Two girls were raped for 420 days.

The youngest year of the two cousins was only 16 years old and was conspired by the two brothers for 420 days. It was passed down every day. It turned out that the two wanted a son!What exactly is such a ridiculous behavior together? Let’s take a look at the beginning and end of today’s case.

Rescue the two sisters

On November 30, 1997, the Langnan Town Police Station received an important clue and decided to immediately conduct a thorough investigation into the lonely house.After the news came out, Erliang immediately noticed the danger. They decided to take advantage of the complex terrain and use their familiar tunnel to escape the pursuit of the police.

Police quickly acted and organized police forces to conduct a comprehensive search for lonely houses.After careful search, the police found a hole behind the bed, which gave them new hope.Director Li, with years of criminal investigation experience, realized that the hole may be the key to rescue the sisters.

In a tense atmosphere, the police ignited the hand -held lighting equipment and exposed the light into the cave.Director Li stood at the entrance of the ground and began to talk to the cave, trying to get in touch with the trapped sisters.His voice echoed in the cave, with hope and warmth.

After waiting for a while, there was finally a weak response, and the police heard the call for help.At this moment, everyone’s mood became excited, they knew that rescue was in front of them.

Police quickly launched actions, preparing to tap the ground holes, and rescued the trapped sisters.Everyone tapped hard and crossed the soil and rocks regardless of everything. Their hands were full of scars, but their will is indestructible.

Finally, the cave was excavated, and the figures of the sisters came into sight.The pale face with tears and despair, but also full of desire for freedom.Police quickly took them out of the ground and escorted them to safe places.

The two sisters who were trapped for a full 420 days were finally reunited, and they were new.Their family no longer has hope, but at this moment, their tears have become joy and gratitude tears.

Initial detention

Li Lu’s two sisters were not involved in the world. In order to maintain their livelihood, they decided to work in the town.Liang Yalian is a mysterious and weird woman. She always appears in the town, causing the curiosity of the two sisters.Liang Yalian claimed that she had found a temporary cooking job in Langnan’s woodworking factory and invited the sisters to try.In order to let them go down, Liang Yalian gave them 5 yuan each and agreed to meet at Langnan Station the next day.

On November 26, 1996, the two sisters of Li Lu went to Langnan with expectations.Liang Yalian took them to a seemingly busy wood -dealer factory. However, this is not the case.Liang Yalian quickly left the carpentry factory and told the sisters’ factories to stop recruiting.She then proposed to live in her home temporarily and promised to continue to help find a job the next day.Although there were some doubts, Li Lu’s two sisters agreed with her proposal.

When they arrived at the Liang family’s lonely house, they felt an unusual atmosphere.Brothers Liang have been watching them, making them feel disturbed.When they just closed the door, the brothers Liang suddenly rushed to the two sisters.Although Sister Li Lu was desperately calling for help, the lonely house was shrouded in the haunted phenomenon of rumors, and no one could hear their call for help.

The brothers Liang quickly fainted the two sisters and dragged them to the entrance of the ground.In the process of dragging, unfortunately, Xiao Li’s head hit the edge of the hole, causing her head to be injured and bleed.The blood flow was not only, and her head left a permanent scar.

In the imprisoned hole, Li Lu’s two sisters always kept hope for life.They prayed silently, hoping that they could break away from the predicament as soon as possible.How will these two young and strong flower season girls face imprisonment?Can the police break the case as soon as possible and rescue them?

Feudal village

In 1992, the villagers in Marty, Langnan, Tengxian County, Guangxi, lived poverty and limited cultivated land. Once they stopped labor, they would face economic pressure.In that era, boys were very important for rural society, because boys could continue their family incense, and the concept of Chuanzong’s succession was deeply rooted in the hearts of rural people.Therefore, boys are loved in local families. If the first child of the family is a boy, his status will be greatly improved.

