Two bars are verified by urine tests. Don’t be happy first, exclude this situation is really pregnant

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After getting married, the cousin started to prepare for pregnancy. In the past few days, I felt that the breasts were somewhat painful. I tested the pregnancy test paper. The test results were two bars. I was happy to make my cousin happy.I asked her last menstrual time, and told her not to be busy, and had to go to the hospital to check a blood to check the HCG value to see if it was really pregnant.

Isn’t the two -way bars really pregnant?certainly.There is a fake pregnancy called ectopic pregnancy, which is much more dangerous than pregnancy.There have been cases of women who almost live because of ectopic pregnancy bleeding.It can be experienced after urination to exclude ectopic pregnancy in time.

What is ectopic pregnancy?

As the name implies, the fertilized eggs are not in the uterus and the outer bed is called ectopic pregnancy.Where is the bed where the fertilized eggs are outside the uterus, most of them are in the fallopian tubes.In order to explain what is ectopic pregnancy, let’s first look at the "travel" route of fertilized eggs.

Stand your feet and stretch your arms. If our trunk is compared to the uterus, the arms on both sides are equivalent to the fallopian tubes on both sides, and the end of the fallopian tube is two ovaries, so we can express it with fists.After the ovaries are excreted from the eggs, if men and women are in the same room at this time, sperm will also enter the binding of fallopian tubes and eggs, and then become fertilized eggs, swim from the fallopian tube to the uterus, that is, swim from the wrist to our torso.If there is no cover and smooth road on the way, the fertilized eggs will easily reach the uterus and let it go. However, if an obstacle is encountered, the fertilized eggs will stop during the road and try to settle halfway.

How is the fertilized egg settle?Just like Xiaomiao rooted, it will be deeply pierced into the body. The place where the home is the uterus is okay. The inner wall of the uterus can be split and grow quickly after entering.Because the fallopian tube is very thin.If the fertilized eggs are "rooted", the fallopian tube is broken, which can easily cause bleeding accidents. If it is at the weakest palace corner (that is, the connection of the uterus and the fallopian tube), it is easy to cause major bleeding and cause major accidents.

How to exclude ectopic pregnancy after you know that you are pregnant?

Starting from the first day of the last holiday, the date of pregnancy is calculated. If you find that it is forty days after pregnancy, you can go directly to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound, and check the position of the gestational sac through the B -ultrasound;At this time, the HCG value is required to test the HCG value. If the HCG value can double the next day, it can almost exclude ectopic pregnancy.

Some women in ectopic pregnancy have reactions, and some have no response. If you happen to catch up with the routine holiday days, abdominal pain, bleeding, and some even mistake it as a normal phenomenon when menstruation comes. This is its dangerous place.EssenceIf there is a faint abdominal pain and brown or mild bleeding if you are preparing for pregnancy, whether you have a double bars, and then go to the hospital for a B -ultrasound or blood test to check the HCG value to exclude ectopic pregnancy.


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