Twelve years ago, 56 -year -old Guo Min did not listen to anyone dissuading and insisted on giving birth to twins.

"There is a Japanese woman who can give birth to a child when I am 60 years old. I am six years younger than her. I can do it."

In 2008, in a private hospital in Beijing, 54 -year -old Guo Min knelt on his knees, crying, and she wanted to have a daughter.

Looking at the old woman in front of her hair, the medical staff present did not understand: Why do this old man adventure to give birth to a child?


In 1954, Guo Min was born in a worker’s home in Nanchang, Jiangxi. She studied seriously since she was a child and has a good grade. Later, she was admitted to a technical secondary school. After graduation, she entered a local state -owned enterprise to work.

The male was married and the female was married. Guo Min and a colleague talked about love. They soon got married. After marriage, they gave birth to a cute daughter Liu Linghui.

Guo Min and his wife work in state -owned enterprises. Every month is a little salary, and we can’t pay for the wealth.Guo Min wants to give his child a good future, and he must improve the economic conditions, so Guo Min resigned to work in Beijing regardless of his husband’s opposition.

The husband and wife in a different place, gathered less and more, husband asked Guo Min to come back, but Guo Min wanted to buy more money for his daughter, so he insisted on struggling in Beijing, and the two had to agree to divorce.

In 2001, Guo Min and a worker in Beijing got married. At this time, Guo Min felt that his life and work were stable, and he was very happy.

At that time, Guo Min and her ex -husband’s daughter Liu Linghui also graduated from college. Guo Min used her relationship to find a job for her daughter in Beijing.

In 2002, Guo Min bought a house in Beijing in Beijing.

Guo Min is very happy that her daughter has her own house regardless of her work or her family. She also looks forward to helping her daughter to bring her child after marriage.

Just as Guo Min was looking forward to a better life in the future, in 2003, SARS came.

For her daughter’s safety considerations, Guo Min agreed to the ex -husband’s suggestion: let her daughter return to her hometown for a while, and the danger of SARS was lifted and returned to Beijing.

Guo Min explained her daughter. While this rest time, I would like to review their homework. Back to Beijing, I can go to Beijing to specialize in the book and find a good job in the future.

However, Guo Min did not expect to dream that her daughter left with her forever!

In the middle of the night in December 2005, Guo Min was awakened by mobile phone information: the daughter had died in a car accident.

Guo Min felt that the sky was collapsed, and the soul was gone. His hair was all white overnight!She even wanted to die, and accompanied her daughter to the underworld.

Guo Min’s suicide was rescued by her husband several times. She was crazy all day long on the street, and her daughter would always come back to see her.

One day, Guo Min came to the nearby newspapers and periodicals, and a news of the newspaper attracted her.

A 60 -year -old Japanese woman succeeded in giving birth to a baby through IVF. She was trembling like an electric shock.

She immediately went home to discuss with her husband. She was going to have a daughter, "So my daughter is back!"

Her husband was frightened by her crazy thoughts, and resolutely disagreed: "I am almost 60 years old, how do you give birth? Who will be born?"

But Guo Min’s idea of having a daughter is very determined. Whether she can be born, she will try hard.

In the end, her husband couldn’t hold her, agreed, and gave the only 30,000 yuan in the family to Guo Min.

Guo Min’s 80 -year -old mother also brought a coffin book of 30,000 yuan to support her to regenerate her daughter.

In order to be able to regenerate a daughter, Guo Min found many hospitals, but the doctors kept her request at one time.

Doctors feel that she is too old to have the possibility of breeding, and even doctors suspect that Guo Min is a mental problem caused by too much sadness. It is suggested that she go to neurology to see a doctor first.

Guo Min is not reconciled. Since the regular hospital cannot help her conceive, she will take risks to find private hospitals that specialize in infertility. She thought: "As long as you give more money, the requirements of private hospitals may not be so strict."

As a result, Guo Min found several private hospitals, and also encountered the wall. Doctors believed that Guo Min was so risky to do embryo transplantation. No one wanted to make trouble for her and smashed the hospital’s brand.

Several times to seek medical treatment, Guo Min’s pressure was great. She asked her colleagues and friends, the neighborhood to help, and inquired about the right hospital.

A neighbor was touched by her asks for her female. She helped her introduce a private clinic for the industry’s fame but to help elderly women conceive.Be careful.

In 2008, Guo Min was looking forward to coming to this private clinic with a partial position.

"If this one is not good, I don’t know which one else can help me reach my wish." Guo Min silently thought.

She secretly made up her mind. This time, I must kneel down and begging the doctor until the doctor promised.

"Doctor, please help me, I want a daughter, I can’t live without a daughter." When I saw the doctor’s rejection, Guo Min kneeled on the ground.

In the end, the doctor can only promise to "try to try".


Generally speaking, the 54 -year -old normal woman has been shrinking for a long time, but God has eyes. Guo Min has not shrunk after B -ultrasound, that is to say, she can still be pregnant.

The doctor told Guo Min that she should not be too happy. She must first raise her body and meet the indicators of various pregnancy before implantation.Even if the embryo is successfully implanted, her situation is much higher than the abortion rate, and she needs to be specially careful, otherwise she will abandon the previous work.

After the doctor’s efforts, Guo Min spent 60,000 yuan, and finally succeeded.

Unfortunately, the embryo that just implanted in Guo Min’s uterus has not yet stabilized the bed. Guo Min took the doctor’s suggestion behind him. She took a bus and subway every day and ran part -time.Weak, failure in pregnancy.

Husband was very angry: "I said that I was pregnant, why did I have a miscarriage in less than a month? Isn’t this a dedicated to cheating 60,000 yuan?"

