Two bars were measured by the pregnancy test stick, but did not get pregnant?Why do you measure false positive?

During the preparation of women’s pregnancy, if there is an ovulation period in the same room, and then the menstrual period is delayed, many people think that they are pregnant, and quickly buy back the pregnancy test stick for testing.

Recently, a female colleague found that her menstruation did not come late, and she did happen intimately with her husband. Two bars were displayed after testing the pregnancy test stick.

After a while, she went to the hospital for testing, but the results were surprising. Whether it was a B -ultrasound or a blood -drawn examination, she showed no pregnancy.

It is incredible. Which link is wrong, is it a false positive result in the pregnancy test stick test?

Two bars were measured by the pregnancy test stick, but did not get pregnant?Why do you measure false positive?

1. The influence of the concentration of urine

When detecting the horizontal level of velvetic membrane (HCG) in urine, morning urine is generally used to increase the positive detection rate.Because the concentration of urine is also a common cause of false positive.

For example, if the urine is placed for a long time, the more HCG will accumulate, so it will cause false positive appearance.

2. Biochemical pregnancy caused

If there is an abortion within 5 weeks of pregnancy, it is a biochemical pregnancy.After the combination of sperm and eggs, the fertilized eggs are generated, and HCG will be secreted. Although the fertilized egg fails to develop normally due to various reasons, it will cause abortion, but the cells will also secrete some HCG.It will show two bars.

Because biochemical pregnancy is a phenomenon of survival of the fittest in nature, about 20%of women’s opportunities have happened, so you don’t have to worry too much.

3. Shortly after abortion

When a woman has a child or abortion, the hormone in the body will be in a state of pregnancy at this time, so the HCG in the body will continue to maintain a certain level. At this timeThere is the possibility of showing two bars.

And if there is a residual placenta tissue in the uterus after abortion or delivery, HCG will continue to produce, and the result of two bars will be present at this time.

4. Other diseases cause

If women suffer from pituitary diseases, hyperthyroidism, ovarian cysts, and endometrial hyperplasia, uterine cancer, etc., can also easily cause the detection of HCG positive.Therefore, women can check if they have these diseases.

Precautions for using the pregnancy test stick

First of all, when buying a pregnancy test stick, pay attention to check the production date, don’t buy expired products.In order to reduce the error rate of the test, you must read the manual carefully and operate it according to the instructions.

Therefore, before starting, you must read the steps of the instructions by yourself and follow the steps.Do not deliberately drink a lot of water in order to increase the amount of urine, so that you will dilute the level of the urine influencing hormone, which may not be measured.

When testing, try to choose the first urine in the morning. At this time, the level of hormones in the urine is higher, which is easier to test.

Because the pregnancy test stick is prone to pseudo -positive or false negatives, which leads to the wrong judgment made by women, so I still have to go to the hospital for blood testing HCG, and to do a B -ultrasound examination and determine that they are not pregnant.

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