Funny fart.

Where can I go?But that was my fermentation two weeks farts. I do n’t know why constipation was constipated in the second day. I told my parents for more than a week without shit. My parents felt that it was impossible. Someone had not shit for more than a week.Tiantian was busy and took me to see the doctor at their hand.Their Chinese medicine doctor said that it was constipation. As a result, the medicine was prescribed.

The next few days was my pain. In those few days, I was always farting and always shit. The most sad thing was because I was in school, so in order not to affect everyone’s hard work.However, people have three anxiety that they are not finished. They really can’t hold it. They start to snoring, and the taste.Because I tried to fart quietly in class in class, that is, the kind of lifting the buttocks, but my stomach was very bloated, and there was still one or two exposed sounds. Every time I put it on my way, I felt that it was average.Woolen cloth?The stinky is not scattered, maybe because of too much, most of the classmates in the class are covering their noses, or because of the touching taste, there are a few irritable boys who scold them directly: I still remember who it is now.The fart in the modeling was so smelly, and then they began to discuss that it should not be fart, otherwise it would not be possible to dispel it.

I really feel that my whole face was burning for several days at that time. After all, I was a girl who usually loved face, but I was a bit indifferent in the second half of the short period of time. LaterA little change is not afraid of shame.

Back to the topic, after a few farts after the discussion of a boy, because he was really harmful to writing his homework, he turned to turn over the schoolbag to get the answer.Both men and women behind them were covering their noses. Of course, a bunch of students nearby were covering their noses, but because they were too close to the back table.

So it may be that 80 % of it is sure that the boy I put is used. The eyes that I can’t forget to see me is the kind of disgusting with anger, speechless, and deep despair.It’s really terrible!After all, I ca n’t think of it myself, even if I still stink, I did n’t dare to see the boy at the table at the table.

In fact, I felt that there was the hazy shyness between us before, and it was really clever to be very gentle to me.And I really have no resistance to smart people, and he looks very good at me. It can be said that this is basically the same.But after those days, I felt that he was very casual, and there was no tenderness.Then we gone.

After that, the back -to -table cultivation was really good. Boys and girls didn’t say anything, and I didn’t tell others. Maybe.But after that time, the teacher gave him a seat more than a week later.Forget it, the word is the topic.

I ran out of the toilet every time I went to the toilet, and I went to different toilets. Even if I went to the toilet upstairs and downstairs late, I was afraid that someone would see that you did not take a long time. Someone came to check where there was a problem.EssenceBecause a pregnant teacher vomited after finishing the toilet.

Later, I said to myself that he should be weak and pregnant, so that taste is just to promote the effect, that is, the school leader brought a few workers to check, because they felt that a toilet smell may be an individual problem.But the toilets of the two buildings need to be valued.Because our physical education classes and computer classes are in different buildings, I did n’t let go of all the opportunities that can be on the toilet upstairs in those days, afraid of being late.

After all, it was two weeks of shit and fart. It was really difficult to pull the rice bowl in a day or two. Now it is quite funny, but at the time I returned home and cried secretly. After all, even my dad came in to check the homework several times. That face was that.The expression on the upstep is exactly the same as that of the classmates, covering his nose and frowning and shocked.I am all writing homework.In those days, the door was greatly opened.But when he came in in my room, he closed the door when he went out.

how to say?In those few days, my homework was my own signature. Of course, this also opened the door to the new world.I signed all my homework afterwards, and my fucking was really.

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