Guo Min advised her husband: "It’s my measure of fetal protection badly. We can’t blame the hospital. Let’s have another operation.

Guo Min took a second concert regardless of her husband’s opposition. In order to prevent abortion, three embryos were implanted at one time.

After the last lesson, Guo Min never dared to care.

In order to protect the fetus, Guo Min rented a room near the hospital. The room had only beds and electric fans. She thought: "Will you never happen to lie down?"

Later, Guo Min heard that drinking soy milk could be kept, so she drank six bowls a day, drank, vomited, and vomited. It was really tortured.

After 3 months, Guo Min felt stable. She wanted to flow away according to the doctor’s arrangement. After all, if she gave birth to three, she couldn’t afford it.

I really thought about it. Guo Min received a call from the unit at this time, saying that the accounts she did had a problem. Guo Min had no choice but to take the train to the unit with his belly to deal with the accounting problem.

The bumps on the train brought Guo Min to a child.

Her husband advised her to flow away another boy. After all, the cost of raising a boy was large, but Guo Min changed his mind: "When the daughter is born, there is still a brother to accompany it."

Guo Min thought that after all, he was so old that he could accompany his children to have limited years. In the future, at least children can still have more loved ones.

Guo Min was finally boiled. The hospital was able to give birth for her. If the enemy was close, the experts in the hospital were dispatched, and the rescue measures in all aspects were fully prepared.

God blessed, Guo Min gave birth to a pair of dragons and phoenixes. The boy weighed 5 pounds and 1 two, and the girl weighed 4 and a half pounds.

When Guo Min saw the two small little that the nurse held up, tears was so excited: "I finally found my daughter back."


The child was finally born safely, but Guo Min’s next life was like Sun Wukong broke through the barrier and passed the level.

Guo Min is now facing the difficulty of how to raise the two babies. The retirement salary of himself and her husband is about 4,000 yuan. The milk powder is not enough. What should I do?

For children, Guo Min can only make money desperately. At most, she has to work seven jobs a day, and these tasks often run from the east of the city to the west of the city, and it is a few hours on the road back and forth.

In addition to going out to pick up, Guo Min also had to take care of the child’s eating and drinking Lazar. After a day, Guo Min was exhausted, but at night, she had to rush to work for some units.

Guo Min was busy at two or three o’clock in almost two or three in the evening, and he could only sleep for three or four hours a day.

Although so hard, as long as she saw two little angels, her whole body seemed to have endless energy and energy.

In order to save money, the Guo Min family moved to a city with only more than 10 square meters. Looking at the child, her husband was also happy. The family was honey in the hard work. As long as the child is good, it seems that all hard work is worth it.

However, Guo Min’s husband suddenly had a cerebral infarction and was hospitalized.

Forced by the rogue, Guo Min can only run at both ends of the hospital at home. The old one has to take care of the small one, and the economy in the home becomes more difficult.

In order to reduce Guo Min’s burden, her husband lived in his eldest son’s house and died soon.

Guo Min’s retirement salary is only 1800 yuan/month. Guo Min has a part -time account for 7 companies, but the total income a month is only about 3,000 yuan. You must support three mouths, especially the two cubs require nutrition.Imagine.

In order to allow children to grow up healthy, Guo Min tried to increase the child’s nutrition.

Seeing that his son liked to eat fish, Guo Min chopped a piece of fish into several pieces. The fish head fishtail soup was boiled, and the meat in the middle was steamed for the child.

Although the economic conditions are limited, it is rejoicing that the two children are white and fat and healthy under Guo Min’s carefully nourishment.

However, shortly after Guo Min suddenly fell ill.

After examination, Guo Min suffered from cerebral infarction.

After illness, Guo Ming could no longer take part -time jobs, and she could only recover at home.

Guo Min almost collapsed. She looked at the child and had a lot of thoughts: "Once the mother is not there, what can a poor child do?"

Guo Min carefully regulates his body and must not let him fall.

However, the disaster came one after another. Guo Min’s village in the city was facing demolition, and their mother -in -law could only move out.

Guo Min, who had no choice, had to turn out a iron box, wiped it and wiped it, and took out a brass key from it. She would take the two children to live in the big daughter’s house.

This is the house she bought for her daughter Liu Linghui in 2002. She was originally prepared for her. Since her daughter has an accident, Guo Min never came here again. The empty house made her particularly scared.

There is always joy in sadness, this house has now become a school district house.

In 2016, Guo Min moved his two children into the home of his eldest daughter. Although he was mixed in his heart, Guo Min still told the two and a half -old child.

Guo Min hopes that the two children can know that there is a big sister who is accompanying her mother for her elder sister.

However, the life of Guo Min’s mother and son is still very hard.

Guo Min cannot do part -time jobs after illness. The family rely on her more than a thousand yuan of pension life, which is extremely difficult.

Fortunately, Guo Min met a lot of kind people. They gave Guo Min’s clothes, rice and other daily necessities. With the help of the news media, the Guo Min family also received donations from some people.

Some people also proposed to adopt a child, but Guo Min couldn’t bear to separate from the child.

"I don’t want to separate from the children in a day." Guo Min was strong.


Now, Guo Min’s two children are 12 years old, and they are slowly sensible. Every time Guo Min went to school to pick up them, they always flew over and rushed over: "Mom, we love you so much!"

At this time, Guo Min was particularly relieved that all the hardships were worth it.

Guo Ming hopes that she can live a hundred years old. As long as she has been going through a few years, the children can at least study a technical school and learn the craftsmanship.

Author: Li Honghui

Edit: Mengmeng

Reference information: Family doctor online "How about the current situation of the twin of the twin of the twin of the 58 -year -old mother?"

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