Liang Kongshi and Liang Xiaomin are two brothers of Langnan Marti Village. They are hardworking and simple, and live a common peasant life.In order to continue the incense of the Liang family, their father did not hesitate to sell the iron to sell iron to raise the cost of marrying a wife for the eldest son.However, the two consecutive fertility is the daughter, which makes Liang Kongshi extremely irritable, and the feudal concept of heavy men and women is more serious in their homes.Liang Kongshi’s wife couldn’t stand his abuse and eventually fled the Liang family, and she failed to give birth to a boy, which made the Liang family’s life more difficult.The two brothers had the idea of kidnapping in order to realize the desire to have a boy.

Over time, the dilemma of Liang Kongshi and Liang Xiaomin deepened.The pressure of life and the desire for the succession of the presence forced them to embark on the road of crime.They carefully planned a rare kidnapping case. The purpose was not to make money, but to fish for a son.They know that there is a child in a wealthy family, and the child’s gender just meets their expectations.

As a result, a clear night, the brothers quietly sneaked into the house of the target family.They kidnapped two young girls, and they placed them under house arrest in a secret basement, planned to use them as hostages until one girl was pregnant and gave birth to a boy.In this way, they can realize their wishes and continue the blood of the family.

However, the criminal’s plan is not as smooth as they expected.The imprisoned girls experienced the darkness and fear of 420 days, but they never lost hope.Their family and police conducted hard investigations and search, and finally found a secret space hidden in the basement in a coincidence.The two girls were finally rescued and returned to the world of freedom.

In 1994, the Liang brothers Erliang began to build a lonely house on the bamboo forest on the mountain. Their purpose was to imprison the future wife.In order to avoid causing doubts from others, they dug a dungeon next to the bed in the master bedroom.During the day, the two beams work, and at night, they will come to the lonely house to continue digging the hole.Such a life lasted for two years.They used the dug out of the wall. In order to achieve the "clam fishing" plan in the lonely house, Erliang deliberately created contradictions with the villagers and cut off the connection with others.

By 1996, the cave had just been dug, and the brothers of the Liang family were urgently looking for their goals.After a week of squatting, they found that Cuihua in the village next door happened to pass through this place.Er Liang hypothesized to invite Cuihua to their new house, and Liang Kongshi expressed satisfaction with his brother’s eyes.At the moment when Cuihua stepped into the lonely house, Erliang smiled at each other, and then his brother quickly closed the door, but Cuihua did not notice that the danger had come.Just when Erliang couldn’t wait to implement his own plan to catch his wife, the two actually quarreled because of the question of who Cuihua finally belonged to.So he rushed out of the room and successfully escaped the lonely house.The opportunity to get away was slippery away. Erliang was very angry about the opportunity to miss the miss. They re -adjusted the relationship between the two and decided that the women of the two brothers regardless of each other. They were very united at this time.

After the first failure lesson, Erliang decided to play ghosts in the bamboo forest, so that the villagers did not dare to approach the lonely house.At the same time, they wrote to her sister Liang Yalian who remarried in the field and informed her two younger brothers.Liang Yalian not only promised to assist them, but also plans to allow both brothers to have their own wife.After detailed planning, Liang Yalian chose a pair of cousins in the same village, 17 -year -old Li and 16 -year -old Lu.

The encounter between the sisters

The sisters were first trapped in the dungeon, and the unconscious state lasted for a while.That night, Erliang carefully opened the slabs of the ground, and quietly entered the narrow hole.Xiao Lu just woke up and was gently hugged by Liang Xiaomin to the bed prepared in advance.Xiao Li, who was injured in his head, was taken away by Liang Kongshi.After about 30 minutes, Erliang climbed out of the hole and seal the hole with a slate.

The two sisters lost their freedom, were treated non -human, and lost confidence in life.They started a hunger strike, but quickly beaten by cruel poison.The brothers of the Liang family were busy at the day of the day and stayed at the entrance of the ground at night.Due to the thin air in the cave for a long time, the sisters often coma because of difficulty breathing.

