Toothache to collapse!The expectant mothers tried to make the remedy, but the result almost harmed the baby

Ms. Yang (pseudonym), 27 -year -old, has been pregnant for 18 weeks. She is healthy and her baby in her belly is well developed.But recently, she was upset with toothache.

It turned out that Ms. Yang’s teeth did not know what happened. She bleed when she touched it lightly, and it was extremely painful. Later, she was so painful that she could not bear it, and her cheeks were swollen.

She could only help the "Universal Friends Circle", and her friends and relatives also supported her: bite the ginger, contain a pepper, chew mint, apply garlic slices, thick salt water ….. Ms. Yang tried them one by one, but not only has no effect, but the bleeding is more serious …

Keep good habits

But I still neglected

Ms. Yang couldn’t figure out why her teeth had something wrong.Since she is pregnant, she has attached great importance to oral health. Not only does it strictly brush her teeth every day in accordance with the correct brushing method, she also uses a toothner to rinse her teeth.In desperation, she came to a hospital in Hangzhou to find Wang Yongwu.

"Director Wang, I went to many hospitals and did not find a clear bleeding position, and the doctor said that treatment may cause premature birth, so I have not been dealt with."

Wang Yongwu carefully checked Ms. Yang’s mouth condition, and found that it was a hidden caries cave that caused obvious inflammation of the local gums in the right rear teeth area!

It turned out that many years ago, Ms. Yang made up for the upper right rear teeth and used the black silver mercury alloy charging material.After years of use, there have been hidden secondary caries on the edge of the filler.

Wang Yongwu, who has years of experience in maternal oral treatment and health consultation, judged that 18 weeks of pregnancy are the time to deal with oral problems during the entire pregnancy.Continue to drag down. Once the infection is worse, it may endanger the fetus and mother’s life!As a result, after comprehensive consideration, Wang Yongwu believed that Ms. Yang should be treated immediately.

Wang Yongwu removed the original silver mercury filling and cleaning the dental body for Ms. Yang.After exposing a healthy dental tissue, a temporary filling was re -filled and instructed Ms. Yang to permanently fill in the symptoms of gum swelling and bleeding.

"Well, I am very cautious, but I still ignore the oral examination before pregnancy!" After the treatment was completed, Ms. Yang said with some depression.

Three "changes" during pregnancy

Make expectant mothers a high incidence of oral diseases

Wang Yongwu introduced that the outpatient clinic can often encounter a pregnant woman who came to the doctor due to toothache.Why are pregnant women more susceptible to oral diseases?His analysis mainly has the following three reasons:

During pregnancy, diet habits change.After pregnancy, expectant mothers will increase, and they prefer acidic foods. In addition, they are inconvenient and easy to ignore oral hygiene.These factors lead to increased dental plaque on the surface of the teeth, which in turn causes dental caries and periodontal disease.

Endocrine changes.Some hormones produced by expectant mothers can cause increased vascular permeability, making pregnant women more likely to develop gum redness and swelling. With the accumulation of plaque, swelling and pain will gradually increase, and finally formation of gingivitis during pregnancy, and even transforming into purulent propertiesPeer bud tumor.In addition, vomiting acid water during pregnancy will further corrode the teeth.

Emotional state changes.Common emotional tension, anxiety, insufficient sleep, etc. during pregnancy will increase the probability of oral diseases.Before pregnancy, expectant mothers with gingivitis, symptoms may increase after pregnancy.

In addition, some pregnant women are influenced by the old concept. They often do not brush their teeth during pregnancy, and the wisdom tooth crown inflammation occurs in a timely manner. As a result, the inflammatory diffusion causes multiple gap infection of the oral and maxillofacial.

Do a good job of oral examination from March to June before pregnancy

Adhere to synchronous health care during pregnancy

"Ms. Yang’s bite ginger, contains peppercorns, chewed mint, and applied garlic slices, may be able to disperse, making the pain less obvious, but it has not played a healing role." Wang Yongwu emphasized that "heavy saline has anti -inflammatory effects.It can occasionally use it with it, but because it contains a large amount of sodium chloride and more sodium intake, it has a particularly great impact on patients such as high blood pressure, so it is not recommended to use it often. "

Wang Yongwu suggested that the safety period for oral treatment during pregnancy is very short (the best time is the middle pregnancy, that is, at 4-6 months of pregnancy, the treatment of oral diseases in the early pregnancy and advanced oral diseases to relieve the pain of pregnant women in early pregnancy and advanced oral diseases to relieve the pain of pregnant women.Mainly, perfect treatment can last until the middle or postpartum). Therefore, it is best to check the inadvertent health examination of the first to June before pregnancy. At the same time, pay attention to oral health care during pregnancy:

Clearing plaque is the fundamental measure to maintain oral health.Therefore, you should insist on brushing your teeth in the morning and evening and rinse your mouth after meals.

Specific mother’s mouth is local sensitivity. You can choose a small brush -headed health toothbrush or regular use of dental plaque.

A fluoride toothpaste should be used to effectively prevent the occurrence of dental caries.

Eat less dental caries and follow the principle of scientific sugar. After eating sweets, you should brush your teeth, eat less or not eat snacks.

Source: Health Hangzhou

Source: Hangzhou Daily

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