Too severe pregnancy is also a sick mother who "hurts" to vomiting blood and almost give up the baby

Wuhan Evening News October 8th (Reporter Wang Chunlan Correspondent Xue Yuan) Nausea and vomiting after pregnancy, often called "harm joy".Recently, a expectant mother in Wuhan was too serious and vomited to bleed, and she wanted to give up her baby in the belly.Fortunately, after the doctor’s persuasion and treatment, the expectant mother dispelled her thoughts.

The expectant mother’s surname is Huang. She is 30 years old and has a 3 -year -old son.At the beginning of June this year, Ms. Huang was pregnant unexpectedly, and she began to "suffer" after being happy: pregnancy vomiting was too serious, and she spit and vomited water.I thought it would be for the first three months. I did not expect that in the 15 weeks of pregnancy, the pregnancy reaction was getting stronger and stronger, and it would vomit more than when I smelled a little odor.Ms. Huang lost nearly 10 pounds a month.

Ms. Huang was miserable and thought of abortion.Recently, accompanied by family members, she came to Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital. The doctor judged after the doctor’s consultation. Ms. Huang belongs to a pregnancy drama response. It is recommended to be hospitalized for treatment and observation before making a decision.In the end, Ms. Huang decided to receive spitting therapy first.Fortunately, her pregnancy gradually faded away soon.

Zhong Yuanyuan, director of the family -based delivery room ward of Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, introduced that the pregnancy vomiting is too serious. It is also a disease. Excluding other causes, frequent vomiting occurs every day.It is a pregnancy drama vomiting and needs to be treated in time.

In encountering pregnancy drama, it not only affects the physical health of expectant mothers and fetuses, but also affects the mental health of expectant mothers, causing the level of dermatone levels of pregnant women, and may cause abortion, premature birth, abnormal tires, delayed development of the palace, and even evenThe fetus died.

The causes of pregnancy drama vomiting are complicated. In addition to changes in hormone levels in the body, they are also closely related to the mental factors of pregnant women. Generally, patients with relaxation and happy mood rarely have pregnancy drama vomiting.

Why do pregnancy be pregnant?

This is caused by the changes brought about by the growth of the baby.According to the analysis of Zhong Yuanyuan, in the early stages of pregnancy, the choric membrane in the expectant mothers increased the increase in gonadotropin, the abolition of gastric acid secretion, and the extension of the stomach emptiness. Usually, about 80%of the early pregnancy pregnant women would have vomiting and loss of appetite. It is normalMost pregnant women do not need special treatment.

After 12 weeks of pregnancy, most of the symptoms will disappear naturally, and a few pregnant women have a serious response, which may develop into pregnancy drama vomiting.

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