In order to control the sisters stably, the brothers of Liang tried their best.They came up with the method of sending artificial oxygen, and used the fan to send the air to the ground to ensure that the sisters could breathe normally.In this way, Erliang took turns to work, and the other person stayed at home and was responsible for sending the wind.

However, the hopes of the sisters deep in their hearts did not completely extinguish.They insisted silently, supporting each other, and looking for the opportunity to escape.In the cave, they race with time and strive to maintain reason and strongness.Every time they are awake, they silently pray to freedom.

Life passed day by day, the body and spirit of the two sisters gradually collapsed.They were in a state of despair and helplessness, but the strength deep inside was still supporting them.

After the sisters disappeared, their family was worried day and night, and they almost ran all the nearby towns, but they never got news from the sisters.Xiao Li’s family has exhausted all savings. In order to find her daughter, they even had to sell the only two left farming cows.Xiao Lu’s father had to owe a lot of debt in order to find his daughter.Missing her daughter’s pain made the eyes of the old father blind, and the family fell into economic difficulties.

After the police learned that the police had intervened in the investigation, they decided to take action in order to transfer the police’s attention.Erliang threatened the sisters badly, forcing them to write a letter to the peace, and lied that they worked in Wuzhou and warned them not to care.When the Li family and the Lu family received a letter written by their daughters, they immediately informed Director Li the content in the letter.As a daring policeman, Director Li immediately asked the two to send someone to Wuzhou to check the situation of the sisters.

However, when the two people came to Wuzhou, they could not find the address mentioned in the letter anyway.They exhausted all the methods, traveled all over the streets, and asked many people, but they couldn’t find any clues.The disappointment and despair were shrouded in their hearts again, and the flames of hope were extinguished again.

However, the police did not give up at this time, and they began to re -examine the details and clues of the case.Director Li realized the cunning and insidious of the Liang brothers, and he knew that they were covering the truth.Determined to make this pair of murderers, Director Li launched a deeper investigation.

Initial survey

In the dungeon excavated by the Liang brothers, the sisters lived a tragic life.The height and depth of the dungeon are chilling. There is only one eight -square -meter bedroom with two beds and a wooden table.After being deceived, the sisters have been treated with inhumane.In addition to being forced to give birth to the brothers of Liang to continue the blood of the family, they have to endure hunger and abuse.The Liang family originally lived a poor life. Since the sisters joined, their rations were even more scarce, and they changed from the original rice to eating sweet potatoes.In this six months, her sister Xiao Li was pregnant unexpectedly.

The experience of the sisters is heartbroken, and the brutal Liang brothers still have fantasies about their sons.At the same time, the sisters’ father had not received the news of her daughter, and they went to the police station many times to report the case.However, in the era when monitoring was not popular at that time, it was extremely difficult to find the missing population.At this moment, a strange news came from the village chief -the bamboo forest in Marti Village was haunted.Although this news was not surprising, the two grandsons of the village chief were dragged under the tree in the bamboo forest., Still receiving treatment in the hospital.

Police director Li decided to investigate the suspicious bamboos.Under the leadership of the village chief, he was going to investigate the lonely house in depth.However, when the two grandsons of the village chief saw strangers, they immediately closed the door and rejected any contact.The old village chief believed that the bamboo forest was related to the Liang family, so Li decided to temporarily put on the investigation.

As the case was in a deadlock, the village chief told Director Li that the bamboo forest had no haunted phenomenon for half a month.This reminded Director Li from the lonely house in the bamboo forest, and he decided to conduct a deeper investigation.Through visiting investigations, Director Li found that no one knew the situation of lonely houses, which increased his attention to the location.In order to closely monitor the lonely house, he decided to implement uninterrupted surveillance for 24 hours.

After a week of squatting, the small bamboo forest kept calm without any abnormalities.Just as the police were preparing to evacuate, Director Li suddenly noticed that Liang Yalian’s figure appeared in the bamboo forest.This caused his doubt, because the Li family and the family of the Lu family mentioned that Liang Yalian had been found before the sisters disappeared.Director Li decided to immediately summon her to ask.

