes are not recommended to eat honey.

Friends who are healthy must also control the amount of honey–

Adults are suitable for about 100 grams per day, it is best not to exceed 200 grams;

Children’s daily suitable consumption is about 30 grams.

■ Honey+lemon, appetizing

Take three spoons of honey, a piece of lemon, put it in the cup together, pour in the appropriate amount of warm water, and mix well to eat.

Suitable for people: friends who have dry throat and thirsty, and have no appetite.

■ Honey+milk, beauty and beauty

Take 50 ml of honey, 50 ml milk, 25 grams of black sesame seeds.Run the honey with milk, sprinkle with black sesame seeds, and pour in an appropriate amount of warm boiling water to eat.

Suitable for people: friends with yellowing and rough skin.

■ Honey+Sydney, moisturize the lungs and cough

Take a Sydney, two spoons of honey, wash and cut Sydney and put them into the pot. After adding water, cook on high heat until it is soft, turn off the heat, wait for the pear soup to cool, add an appropriate amount of honey and stir well.

Suitable for people: dry cough without sputum, dry throat, dry lips, and upset and thirsty friends.

01 Water temperature should not be too high

When eating honey, it is best to take it at warm boiling water without more than 60 ° C.

Because in high temperature environments, the nutrients in honey are easily destroyed, and the nutritional components will be greatly reduced.

02 Selected time

Studies have shown that honey has a two -way regulating effect on gastric acid secretion.

Friends with excessive gastric acid secretion and even gastric ulcers: It is advisable to take warm honey water an hour and a half before meals, which can help suppress gastric acid secretion and reduce stimulation of gastric mucosa.

Stomach acid secretion is too small, and even friends with atrophic gastritis: It is suitable to take cold honey water and need to eat immediately after taking it.

03 Correct storage method

Honey is easy to absorb water in the air and deteriorate. Therefore, it is necessary to place in dry, cool, and direct sunlight during storage. At the same time, be careful not to place it with odors with odor to avoid skewers.

In addition, non -metallic containers, such as glass bottles, ceramic tanks, etc. when storing honey, so as not to react.

① Original honey and refined honey

Original honey refers to the original honey obtained by bee farmers under the field of collecting in the wild.The nutritional components in the original honey remain relatively complete. However, due to the restrictions of field conditions, the content of the original honey is high, and it is difficult to ensure that the safety of consumption is safe.

Refined honey is based on the raw honey as the raw material, which is treated with special processes. The high concentration of pure and mature honey obtained after concentrated, sterilized, sterilized, and crystal is broken.Although the nutritional value of refined honey is not as good as the original honey, its safety is relatively high.

② Tips for distinguishing honey quality

■ Compared to touch: Put a little honey in your palm and rub your hands with both hands. The more smooth the feel, the better the quality;

■ Look at elasticity: drop a drop of honey, good quality honey brushes will be long, and the upper end of the disconnection will quickly play back;

■ Food viscosity: If the gravity is thinner, the moisture may be higher.

Honey has the effect of moisturizing the lungs and cough. At present, you can prepare a can of honey at home. In a special period, you can relieve the symptoms of discomfort in the pharynx!

I hope this article can help everyone eat honey healthy, remember to forward it to family and friends who love to drink honey ~

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