Traditional Chinese medicine: It is said that angelica supplement blood and blood circulation, but these 4 people are not suitable!Avoid side effects

At the beginning of the year, after Ms. Chen finished the drug flow, because her lower body had been bleeding and diarrhea, I wanted to take some Chinese medicine to condition, so I went to a shop not far from the unit.In the first place, Ms. Chen also informed her situation at 151.The clerk said that it is okay to eat angelica.

Who knows that after taking, the bleeding situation has not improved, and I went to the store to consult again, but was told that angelica has the role of promoting blood circulation and is not suitable for her to take it.Ms. Chen hurriedly stopped. After 3 days, the symptoms improved.

Therefore, with Ms. Chen’s personal case, I would like to remind those who want to use medicated diet supplements to condition their bodies: there are many types of drugs and diets on the market. It is recommended that you want to make up.Replenishment, because some supplements and medicated diet really cannot be eaten random, including angelica. "

Angelica can be said to be "treasure", including returning, returning, and ending. Different positions and different effects are also different. Generally, it is used to stop bleeding as if returning heads;Returning to the end; if there is no special explanation, all angelica is generally used.In general, Angelica has the following effects:


This is one of the main effects of Angelica, which has certain effects on the phenomenon of vaginal bleeding and gynecological collapse after abortion; in addition, menstrual disorders, cold hands and feet, fatigue weakness, decreased appetite, etc.It can be matched with astragalus and cooked land, and the effect is better.

Promoting blood circulation

Activating blood circulation is also a large effect of Angelica, which has a significant relief effect on women’s menstrual dysmenorrhea, blood stasis stagnation, less menstrual volume, and delay of menstrual periods.Women who want to regulate menstruation can try to match Angelica with safflower and peach kernels, which can play a effect of regulating pain and relieving blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Xin San Wentong

Angelica Xin San Wen Tong has the effects of warming meridians and dispersing cold, removing stasis and removing pain, and has a good improvement effect on dysmenorrhea caused by cold condensation.You can try Angelica ginger beef soup, which is very effective for blood deficiency and cold gel abdominal pain.

There are many effects of Angelica, especially blood circulation, hemostasis, etc., but if you want to play the maximum effect, you must also pay attention to eating.Different ways of eating, the effect of health is also different.

1. Angelica+soak water: beauty and beauty

Angelica has a good effect of promoting blood circulation and promoting blood circulation. Therefore, using it to soaked in water can have a beauty and beauty, making people look better.

2. Angelica+Qizhen: nourish qi and nourish blood

It is composed of 8 kinds of ingredients composed of Angelica, Cooked Land, Chuanxiong, Stir -fried, Codonopsis, Poria, Atractylodes, and Stone Licorice. It has a good effect of nourishing blood and nourishing qi.Drink properly.

3. Angelica+hen: regulating frostbite

Angelica has a good effect of combining blood and regulating blood and gas, coupled with the ingredients with the effect of nourishing qi and strengthening the lungs of the lungs of the old hens and Codonopsis.The role of blood microcirculation is to prevent frostbite.

4. Angelica+beef: nourishing blood nourishing blood

Angelica has the effects of nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation, regulating menstrual analgesic, moisturizing and smoothing intestines, while beef has the effect of nourishing qi and strengthening the spleen and stomach. Proper use can play a good effect on nourishing blood and nourishing blood, such as insufficient qi and blood, deficiency, deficiency, deficiency, deficiency,People who are thin and weak, fever and injuries are a good choice.

Angelica Angelica is not only effective, but also more practices. It is okay to enter soup, tea, and cook. The price is relatively low. It can be said that it is "conscience in the blood in the blood world."However, although it has so many benefits, it is not simple to eat more. It needs dialectical use to achieve the effect of nourishing body and cure.

And because of the angelica Xin San Wenyong, and the sexual dryness and goodness, there are many precautions, especially some people, are not suitable for use!

1. Avoid adolescent children and infants and young children

Such groups are in the stage of growth and development. Yang Qi should be developed. If a large amount of medicinal materials are taken as a hot and violent Luan, it is easy to cause fire and even precocious puberty.

2. Pregnant women avoid

If pregnant women eat such medicinal materials, it is easy to cause fetal heat and cause fetal movement.

3. Patients who are being bleeding should avoid using it

Such as gastrointestinal bleeding, gum bleeding, nosebleeds, menstrual bleeding, etc., it is best not to eat Angelica, because although it has the effect of nourishing blood, it is swollen, spoil, and easy to disturb blood and affect health.

4. Both cold and fever patients should avoid using

When being violated by foreign evils, do not take nourishing medicine blindly, including Angelica, because it is likely to be supplemented, but the door that drives away the evil evil is closed.healthy.

5. Those with internal heat are disabled

Regardless of solid heat or deficiency, it is recommended to eat, because Angelica Xinwen helps yang. This type of person will only aggravate the illness after taking it.

Although Angelica has a lot of effects, it is not suitable for everyone under the premise of dialectical use, so do not blindly supplement, so as not to have the effect of health, but bring a variety of health problems!

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