Although the results of the interrogation are not satisfactory, Director Li firmly believes that Liang Yalian is related to the case.He decided to arrange the police officer to pretend to be an ordinary person to go to the lonely house in order to listen to the truth more secretly.

Police officers were dressed as villagers and quietly approached the lonely house.They carefully bypassed the bamboo forest around, trying to avoid causing doubts from the brothers of Liang.A breeze blew through, and the bamboo leaves were rustling, as if hidden some mysterious information.

Sisters’ self -rescue

After being rescued, the two sisters cried and told the self -rescue experience of the two. During the detained, the sisters tried to persuade the Liang brothers to let themselves go, hoping that they could let go of sin and return to the road of justice.However, the deep -rooted evil thoughts of the Liang brothers made them risk and resolutely continued to retain the innocent sisters.

The two sisters know that they are caught in a sting, and only to seek first -line vitality by persuasion and pleasure.Whenever the Liang brothers enter the dungeon, the sisters will plead with them, and hope to touch the brothers’ conscience with begging and tears.

However, the brothers of the Liang brothers’ persuasion of the sisters disappointed. Their hearts have been blinded by sin and greed, and they cannot feel the pain and despair of the sisters.They laughed at the request of the sisters, threatening and humiliating them in cruel language and behavior.

On the day after day, the sisters endured the hunger, scolding and malicious violations of the brothers of Liang, but they did not give up hope and efforts.They often pray silently, hoping to get rescue, hoping that someone can hear their call for help.

Until one day, Xiao Lu suddenly found that there was a tiny crack on the wall of the dungeon, and she immediately informed her sister.The two used the residue of the food that were brought every day to quietly open a small hole in the crack.Although this small hole can only barely let them through a trace of light, it has also become the light of their hope.

The sisters began to collect various small objects in the dungeon, and made a humble help signal with rope and sheets.They hang the signal at the entrance of the hole, hoping to attract the attention of the outside world.Unfortunately, all this is futile. No one finds their self -rescue. Now what the police can do is to arrest all the originists of all this as soon as possible, the Liang brothers.

Liang’s brothers’ arrest

Tengxian police decided to take more intense actions to catch the sin of the Liang brothers as soon as possible.A large number of police forces were mobilized, and the card points were set up to control, and the senior leaders of the county bureau personally sat in the town to ask for the law.The entire Tengxian is shrouded in a tense atmosphere, and a large -scale search is about to begin.

The police carried out a comprehensive search along the road, and the mountains, rivers, and villages were not let go.However, because Erliang has a certain anti -investigation awareness and is very familiar with the local terrain, it has been in the arrest work for ten days, but has not achieved any breakthrough progress.

Just as the police were in trouble, they received a report from the credit cooperative, saying that a person named Li Xiaochen held the passbook of Erliang.The police immediately took action to control Li Xiaochen and conducted a strict interrogation of him.Through the application of recovery of great memory, Li Xiaojin finally explained the place of Erliang hid.

After getting valuable clues, the police quickly launched the operation and successfully arrested Liang Kongshi.However, Liang Kongshi was not willing to be arrested, and he refused to arrest and attacked the police.Facing the threat, the captain had to shoot to warn, hitting the legs of Liang Kongshi, forcing him to give up his resistance.And Liang Xiaomin realized that even if he could not escape the sanctions of the law, he was eventually arrested under the siege of the police.

At the end of the story

On January 12, 1998, the brothers of the Liang family were sentenced to several crimes and punished for death.Liang Yalian was sentenced to 15 years in prison.The case of this case not only brought justice to the victims, but also brought peace and peace of mind to the entire Tengxian.

The whole process was full of thrilling and nervousness. Police used their wisdom and perseverance to hunt down the criminals.Justice finally defeated the sin, and the sisters were able to regain their freedom.This story tells us that justice will never be absent. No matter how cunning the criminals, they will eventually pay the cost.

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