Top 10 signs of pregnancy reveal the method of medical pregnancy testing

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There are many signs of pregnancy, and women of different constitutions will have different responses after pregnancy.Therefore, if the unborn mother during pregnancy, if the symptoms of pregnancy have the symptoms of pregnancy, they must go to the hospital to check whether the conception is successful in time. This is good for themselves and the fetus.Let’s take a look at the 10 major signs of pregnancy.

Ten signs of pregnancy

Menstruation does not come: The menstrual cycle of healthy women is regular. Once the menstrual age after the menstrual period, women should first consider whether to get pregnant.However, menopause is not a unique symptom of pregnancy. Traveling, fatigue, pressure, hormone abnormalities, or the sudden decrease in weight loss will also interrupt menstruation.In addition, a small amount of bleeding can also produce a small amount of bleeding in the bed. Women with irregular menstruation during menstruation are easily mistaken for menstruation.

Mental exhaustion: tiredness, no appetite is also a sign of pregnancy.This is the result of luteal hormone, and it is also a natural response that the human body appears to protect pregnant women and new life.

Basic body temperature rises: If the basal body temperature is kept slightly heat of 37.2 ~ 37.3 ° C for more than 18 consecutive days, and the planned menstrual period has not decreased, it is likely to be pregnant.The changes in hormones and autonomic nerves can cause low fever, but not everyone will have similar symptoms.If the symptoms of low fever are not caused by pregnancy, you also need to go to the hospital for further diagnosis and treatment.

The areola darkens, breast tenderness: breasts will change similar to menstruation after pregnancy, but breast growth and pain

Pregnancy vomiting: Pregnant women in early pregnancy will experience different degrees of vomiting and nausea, and change their preferences for food. Due to the decrease in gastric acid secretion, they start to like sour food. Such symptoms gradually improve after 3 to 4 months of pregnancy.Some pregnant women even mistake the pregnancy reaction as gastric ulcers or gastritis, which will adversely affect the development of the fetus.Therefore, if the menstrual delay and gastrointestinal disorders occur, it is recommended to go to the obstetrics and gynecology department for examination before treatment.

Increased vaginal secretion: Due to the impact of fertilized eggs and increased hormone, the increase in vaginal secretions is a very normal early pregnancy symptoms.Normal vaginal discharge is tasteless milk white mucus, and if the secretion is dull or bloody, it is recommended to immediately receive obstetrics and gynecology.

Frequent urination: This is the phenomenon that the uterus increases after pregnancy and starts to squeeze the bladder.There will be frequent urination in 11 to 15 weeks of pregnancy, and symptoms will gradually disappear in the second trimester.But in the third trimester, the fetal head began to squeeze the bladder, and frequent urination appeared again.

Constipation: After the uterus becomes larger, it will squeeze the intestine and cause constipation.When constipation occurs in the early pregnancy, actively adjust your lifestyle, pay attention to replenishing moisture and cellulose to prevent constipation from inducing hemorrhoids.

Early pregnancy test strip shows positive: Early pregnancy test strip is a product that facilitates women to detect whether to get pregnant.The pregnancy results can be presented 14 days after fertilization, but it is best to test it after the period of menstruation is expected to get more accurate results.However, early pregnancy test strips can only be used as a preliminary screening. After the test strip is positive, go to the hospital for further confirmation.

Moles and freckles appear: after pregnancy, it is affected by hormones. Pigmentation of breasts, faces, abdomen, vulva, armpits, etc.The original spots are more obvious, the skin around the eyes is dim, or the new moles and freckles are new. In addition, the belly button will also have vertical lines similar to the skin color.This phenomenon will gradually disappear after childbirth.

So, what are the methods of pregnancy in the hospital?

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